Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 10


Someone steps in and all look on.bhavri smiles.the girl comes running and hugs sher.sher hugs her back
Sher: rani…
Rani:i missed u so much
Shraddha gets shocked and feels jealous
Sher:what a surprise
Rani:u liked it
Sher:of course
They have hand in hand
Shraddha looks at them in anger
Shraddha to sunehri:why r they holding hands??
Sunehri laughs:why r u feeling jealous
Shraddha:jealous my foot

Shraddha starts coughing intentionally to alert sher towards her.
Sher:r u ok?
Rani:drink water
Rani hugs bhavri.she meets sumer vikas and gajra
Gajra:i will show u ur room.
Rani:i jnow it.its opposite to sjer’s room as always.
Shraddha gets furious and excuses herslef and goes in room
Sher wonders what happened to her

Sunehri and bhavri smile at each other
Vikas,sumer and sher go to their rooms for sleep.
Bhavri rani and sunehri and gajra are left.
They thank rani for coming
Rani:its ok.so she was shraddha.she is pretty.sher’s choice is always good
They smile
Fb shows bhavri telling sunehri about sher’s best friend.in love there is jealousy amd if she brings rani in sher’s life shraddha will be jealous and this jealousy will male her realise sher’s love.they eneter gajra in their plan too.fb ends

All have a laugh.
Shraddha is walking angrily in the room when sher sees her.he enters without knocking
Shraddha:how shameful.u should have knocked first.
Sher:doesnt matter,
Shraddha turns away angrily
Sher:what happend to u??u were fine sometime ago
Shraddha:who is that girl??
Sher:she is rani

Sher:she is my best friend and has come to meet me.thats all
Shraddha:the proximity between u showed sth else
He gets shocked

Sher:so u r jealous
Shraddha:and why would i be jealous
Sher moves forward towards her:bcz u feel for me.
She steps back
Sher is still moving towards her:yes
She gets stopped by a wall

Sher keeps both of his hands at her side.
Shraddha looks into his eyes.he leans to kiss her,she shuts her eyes.he notices her nervousness and smiles.he then kisses her cheek instead and says Good nite my sherni.

Shraddha opens her eyes and is frozen to her place.she them smiles and jumps happily.she stops all of a sudden to see virat’s call and is tensed at her feelings for sher being engaged herself.
She receives call and virat tells that he is gonna go out of city due to slme work for some days.
Virat:i love you..
Shraddha dosent say anything…
Virat:dnt u wanna say sth??
Shraddha:sunehri is calling…
She cuts the call of the angry virat

Sunehri comes in amd finds her tensed
Gajra enters too.she shares her problem with them
Gajra:if u dnt live virat then talk to ur dad,he will agree for ur happiness cant tie a marriage knot forcefully.
Sunehri:see everybody gives u this opinion.
Shraddha:ok i will talk to papa when he comes as ma is already ready.
They smiles and hug happily

Shraddha:but this rani….
Gajra and sunehri look at each other.
Fb shows bhavri asking sunehri and gajra about the way of making sher jealous too so that they both express their love hidden behind this jealousy
Sunehri:i will do it.
Fb ends

Sunehri:do j live sher??
Shraddha:i dnt know.i always think about him.i feel protective with him.he always makes me smile.he knows my likes dislikes,he cares for me.i smile unknowingly when even smbody takes his name.i stoo eating at his thouhti feel restless wothoust him each second.

Gajra:sunehri she is deeply in love…
Sharddha:if this is love then let it be
Sunehri and gajra guve high five
Sunehri:now sher needs to realise it too.
Shraddha:he wont til that rani is with him,
They hear rani and shef talking loudly.shraddha sees rani lying her head on sher’s shoulder and gets angry

Sunehri:cool down and call him…
Sunehri:yeah him…
Shraddha understands and calls someone to come as soon as he can….

The trio smile…


Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wowww too gud yaar

  2. Awesome one yaar very interesting

  3. Wowwwww!!!!!!!
    That was Soooo Damn Cute!!!!!!
    Shraddha being jealous of rani!!!
    Sher being oblivious to fact of shraddha’s behaviour!!!!
    Sherdha’s intense yet cute romance!!!
    Shraddhas realization about her feelings for sher!!!!
    N out of all bhavri n sunheri acting as d cupid..is over d top..cute!!!!
    Looooving D Whooooolllleeeee Concept!!!!!!!!
    N now comes d part of d new entrant…
    I guess its Aditya!!!!??????….Isn’t he???
    In all loving dis jealousy angle in d story!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!
    N plzzzz try to update soon!!!!
    D wait is killing me!!!!!!
    Keep smiling…n…keep making us smile!!!
    Love u Loads!!!!Take Care!!!!

  4. Aditya might be the new entry,right!??

    1. Yeah…

  5. It’s fabulous as always I love your ff
    Owasome Angel
    Keep writing
    Update next episode as soon as possible
    We can’t wait for such fantastic story line

    the new entry is maybe aditya……..
    please update soon dying for the next episode

  7. shamsher should be renamed as sham-souwar as he is the son of a souwar mum

  8. It was too good yar..love ur updates they r truly amazing

  9. awesome episode angle …….. love it……..
    hey,do u know who is this Veer Singh in real track?????? lots of love to u… ..

    1. Masooma Mirza

      Dear he is chanda’s son he came to take revenge from the family who tortured kileed his mother

  10. awesome episode. ..by the way this time i think m ri8 …must be adi ..??☺

  11. Awesome episode angel..it’s too good..
    Is t new entry is adithya???..☺☺

  12. thank u angel for ths beautiful ff….i love it…..just owsome..

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