Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 18

RECAP: shraddha’s parents arrive home.sher gets slapped as he reveals about spending nuptial night with shraddha.sher marries her shocking everyone….


all are shocked as sher fills shraddha’s hairline.
shraddha touches her hairline and cries.bhavri fols hands in front of shraddha’s father
bhavri:plz accept it…
shraddha’s father is in rage:get out everyone
shraddha:papa plzzz
father:who papa???u r not my daughter i have only one daughter and that is sunehri r nothing to me…i dnt know u,…
shraddha is shocked

sunehri:papa….plz listen to her for once
mother:ask her to leave or else we will kill ourselves right now here only
sher holds shradddhas hand
sher:i promise i will take care of her throughout my life.and soon u will forgive her too….
sher leaves with shraddha
sunehri cries

shraddha reaches home.bhavri asks them to stay
she brings thaal for pooja and does preparations for grahpravesh
she aks shraddha to kick the kalach and enter house.shraddha does it and then places her feet in plate filled with red colour and shuts her eyes as she feels immense pain in her feet but shraddha is standing just like a statue.she is lost.
bhavri:now move towards the room
she starts walking and tears roll down her eyes.

no one understands whats happening…shraddha is still walking continuously and gajra sees shraddha limping
shraddha faints and sher holds her
he takes her to room followed by others
mama comes smirking:i promise to make ur life hell
doc comes and tells that she is a bit upset and had low bp she will be fine soon.doc leaves

gajra:let me clean her feet.
gajra touches shraddha’s feet and says:ouch
sumer:what happened
gajra again touches it and gets shocked
gajra:sher bhaiyya!!!
sher:gajra what happened to u??
gajra takes out a glass piece from shraddha’s feet and shows to everyone.all get shocked

bhavri throws water on shraddha’s feet and all are taken aback to see small gass pieces pinched all over shraddha’s feet.
sher:bring ice and call doc again
sher sits and stealthily tries to take out pieces.his hands shiver and he cries.
all feel his pain.
bahvri wonders sth and goes down.she sees the colour palte and places her hand in it.she empties the colour from plate and is stunned to see glass pieces she reminisces how shraddha closed her eyes as she stepped in it and was crying.
bahvri:oh dear
mama comes:i hope it had hurt her a lot

bhavri:so it were u
mama:who else can it be?
bhavri:i am ashamed
mama:i am proud.u listen to me bhavri i will not let this gril live peacefully
bhavri:and i will stand by her everytime.not only me but sher too

vikas comes:even i will stand with my bhabhi
sumer gajra:we cant stay behind
mama smiles:lets see

sher caresses shraddha’s feet and kisses her forehead.shraddha opens her eyes.
sher:are u ok?
shraddha doesnt respond
shraddha cries and hugs him
shraddha:why did this happen sher?
sher:plz dnt cry…i will make everything fine….i promise
shraddha:what about virat….he wont keep quiet
sher:he cant do anything….dnt wrry

father is discharged and goes home with his wife and sunehri
sunehri asks her parents to rest and virat ebters to confront her
sunehri is wearing jeans and pink sleeveless shirt and her hair are open
virat eyes her from top to bottom.
virat to himself:i was always behind shraddha.i never looked at sunehri.she is so pretty.wow
sunehri:what r u doing here?
virat;i heard abt uncle so…
sunehri:did u hear abt didi
aunehri:and u have no problem?

virat:shraddha’s happiness lies in hers and if she is happy then i am happy for her too….
sunehri is shocked.
virat pats her face surprising sunehri and leaves….




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