Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 8


shardha keep yelling at sher in canteen tht hw rude nd disrespectful sher is nd tears keep rolling down frm her eyes
sher has no idea wht shardha is talking about ,

vikash gets angry nd was about to shout at shardha tht again she misbehaved vth sher bt sher ask to stop nd signs sunheri to go near her nd comfort her nd ask her the matter
sunheri goes nd shardha hugs her nd is still crying nd shardha tell her everything hw guys come near ask her for kiss nd try to touch her abuse her nd its all becuz of sher
sher nvr lykd me nd nw his mens are abusing me nd she keeps crying gajra tries to console her bt she keeps crying
sher is full angry listening this nd signs sumer to get the whole detail, sunheri consoles her nd says bhai ll nt to smthng lyk this gajra gets angry nd says u nd ur bhai made my frndz lyf hell for u ur bhai is hero bt for us villain

sunheri was about to say smthng whn sher says its okay don’t nd looks at shardha who is still crying sunheri gives her water nd is still hugging her
sher sign vikash to knw full about incident nd tries to talk to shardha he says i agree tht i bullied u bt i cn nvr do this ,i hate ppl who do this shardha looks at him vth twinkle in her eyes
sumer comes nd tells her its virat nd his ppl they saw her nd did also this in sher ears
sher anger cn be seen in his eyes he shouts nd runs in play ground call out their name .
sunheri nd vikash runs behind him,sunheri says bhai won’t leave thm he cn kill thm its his sensitive side ,he cn do anything
vikash i knw tht bt this all becuz of ur best frnd nd if sm thng hppns to bhai i won’t leave her.
sunheri: why u alwys bring shardha in between
they reach the ground
sher ask thm come out nd says if u come out yourself thn i ll control myself bt if i ll catch u i m nt gonna spare u at all

they liesten nd get scsred nd slowly they came out sher brings the stick (mota dhandha) nd they themselves knell down sher starts beating him
one by one all come nd sher is so angry tht he couldn’t control nd keeps beating thm all
sunheri sumer Everyone ask him to stop bt still he don’t liesten nd keeps beating thm in full anger they also plead to spare thm bt sher doesn’t liesten.
Gajra tells shardha wht sher is doing, he is nt listening
sunheri comes running nd says u cn only stop bhai he is nt listing to us plz shardha plz do this for me

shardha goes there nd ask sher to stop it ,don’t beat thm they got their punishment
sher looks at her innocent eyes nd stops nd leaves the stick nd goes frm there. shardha also leaves
He goes to wrestling field tht evening nd ask ppl to beat him
no ppl even dare to Touch him bt he angrily either u ll hit me or i ll nw decide they start beating him

nd keeps beating him nd thn sumer comes nd ask thm to stop
nd says to sher bhai everyone knw u ,u don’t have to be guilty plz don’t punish urself for the thing u did’nt do. sher shares him tht i can nvr play vth girls respect nd someone blamed me smthng i did’nt do i can’t bear it nd goes frm there nd drink in moon light in front of lake
Many days are passed shardha is nt coming to clg ,sher blames himself for her life prblms.
Shardha is to ill nd can’t get rid of the imagination of smone molestating her ,she nw fears alot Garja comes to clg nd sher runs behind him to ask her about shardha she tells him everything
In The evening sher goes to shardha’s house he rings the bell.

show endz here.
stay tuned for next update
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Credit to: Ashlesha

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  4. sure
    ll update soon nd i m glad tht u all lykd it☺☺

  5. Awesome episode ashlesha love it so so much keep writing. πŸ™‚
    Waiting for next update.
    Update it soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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    Excited for next episode
    Please update daily & long episode
    Waiting for next episode ?
    Keep writing
    Best of luck ?
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  8. Very interesting story
    I love it

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    BTW episode was sooooooo sweet and beautiful and also cute ……

  10. The is marvellous…N I love Sher’s character. In serial Sher was lyk this type…He also used to beat himself when Shraddha was in pain bcuz of him. Plz update the next epi soon.

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