Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 15


Recap:sherdha spent a nuptial night.vikas and sumer make sunehri amd gajra eat food for varath

Today:sherdha wake up.shraddha smilingly looks at sher and remembers her night.sher wakes up too.
Sher asks her to be quiet.
Sher:dnt wry everything will be fine.i will never leavw u.now we r one forever.
Shraddha smiles and hugs him

Other couples also wake
Sunheri:yeah we have to be hungry whole day now
Vikas:we wil support u
Al hug

Shraddha takes bath and screams
Sher:shh…sm1 will come
Shraddha:i didnt eat anything nd its karvachauth today
Sjraddha:its not funny
Sher:its ok shraddha let it be.dnt keep fast
Shraddha:no this wont happen.i will kรจep fast fpr sure
Sher:so much love
Shraddha smiles:any doubt??
Sher smiles back amd hugs her

Whole day girls are busy working and boys helping them.shraddha feels dizzy but sher holds her
Sher:u still have time.break ur fast
Shraddha:will u shut up
Sher:ok i have no problem.at least u will lose some weight like this
Shraddha:what???u think i m fat??
Sher:u have assumed urself while i didnt say anything
Shraddha:i hate u
Sher:but i love u

Shraddha smiles and hits him.
Bhabri comes coughing:u can romance after sometime.get ready as moon is about to appear.
Adi gets nehas call
Neha:i wish u were with me.i have kept fast for u
Adi:u know what i have also kept fast
Neha:i love u
Adi:i love u too now go and get ready to open fast

Shraddha comes wearing the saree gifted bu sher and he is spell bound to see her.
Sunehri comes running:moon has appeared
All go to roof
Bhavri is happy to see all her children happy
Gajra and sumer open each others fast and so do vikas and sunheri.

Sherdha have eyelock.

PIYA O PIYA plays….

Shraddha lifts the chalni to lok at the moonand then she is about to look towards hser whrn somebody throws the thalal and chalni shocking everybody.
Bhavri is tensed and says MUNNA BHAIYYA.
Sher sumer:munna mama

Munna gazes at sunehri and shraddha and fumes…

Credit to: Angel

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  1. wowww angell .. its very nice .. bt where is the precap?????

  2. superb writing… loved ur ff a lot

  3. wowww…… ur a great ff writter angle

  4. Fantastic angel keep writing
    Fabulous episode
    I love your writing and the way your describing ?

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  7. wow ….the villain is Munna ….. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ……

  8. hi angel! amazing epi !! i wonder what will be next … suspense… as always like in swaragini’s ff, your writing is fantastic, all the best dear! keep making us enjoy with your magnifique story ๐Ÿ˜‰

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