Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 11


Recap: rani entry.shraddha jealous of sher and her friendship.shraddha and sher cute kiss.sunheri gajra and shraddha plan to ake sher jealous.


Shraddha wakes up and goss to house temple to do pooja.she sings beautifully.


all wake up and come out of theor rooms one by one.
Vikas:wow what a voice
Sumer:i am feeling so calm
Gujra:so touchy voice
Sunehri:shraddha jiji daily does it.in fact she loves singing
Sher smiles
Rani:i m impressed
Bhavri:one day she will daily sing in the morning once she becomes my bahu….

She gives aarti to everybody.she goes to give to sher
Shraddha:what did u ask??
Sher:ur happiness
Shraddha smiles and eyes him lovingly:nothing for urself??
Sher:ur happiness is mine…
Shraddha smiles broadly and wants to hug him tight..

Sher leaves smilingly.
Later after breakfast sher and rani are having chit chat.both are talking by giving high fives to each other and rani even leans her head on sher’s shoulder and shraddha is getting furious as she watches it from balcony.just then a guy enters

Guy:hi everyone.i wanna meet shraddha and sunehri
Sher:who r u??
Sher then sees shraddha running towards him and she hugs the guy.
Sher is shocked and clutches his fist in anger
Shraddha:thank God u came.i was waiting for so long

The guy is aditya
Adi:i missed u so much
Shraddha:me too.but now u r here so i m gonna give u a lot of time just like before
Adi:and yeah neha…
Before adi could complete his sentence shraddha puts her feet on his and he shouts.

Sher and rani are boggled.shraddha smiles and then drags him in.all greet adi amd bhavri asks gajra to show him his room.
Sher:sunehri.who is he??
Sunheri:aditya??oh he is jiji’s best friemd just like urs is rani.he and jiji are veryyy close to each other.
Sher:nonsense.three people in a girl’s life.first her cheap fiance second her best friend amd 3rd her true lover….all want u shraddha but u r all mine

Shraddha says sorry to adi for hitting him
Adi:its ok but why didnt u let me take neha’s name??and why did u call me all of a sudden??
Shraddha:bcz i wann male sher jealous of u…as he makes me jealous of rani amd i wamt him to realise this bcz i think i feel sth for me and he feels too but neither he says nor i so we both are in dilemma…(shraddha says in one breath)

Adi:relax relax i got it.dnt worry he will surely express his feeli gs but why r u doing this u r engaged.
Shraddha:u know how virat is.infact he reacted furiously at our stay in the house.amd al know here too that i m not happy with this marrige so once papa comes i wil talk to him about this.
Adi:i m happy for u

She leaves.Its night time
Shraddha is in her room
Sher comes from behind and twirls her hand and pulls her towards him amd eyes her angrily
Shraddha:wht r u doing??
Sher:listen sherni.its not good
Sjraddha:what is not good?
Sher:u hugged aditya.u are talking to him continuously since his arrival as if u both are alone in this world…
Sher:jealous my foot….
Suddenly sher realises that he is being counter questioned as once he asked the same jealousy qiestion to shraddha

Sher:why….why would i be jealous
Shraddha:then why r u acting like this??adi is my best friend like rani is urs.
Shraddha:yeah adi means aditya
Sher:cant u take his proper name??
Shraddha smiles:actually i call him adi by love just like some people call me SHERNI by love….(it means actually sher cals her sherni)

Sher is left speechless….

Credit to: Angel

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