Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 13

Recap: sherdha super jealous of rani and adi.adi gifts shraddha a salwar suiy for tomorrow karvachauth amd sher hrts his hand.shraddha bandages it amd he gives a red saree gift to shraddha and asks a return gift.


Sher:my gift??
Shraddha tries to go but sher holds her hand.
Sher:i want my gift right now
Shraddha shys and turns around nervously..
She smiles and then gently KISSES him on lips.
Sher is stunned but he too responds back and outs his hands around her waist.
Shraddha breaks the proximity and her eyes are shut.sher looks at her lovingly amd caresses her hair.
Shraddha shivers and tries to run but sher holds her by shoulders.
Shraddha:please sher

Sher leaves her amd she goes amd sher smiles broadly

Adi is in his room talking on phone
Adi:i am sorry.i tried to call but didnt get time
Neha:its ok.just help shraddha to the fullest so that she realises her love
Adi:i love u
Neha:i love u too
He then cuts the call

Vikas:till when will u help sherdha.when r u gonna unite with ur love of life??
Sunehri coughs:when i will find him then i will says i love u to him in an instant
Vikas is taken aback:i thought u…
Sunehri:what u??
Vikas:i mean u , me ,us…
Sunehri smiles
Sunehri:when u will have guts to say sth to me straight forwardly then u can talk
She waves him and leaves

Sumer comes and laughs at vikas.
Sumer:look at urself.a girl taunted u and u r standing here shamelessly.u should have expressed ur feelings.
Vikas:u look at urself.u love gajra but cant say.
Sumer:uhmm..uhmm…yeah right
Vikas:we should do sth

Sumer:tomorrow is karvachauth.i want gajra to open fast by my hands
Vikas:for that we have to express our feelings
Sumer:lets do it tonight

Bhavri hears this:thank God my other two sons also got some sense.i hope all my children get happiness
Bhavri thinks sth and gets super tensed(ANY GUESSES)

at night,sher is thinking about shraddha and her kiss.he smiles and thinks to talk to her.
Sunehri gajra and shraddha wake up to hear a voice.
Bhavri enters.
Bhavri:sunehri gajra go nd take off clothes from roof
Gajra:now??but its too late
Bhavri:doesnt matter just go..
Shraddha:let me go
Bhavri at once says:no not you
Bhavri remembers sher asking bhavri to guve some privacy to shraddha and him and sumer and vikas pleading to send sunehri and gajra on roof

Bhavri:u stay her and u both go up now.saying so she leaves
Sunehri and shraddha leave and sher enters room.shraddha gets tensed and stands up.

Sunheri and gajra reach roof and are surprised….

Next epi: LOVE IS IN THE AIR…..

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  1. it is awesome. …plz update soon

  2. Princess Ruksaar

    Nice ff Angel!!! Waiting 4 ur next episode….?

  3. loveeeeeee ittttttt …… awesome……….. owwwww howwww romantic!!!!!!! I mean I have no word 2say how romantic is it……… 😍😘😊

  4. Wow so romantic and awesome story
    Angel I love your ff ? you are describing in fantastic way. ?
    I hope you will update next episode very soon.
    Please please please update next episode as soon as possible for you

  5. Hi angel how r u? U hope fyn.how is study. Well I don’t think dat I hv to say smthng as u know SUPER u r. Well angel I wnt to asku wt is ur brthdy date only DATE. Not mnth plz plz plz.

  6. Hi angel how r u? U hope fyn.how is study. Well I don’t think dat I hv to say smthng as u know SUPER u r. Well angel I wnt to asku wt is ur brthdy date only DATE. Not mnth plz plz plz.
    Pjz replyyyy soon.Miss U

      1. I know …it’s 21 Feb…..,right angle…. :O 🙂 🙂 😛 😀 B-)

      2. Yeah…rigjt but how do u know??

  7. Awesome awesome awesome ……episode..
    Eagerly waiting for next episode….Angel if ur health is fyn now??

  8. hello..!!love this episode..both sher and shraddha snowballed their feelings into love..and that romance which was created..!!Amazing episode as usual..!!difficult to wait till the next one..love you girl..!!

    1. Love u 2 jazz…thnx

  9. angel ur a great ff writer awesome

  10. Please angel we can’t wait
    I hope you are fine
    Please please please update next episode
    Please as soon as possible for you ?

  11. angel supppeerrr writing….pls next episode…

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  13. Hey angel please update next episode
    We can’t wait for such a Owasome story
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    I think those episodes were short.

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