Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 1

A small hose is shown where a woman is praying.a beautiful girl wearing pink salwar qameez is with open hair is standing.she is SUNEHRI.
sunehri gives Prasad to her father and asks him to hurry up as he is already late for school.children must be waiting.
he pats sunehri’s face:ok my mom.where is ur sister
sunehri:shraddha jiji.u know her.she is a flying bird.
they hear a sound:flying bird has arrived.
shraddha wearing blue salwar qameez enters with a broad smile and takes blessings from her parents.both go and meet dadi.

shraddha:wow dadi.u r growing beautiful day by day.sth special??
dadi:oh I was always young
sunehri:God,jiji u r always buttering
shraddah smiles
dadi:where had u gone??
sunehri:i will also meet the kids on our way back home
dadi:oh yes go fast its ur frst day to college

both leave

In a big house a lady in brown saree,bunned hair and wearing gold earrings is shown calling out to sumer and sher.
vikas wearing jeans and t shirt enters and bhavri blesses him
bhavi:vikas beta where r ur brothers??
vikas:sumer has gone to receive ur friend’s daughter from airport
bhavri:and sher??
just then a guy enters and says : shers have no specific palce and I m a wild lion..
he takes bhavri’s blessings.
bhavri;sher take blessings from God too.
sher:ma I dnt believe in Him.
bhavri is tensed and says how do I correct him?

sumer reaches airport and searches for the girl.
the girl calls him out.she is wearing long skirt and shirt.she is GAJRA.
sumer is mesmerized to see her.
smuer:u r beautiful.
gajra shys and both head to home
sumra reach and gajra greets all.
bhavri;gajra u rst today and tomorrow go with sumer and sher to college for ur admission.and u both rush to college.
sher in summer’s ears:beautiful girls must be waiting

bhavri hears and says hope u find sm1 soon who corrects u…
sher smiles and says no one dares to speak in front of her then how m I gonna find the girl???
sher vikas and sumer leave.

the three of them and shraddha and sunehri enter the college but don’t see each other.
sumer:bhaiya.admit gajra in my class tomorrow.
sher:how fast u r…
sher sees a girl and addresses her as beautiful,baby etc.meanwhile he is busy in flrting he caught an eye of shraddha.
sher:wow!!she is so pretty.seems like an angel has fallen from sky.


sunehri heads to go to washroom and collides with vikas.both have an eyelock….vikas is lost in her…

PEHLI NAZAR is still playing….

next epi:sherdha’s first meeting.ssher flirts with shraddha and gets a slap in return….

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  1. Whoohaaaa…..amazing one???????????

  2. Nice story angel 🙂

  3. So the love story starts with a slap..my god angel!!you have shown completely different shraddha..really impressing..!!keep it going..!!

    1. And it would be quite interesting to see all five in the same college…

      1. its 6 nt 5

    2. thnx a lot jazz….keep reading nd cmmntng

      1. Oh ya!!thats right..six..
        i think sher and shraddha will be in same class..!!really excited..

  4. Masooma Mirza

    Awsomeeee.. ????

    1. thnk u:)

  5. Good to c that they r getting educated.
    Gud starting. Cant wait fr next episode. Plz update fast yaar Angel.
    Awesome work dear.

    1. thnx…I will…

  6. woow dear…really a lot of varieties of char r v gtng to c…sher flirting….haha nice!!! keep it up dear…

    1. thnk u…

  7. Ha ha ha slap must be neededl

    1. haha…yep

  8. Wow……awesome….
    Thank u Angel for writing a new ff where t start is very very nice………….
    Waiting 4 t next episode ………

    1. thnx a lot gopu

  9. You did a nice job,angel. inshallah you will get success in your life. very nice and different story

  10. Masooma Mirza

    Yaar angle ? kab 2 episode upload karogi yaar subha se wait karrahi hoon??

    1. I ve already posted

  11. hy angel check my msg on instagram
    in direct msg we can talk

  12. Lv it really impressing

  13. wowwww angel its toooo good yaar…. >3 >3

  14. oh my God ……….it is tooooooo much Good start …….
    I m at my native village …..that’s why I can’t comment on ur previous episodes…….but u r really awesome …….now I m at a jungle …….means I have to just spend my holiday here…..nothing much. 🙂

    1. thnk u soooooo much..its ok

  15. Plz update next episode soon. plz

    1. its posted

  16. Angel next episode kub update kero gi me and many others r waiting for new episode
    Update it soon plz

    1. its already posted

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