Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 12



RECAP:adi entry…sher jealous…

Sher leaves shraddha room and she laughs.
Next morning
Bhavri:u guys eat breakfast i m done.she leaves.
Sher looks at shraddha and thinks of sth
He coughs:rani…u r becoming weak day by day.here eat it
He feeds rani with his own hands seeing which shraddha is shocked while gajra sunehri enjoy
Rani smiles as she is involved in the plan.
Rani:oh sher u care for me so much.
she holds his hand
Shraddha shouts:adi u r hungry too then eat plz.
She fills his mouth with big morsels and adi asks her to stop.shraddha leaves angrily and sunehri gajra laugh heartedly.

Vikas and sumer are confused and inquire gajra and sunehri who tell them the plan and they are now part of the plan too
Vikas:u r so intelligent
Sunheri shys
Gajra:stop it u two first we need to complete sherdha mission.after it we can take part in Sunkas mission
Sunehri:yeah and we will take part in Sumra mission ok??
Gajra shys while sumer coughs.

The girls leave while boys eye them lovingly
Vikas sees sher hugging and laughing with rani to jealous shraddha and he sees shraddha crying.
Vikas messages adi to bring a gift for shraddha.
Adi comes after sometimes and calls shraddha.shraddha comes smilingly.sher looks on.rani brings juice for sher.

Adi presents the gift.
Adi:bhavri aunti said told u that tomorrow is karvachaudh and u ansd sunehri also want to keep fast so i have brought this gift for u….
Shraddha opens to find pink salwar suit.she smiles and kisses his cheek to say thank u.she looks at sher mischieviously

Sher fumes and the breaks the glass which he was holding.he hurts his hand.shraddha is shocked
Rani:sher wt habe u done??
Sher goes to his room
Shraddha runs behind him

Adi gives thumbs up to rani and she too smiles victoriously
Shraddha goes to shers room
Sher:what r u doing here,just leave
Shraddha:stop it.r u out of ur mind??why did u break the glass
Sher:my hiuse my glass my hand wy is ur problem
Shraddha:its bleeding
Sher:i m not blind i can see it
Shraddha takes aid box and triss to bandage it but he shoves his hand away

Shraddha shouts:sher i will slap u now
Sher is stunned to hear that
Shraddha bandages his hand and cries.she blows air so that he doesnt feel pain

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg

Sher wipes her tears.
Shraddha:first u gave these tears and now wiping it
Sher:why did u kiss him?
Shraddha:he is my friend and he brought gift for me
Sher:so if i gift u sth will u kiss me too??

Shraddha is speechless….

Sher:what happened??
Sher opens his cupboard and gives her agift
She opens to find a beautiful red saree amd smiles
Sher:my gift??
Shraddha shys

She tries to go but sher holds her hand.she turns around nervously and them shraddha……..(mystery

Credit to: Angel

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