Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 6


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scene 1
shardha is confused with sher behaviour,she tells her brother about sher nd wht he did,shivansh thn says didi remember every coin has two sides (phalu), it depends on us which side we want to see nd hw we want to knw that person
If he is good vth poor ,help kidz thn i don’t think he cn pretend to be a good guy
shardha (looking at him): OMG ohho my bro has become a mature gentleman nd all
they hug each other

another day in clg
Sher to himself : wht tht girl think of herself,i help ppl nd thts my personal matter,she don’t need to define me,today is the day i ll tell her about real sher singh
Shardha and gajra attend their classes and in break goes to cafeteria or clg canteen
sher comes there nd says here is our bakras (goats)
few new comers start running bt sher’s ppl catch thm
sher orders everyone to stand in line nd thn look at shardha nd says wht u r waiting for come u r also newcomer.she comes gajra too stands nd looks at sumer bt sumer feel helpless,as he can’t disobey his brother.vikash enjoys whole scene nd make fun of everyone
nd start giving thm task sm get really scared,they were fully bullied
shardha was about to say smthng whn gajra holds her, plz no,already they don’t lyk us nt again shardha she says.Sher comes to shardha she gets tensed bt controls herself to show nd reacts as if she us cool sunheri is also there nd look at all this happening bt doesn’t say anything as vikash ll again scold her
sher: Shardha ll do swaach bharat abhiyan as she love cleaning nd everybody laughs she wanted to say no,bt thn she thinks gajra ll in trouble so lets jst do,she does whole cleaning vikash nd other came again nd again to place where she has already cleaned they make ir dirty by putting shoes,sm hw she completes nd thn they leave
shardha to herself: This Man’s ego i thought he is good guy who jst try to be bad bt u shuld nt expect anything frm spoil brat ,they jst show money power.

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Credit to: Ashlesha

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