Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 5


sry for updating too late,had exam
but nw here i go
sher’s home
sunheri comes frm kitchen as she is cooking for everyone today
sunheri: Ammaji, come dinner is ready
Bhavri : ohh today u cooked,u knw cooking,( she taunts her),i thought u only knw hw to make money by make relations vth my family nd using our name.
tears rolls down frm sunheri eyes nd she was leaving whn sher comes hold her nd says u don’t have to go anywhere ur daughter of this house ,if she didn’t mean anything to u thn thts ur prblms amma why can’t u accept her?? And she is my sister amma nd nobody cn talk to her lyk tht;
Amma: laala(dear) why u getting angry m telling truth only,nobody wants to hear truth,btao ulta everyone is getting angry at me only.
sher leaves angrily frm there sunheri follows him
sunheri: bhai thts okay amma is lyk tht only u knw na
sher: why she can’t understand u,
i asked her one thing tht to accept u nd she even can’t do tht
sunheri: she is ryt na, i m a orphaned,u gave me shelter a new life i can’t froget this ever
sher: stop calling urself orphan
m ur brother nd if next tym u call urself this ,i ll know tht i m nothing to u.
sunheri hugs him,love u bhai
chalo lets have dinner i cooked all ur fav dishes

shardha place
shardha nd family having dinner
all are talking about shardha plans for future
shardha: firstly let me graduate
m too small for marriage nd i have dreams of my life i don’t want sm1 to jst runes it
shivansh: yea yea ,so small tht u living on milk
shardha: m nt lyk u dreamless aimless have dreams nd aims
shardha’s mom: i got maried whn i was 18 nd u ppl don’t want to get married only
shardha’s papa: let her be independent nd why u ppl are forcing her into relation
Shardha: exactly ,m nt ready,i have my life nd i m happy
chit chat continues aftr dinner they fo to theirs rooms nd sleep
Another fresh day in clg
They(shardha nd gajra) were walking in corridor ,smbody stops thm
its sher nd his gang
yes madam plz come
Gajra: ab kya kar diya tune ,kal toh chodh diya tha hume (whispers to shardha)
shardha: mjhe kya pata,i did’nt do anything (she too whispers)
sher: wht is kich kich
so ur intro ,u suppose to give intro to ur seniors ,nd we ll start vth other ppl in gang shouts shardha
sher to shardha: yes c’mon, u start as i can’t hurt thm
shardha to herself: who this men is smtyms he is good tht anybody ll fall for him nd smtym he cross all his limit who actually he is??
sher to shardha: ohh madam come bck to this world, c’mon start
shardha starts and after finishing
sher again ask her to sing as she loves to speak all the tym
by thn sumer comes,
sumer: bhai let thm go, u r alwys punishing thm lets have a new start na.
vikash: lagta hai sumerwa ka dil agaya hai indo mai se kisi ek pe,kal bhi hum dekhte the isse cafe jaate hue,bol bol gaya tha yah nahi
gajra puts her head down nd feels angry.
sumer: Haa gaye the par ao haisa soch rahe ho waisa nahi hai hmne dosti ki hai inse
Sher: toh hm btaya kyu nahi tune,tu inke sath ghum raha tha aur calls bhi pick nahi kiya
sumer: bhai woh toh hm busy the project mai isliye,bhai jane do na inhe
sher: Nahi yeh madam ko gaana toh padega nd asks his gang gaana padega ki nahi
they all shout padega padega
shardha: Sumer ,its okay u tried nd don’t worry, i ll sing
sher: see prblm is solved, aur tu apne bhai ki side kb laega ,dusro ke lye apno se ladta hai
sumer: Bhai c’mon u knw hw much i owe you
sher: enough,don’t think i love u so i ll nt punish u,u l also get punishment
sumer: bhai plz haa,u can’t see me doing any sort of work last tym u probably killed Dharamraj’s son becuz he was about to slap me nd was teasing me
u ll give me punishment
sher: bt don’t froget i slaped u after tht
sumer: thts becuz u love me nd wanted me fight
Sher: whtever,
wht u waiting for shardha c’mon start singing
shardha: Ajeeb insan hai sachi
she sings ”Dil yeh bekrar kyu hai hai ispe dhun swar kyu hai ,kyu hai yeh khumar kyu hai tu btaa’ nd continues nd thn stops
everybody claps after listening her beautiful voice ever sher gang except for sher
sher: Enough for today,c.u tmrw
sher walks nd to himself he says i did right,i don’t want anybody to knw who i m nd wht i do,nd she thinks m good i don’t want to be a good guy
shardha frm behind,thn whom u want to be
Sher turns nd says u following me nd m sher singh i don’t have to be anyone else ppl want to be lyk me.
shardha: nt exactly,wht do u thing by taking intro nd making me sing u ll change my thoughts towards u
i can’t froget wht u did yesterday
sher: wht i did,froget everything u saw alright
shardha: ohh hw cn i sir,i don’t froget things lyk the books i read the movie i watch, nd u r asking me to froget wht i felt my feelings
sher:: stop it jst go for nw
shardha: going only i have class

its endz here ,do comment nd suggesr thank uā˜ŗā˜ŗ

Credit to: Ashlesha Dubey

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    Please write it in English ?

  3. ohh,i thoughts most of ppl are hindi readers so i used few hindi words nt next tym for sure i ll use english

  4. very nice good and superb
    plz update nxt epi soon
    best of luck!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Ashlesha
    Hope you didn’t mind my request ?
    Love your ff ? awesome
    Please update next episode soon ?

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