Piya Rangrezz………. Love-Hate-Love Relationship ||Intro||


Hi! I’m a silent reader, so now I’m gonna write my own fan fiction of the show. I really like the actors of the show. In my story all characters r same but there will be few additions and a little bit of changes.

Arjun went to Delhi for his studies and is now a successful businessman. He married Dr. Riddhima Singh in Mumbai and now lives with her and her 2 sisters Anvita (vitki) and Arpita (baby). He considers them as his own sisters and is very protective of them as a real big brother. Bhavri Devi is also now changed, she is good with good and bad with bad. Shamsher has also changed and looks after the business. The whole family is in touch with Arjun and Riddhima, Bhavri has also accepted Riddhima whole heartedly.

Shamsher’s alliance is fixed with Dr. Mansi, it is arranged by Bhavri Devi & Mansi’s father Mr. Trilok Chaudhary who are business partners. Shamsher and Mansi share a great bond of friendship but they still hasn’t realise that the feeling they both have for each other is not friendship, but its love. If Shamsher is like his father then Mansi is just like her mother-in-law, Shraddha.

Chanda’s reality reveals in front of Veer and she is dead. Veer is a change man, everyone has forgiven him and he now lives with his family.

Dr. Riddhima Arjun Singh:- arjun’s wife, elder sister (cum mom) of vitki and baby, dotting wife and daughter-in-law, successful doctor. She is now 2 months pregnant.

Anvita Singh (vitki) – Riddhima’s younger sister, works with Arjun, hard working, beautiful, intelligent. She and Veer were madly in love with each other but Veer left her for his stupid revenge. Now she is no more fun-loving, bubbly girl but a stone hearted girl for everyone except for her family and loved ones. She gets aggressive very quickly and do stupid things which inturn hurts only her. Arjun is excessively protective for her.

Arpita Singh:- youngst sister, cute, bubbly girl, studies in IXth std., pampered by all especially Arjun but still is very intelligent and down to earth girl.

Arjun has decided to return to his family with his wife and her sisters but at the same time is very much worried for Anvita when she comes to know abt his relation with Veer.

Neither Veer nor Anvita & Arpita r aware of the relation they shared with each other through Arjun and Radhika, they never talked. Lets see how will Anvi reacts when she comes face-to-face with Veer.

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Credit to: xyz

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  1. Hey! I have a confusion. Is this ff about sher nd shraddha or anyone else? And this mansi is shraddha or she is another girl?

  2. Nice intro
    Some of them new character
    Anyway Awesome intro

  3. Intro is good…….But I have a question that is in this ff who is the hero nd who is the heroine….. Plz make Sher hero nd Shraddha heroine of this ff or make Kirtida as Mansi.

  4. Nyc intro but there z a lot of confusion.

  5. Yeah there is a lot of confusion
    Please our request exchange these names. ……put the real character names of piya rangrezz .then we will understand.
    Please don’t mind our request!
    Please update next episode very soon

  6. confusing intro…..

  7. Mehak Kharoud

    I didnt got it..
    Really confusing

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