Piya rangrezz a love journey epi 30 LAST EPISODE


recap:neha is shot.mama knows truth and is guilty.neha needs kidney and shraddha is pregnant


all are shocked.
sher:shraddha is pregnant?
all cry and worry
doc:she doesnt have much time….u have to take decision fast.if shraddha has to donate kidney then it might effect her child
sherdha go to a side
sher holds her hand
sher:abort the child shraddha
shraddha is shocked
sher:i know u want to take the same decision as u wanna save neha so i wont step behind and will support u
shraddha:sher our first baby…
she cries and sher hugs him and cries as well
sher:she doesnt have time…she is my sister and i have to do this for her
shraddha:ok sher…but family
sher:i will handle them u go
shraddha leaves to doc

bhavri:r u mad?how can u abort ur child….there must be some other way
sher:neha doesnt ahve time
mama ji guilty
sunehri:she is dying…plz do sth fast
shraddha:nothing will happen to neha i promise
shraddha leaves with doc for operation

bhavri:sher how can u permit her?
sher:mom try to understand shraddhas condition…if u being a dadi is so sad then she is a mom…how can u not support her?
bhavri apologizes and mama ji is no where to be shown in hospital

soon they hear shraddha screaming and sher worries for her
mama ji comes in front of a mandir
mama:hey God…i never trusted u after u took away my love from me but today i m stepping again at ur door as i want my children to be happy….dont punish my children for my deeds…save my children plz…
he walks barefooted towards the mandir and continuously rings the bell until his hand starts bleeding and he falls unconscious.

he wakes up in a hospital room and sher standing in front of him with a smile along with bhavri
bhavri:i hope now my old bro is back
sher:she is fine and so is our baby
mama:really?but …neha
vikas:she is operated…she is fine….
doc comes
doc:ur prayers worked….shraddha and her child is safe and shraddha gave her kidney too…
mama ji gets teary eyed

mama ji apologized to everyone and neha comes to know the truth.all share a family hug with aditya and neha’s marriage

4 years later

a boy is running in the house and shraddha is running behind him
shraddha:shamsher drink the milk
shraddha:God u and ur father alays find ways to irritate me
sher hugs her from behind
sher:i love u
shraddha:excuse me…feed milk to ur son…he is not listening to me…i have to take check on bulbul.(bulbul is sherdha’s daughter)
sher: ah…such a cuute name my princess has
shraddha:leave me let me got to her
sher:u have just forgotten me after a son and daughter stepped in ur life
shraddha:why were u so eager for a daughter?sfter one year of shamsher’s birth u again made me pregnant….u have no control…now pay the prize…
she hits him in his belly

neha comes descending down the stairs with a child of 3 years
neha:dont worry she is sleeping in my arms very peacefully
shraddha:neha…slow slow
neha:i am ok
adi comes and holds neha
adi:i am with her dont worry

sunehri comes holding a baby girl of 1 year
sunehir:didi…ask ur devar not to disturb me
sher:what happened
vikas:she wants me to change sona’s diaper
all laugh
shraddha:thats my sister…mr sher used to do the same
sher:and used to get a gift in return…
he winks at her
vikas:oohh…kissy…done done…i will change
sunehri hits vikas and shraddha hits her foot on sher’s foot

adi neha laugh and hug each other with bulbul in their arms
sunehri pulls vikas’s cheeks and hugs him and vikas caresses sona’s cheek
shamsher lands in sher’s arms and sher kisses shraddha’s cheek
all stand by the vhair where bahvri is sitting.she blesses everyone

A family pic is taken and show ends with a happy note………

thank u for all ur support…enjoy hate to love story and after that i will come with another ff….actually from tomorrow my full book tests are starting so its tough to update daily…

Credit to: angel

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  1. The epi is amazing nd all d best for ur tests. Waiting for ur another ff

  2. Amazing episode angel.
    It was a great ending.
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    Love it sooooo much.
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  5. Amazing episode
    Best of luck for your tests.
    Awesome ending. . . . . . . . . . .
    Waiting for your next ff
    When you get free time then please update next episode of hate to love story.
    Good luck Angel ?
    We will pray for you to have easy tests

  6. Best of luck angel…. Waiting for next ff

  7. Mehak Kharoud

    Ohhh that was really great and wish u all the very best for xams …. Happy Ending made me happy ?

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  13. All the best do I am also a Muslim I can understand like how you would feel with your exams near and doing ff it’s really difficult hats off to you di (apa)

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