Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 17

RECAP: munna mamas entry as a villain.sherdha break fast.

all are shocked to see shraddhas parents at the door
munna:come plz come….look wt ur daughter is doing….she is so shameless
sher:mama ji…
munna:dnt u dare interfere
bhavri;bhaiyya plz listen to me for once
munna:bhavri i m talking….
shraddha and sunehri are nervous

munna:so u wanna know wt ur daughter is doing??she is trapping my son sher
shraddha father:what r u saying??my daughter cant do this…
munna:really ask ur daughter….not daughter ask both of ur daughters….yesterday they had kept a fast for my sons…thank God i came in time to stop it….
mother gets tensed…
shraddha:uncle plz talk to me not to my parents….
munna:oh of course….will u plz tell ur parents that though u r engaged u r keeping a relation with an unknown person….are these ur values??r these ur ethics??are these the teachings ur parents have given u??
shraddha cries

sher:enough mama ji,…we have heard a lot….why r after her…if she loves me then its not wrong….
father:my daughter is engaged
sher:uncle…..its all ur fault….did u ask ur daughter if she is happy with this relation….did u inquire about virat whether he is a nice guy or not??i will tell u….that guy is a pr*stitute who daily changes girls just to spend a night with them…
all are shocked

shraddha comes to sher
shraddha:sher….if u wanna save our relation then do it honestly why r u spoiling virats image…
sher:i m telling truth but cant prove it
father;i think sher is right i forced u into this relationship….sorry shraddha

munna:plz stop this melodrama and get out of my house with ur cheap low standard daughters
vikas:dad…..its too much….u cant insult them like this

munna:now will u tell me what to do?
sher:if u r wrong then yes
munna holds shraddhas and sunheris hands and throws them
their parents hold them
munna signs no to sher
munna:dnt dare….
sher;i will as i love her…
munna:u can find better girls than her….rich …
sher:i m sorry mama ji but i promised her taht i wont leave her ever….

shraddha cries and father puts a hand over her head
munna:sher….u r disobeying me
sher:i m helpless
munna:what the hell is making u helpless in front of this girl
sher looks at shraddha

munna:sth is fishy…tell me sher
sher stays silent
munna:sher answer me that why the hell r u so helpless in front of thsi blo*dy girl

all are super shocked,shraddha is taken aback.
shraddhas father holds his chest and falls down

munna slaps sher
bhavri:vikas take out car we have to take him to hospital
all go to hospital
mother slaps shraddha hard
mother:we trusted u but wt did u do….i asked u to do wt u want but it didnt mean that u cross ur limits….if sth happens to ur father then u will be responsible…get out of my sight
shraddha cries and sunehri consoles her

doc comes:he got a hear attack
shraddha and her family is shocked
shraddha:it is all bcz of me.,..
mother:yes it is bcz of u…
doc:he will be conscious within one hour
shraddha goes to idol and prays for her fatehrs safety
bhavri comes and puts a hand on he rhead:i m so sorry it happend in my house u got insulted….ur parents….
shraddha cries hugging her:i m feeling so lonely….i m veyr bad

father gets conscious
shraddha:dad i m sorry
father:u broke my trust…now nothing can be changed…ur life is over
sher:nothign is over…
fathe:get out of shraddhas life….shraddha idf u ant our forgiveness then forget sher and get married to virat

shraddha is speechless and shocked
sher;sorry uncle but i cant let shraddhas life get spoiled

he cuts his finger and fills shraddhas hairline…all are shocked…

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  1. awesom episode …no words to express my feeling..waiting for t moment shraddha’s family accept sherdha fast….and virat’s truth comes out infront of t family……….hats off to you for ur writing not only this ff but for all ff….i love ur writings very much…..

    1. thnk u so much gopu….even i get happy to see ur comments in all of my ffs…thnk u so much

  2. Awesome I really like or off plzzzzz update everyday yaar can u plzz update one more chapter because I can’t wait plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. wow amazing!!!!!!!! shraddha and sher jodi is awesome one …………. love it ……wow …. wow…. wow ….

  4. Thnx angle for d update n d episode is awesome as always.eagerly waitng fr next update.

  5. Thnx for awesome ff u can make any1 speechless n plzzzzzzz try 2 update soon i am eagerly waiting for sherdha dramatic marriage n d reaction of virat when he came 2 know about sherdha intimate n there marriage

  6. awesome episode

  7. Awesome episode
    Oh my god what a insult of shraddha
    But fabulous Angel
    Hat’s off to you and your brain ???
    So you can work as a director
    From my advice you have to be a director and go to the real piya rangrezz and show them how to make a story of serial

  8. You are very intelligent Angel
    Until now I have never seen an intelligent girl like you because one girl she had written ff of piya rangrezz (love bird), something like that but she didn’t complete that story and she left that one
    But you are incredible because you had written one ff of piya rangrezz And you completed . Now you are writing two another ff of piya rangrezz?

    1. thnk u so much no my friend i dint mind…

  9. I am huge fan of your ff because your discribing very well
    But I have request for you that please every time updates next episode a little bit quietly if you can’t every day then update it in two days
    Every time we all are eagerly waiting for next episode and especially I am ?

  10. I hope you didn’t mind my request ?
    From now I am really sorry if I wrote anything wrong .

  11. Sherdha have got married..! Munna won’t sit bacj and watch the show..he will plan something to create trouble for tge couple..! But for sure, Sherdha’s true love will overcome every obstacle..!! Lovely episode dear..!!

  12. Salaam angel i am silent reader here and i want to say is that u have the telent of writing ma sha allah.. u have the telent of making us smile.. thats what makes u angel. Smile and dont look back.. haters gonna hate yet you dont have to pull on with dat fact.. u hav to take encouraging words and not dis encouraging words. Hope u wud read this comment and put a smile 🙂

    1. thnk u so much….lovely comment….it mattters a lot to me…..thnks ?

      1. You are most welcome and gus luck for your exams 😀

  13. Really nice angel love it so much.
    Sorry koi bhi comment agar na kiya ho actually mere exams start ho gae hai.

    1. its ok nanhi….thnk u

  14. Oh my god every one has exams
    We will keep praying for all of you
    May Allah help and bless you all in your exams ??? ?
    Inshallah Allah will definitely make your exams easy
    For all of you ???????

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