Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 2


sher runs after shraddha.he stops her way and asks the name.she doesn’t reply and tries to leave.
sher:name plz
shraddha:leave my way
sher:this is rude
shraddha:people like u should be talked rudely
sher:but why
shraddha:dnt irritate me
sher:i like irritating beautiful girls and u r beyond beautiful.
shraddha:old dialogues
sher:allow me to tell new ones
shraddha:just leave me the hell alone
sher:am I not handsome
shraddha gives an angry look
shraddha:handsome by face but not heart and I dnt like such people so leave…

sher holds her hand
:what if I dnt??
shraddha jerks him and gives him a tight SLAP across his face and he is shocked.she leaves.

sunehri and vikas compose themselves and vikas apologizes
sunehri:its ok
vikas:i m vikas
sunehri:jwala mukhi(volcano)
sunehri:how chep!!I thought u r gud person nd u r trying to flirt
vikas:no no I was just wanting to become friend
sunehri shys and says again:friend???
viaks :yeah
sunehri runs from there
vikas:strange girl but beautiful

shraddha and sunehri enter the class
sunehri:jiji I m very scared.ho will our teachers be??
shraddha:dnt wry.i m with you
she smiles and they sit.
a girl comes to them.
her name is ananya.she greets them and befriend her.

sumer and vikas enter and think where is sher.justbthen they hear the sound of a teacher coming in class.they sit on places.shraddha is waiting eagerly for teacher and teacher enters and she is shocked!!!!

its SHER disguised as teacher.vikas and sumer are boggled.they try to speak but he shuts them up.they understand that he is upto sth new.
she is wearing pant coat and glasses.
sher:namaste.i m ur hindi teacher.my name is butuk maharaj.let me ask ur names…

shraddha is super tensed and thinks that she slapped a teacher.
sher hears everyone’s names but he wants to hear shraddha’s name.
finally shraddha’s turn comes.sher asks her to stand up and tell about her.
shraddha:my name is ….
sher finds it fun to look at her in tension.he pats her face annoying her.
sher:details plz
shraddha:wt do u mean??
sher:question to a teacher???shame on you

sunehri gets tensed and thinks why is this teacher harrasiing jiji
shraddha:sorry???its not enough.apologize properly
sharddha holds her easr and says I m sorry sir.i made a mistake
sher is amused and says no I wnt forgive you.u should get a slap for misbehaving with a teacher.
all are shocked.
shraddha:but sir…

he raises his hand to slap her and shraddha shuts ger eyes in fera.he stops to look at her and is mesmerized

PIYA O PIYA plays…..

just then principal enters…..


Credit to: Angel

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  1. Awwww god sher u r superb

  2. Ohhh awesome…

  3. Nyc 1…..plzz give more details of the upcoming episodes….:)

    1. thnk u ….I will

  4. angel it is awesome. ….I think u r the one who write piya rangrazz twisty. am I right? ….u rock it again yaar

    1. thnk u…..yeah I wrote it….thnk u so much

  5. Angel its superb yaar. I actually cud visualize evry scene. Ur writing is superb

    1. thnx a lot

  6. Thank god?you update ff at last yatra.com ang3l

    1. ummm….I didn’t get it…yatra???

  7. Sorry spelling mistake?

  8. Mehak Kharoud

    Good job Angel ……
    This one is better than the real story !!!
    Liked it ???

    1. thnkk u so much

      1. Mehak Kharoud

        Sorry 2 disturb Angel but can u plz tell when r u writing the next episode ?? ⁉⁉

  9. Sher’s an egoistic guy..don’t dare to mess up with him..!!?shraddha be aware of that..otherwise you would be in a fuss….thanxx angel for the update..lovely episode..i could really well imagine every scene…eagerly to know how shraddha will change him..!!

    1. Sorry for the mistakes in my comment…actually the net wasn’t properly working and the auto spell feature in mobiles create much fuss..wasn’t able to write properly…

    2. thnx….its ok

  10. plz post the next episode fast. Cant wait Angel!
    plz let it be long.

    1. I will try my best

    2. actually honestly speaking sridevi when I get time I sit to write and the story comes in mind…..I never think about it before…within the time whatever comes in mind I pen it down…so it might look short but I feel enough for a day as I post 4 updates each of different serial….but I will try it for u my frnd….I hope u didn’t mind any of my wrds…thnk u….keep reading and commenting plz…:)

      1. Ya…even your studies might be tough too..!!

  11. Very nice angle..

    1. thnx sabiha…its angel not angle

  12. angel u r too gud dear!!! so much creativity….u r d bst infact

    1. thnk u so much

  13. Mehak Kharoud

    Welcome Angel.
    And u deserves it !!!

  14. soooo good …….love it. …….. 🙂
    angel …..did u see the serial named ‘Iss payer ko kya naam doon’ ????????? if yes ,then tell me ….OK………. :-):-):):):)

    1. yeas I have seen it aysha

  15. Oh I got it Angel. Awesome work yaar 4 updates per day. That’s work worth appreciation. I luv ur updates. I didn’t mind for any of your words friend.

  16. superb yaarrr

  17. Mouni Godavari

    Awesome superb no words to this ff thanks

  18. hey friends I m sooooooooooooooo sorry as I didn’t update the next part but I m veryyyyyyyyyy busy till Tuesday as I m preparing for a function in my college….but I will try to post next epi tomorrow…..I m really sorry…….till then read the spoilers in update of 14 dec

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