Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 4


This is four episode
At shardha’s house All having dinner
shardha’s maa: have food beta wht hppnd to u
shardha is In her own dreams nd think smthng
her brother pinch her nd she says
shardha : kya hai
shivansh: didi we are calling u frm past half hours u r nt listening
shardha’s papa : wht hppnd to u beta
Shardha: nthng m jst too tired hectic days papa u knw hw clg days are,so many classes
shardha’s maa: u go take rest
shardha leaves

shivansh doubts its smthng else shivansh to himself: didi is trying to hide smthng frm us,she nvr make excuses lyk this
shardha is in her room gajra called to ask for notes nd to knw hw she is nd ol
gajra: u okay shardhu??
Shardha: yea m better,u knw na ur shardha is fighter. she won’t give up ,i don’t want to complain becuz more prblm ll be created its jst his ego nt him. No ones is bad its jst evil inside ppl which had suppressed goodness in ppl. u knw if Its nt mee thn smbody else ll suffer so we have to end this.
Gajra: okay bt u take care be careful he is nt easy to change he doesn’tliesten to anbody btw his bro wANts to be my frnd
shardha: ohho kya baat hai
Gajra: he was asking for chance tht sumer
shardha: hahaaa he was staring at u in clg also,go ahead
gajra: but u knw wht they did vth us
shardha: arre its nt they its him

don’t punish him,he is nice i think????
gajra: ur Mother Teresa,u lyk everyone (nd they laughs)
shardha: yea fyn fyn
okay good night for nw c.u tmrw
gajra: good night plz jaldi ready hona
shivansh liesten there conversation nd wonders who was this him nd walks towards shardha’s room
shardha: wht u doing here nw kya chaiye bol(wht u want)
shivansh: hws ur day in clg
shardha; ofcourse it was good yaar shivansh: ohh plz ,u stammer whn u lie ,tell me who is disturbing u
shardha: shivu u being over protective, no one is there its jst normal thing dude intro nd ol hppns in clg senior ask ur for intro nd ol so tht only
shivansh: okay take care nd shivu ki bhen hai bus isliye phucha samjhi nd i m nt overprotective
(they both laughs) they went of too slep at their rooms, shivansh think to find out who the real prblm
Another day is clg gajra as regular waits for shardha to come nd shouts shardha fast yaar u take alot of tym she says
suddenly sm1 is front of her(gajra) its sumer

sumer: hye
gajra: Hii, u here hw do u knw
sumer: yea i knw everythng afrol u are my frnd
gajra: frndz ,whn this hppnd
shardha: it hppnd nw only chalo shake ur hands say we ll be frndz forever
( shardha sumer laughs nd gajra looks at shardha angrily nd shakea hand sumer cutel says ,ll nvr leave this handz ll be frndforever )
gajra to shardha(whispering): hw cn u froget wht they did to us
shardha: i also told u its nt they its him so we can’t blame others chal abhi chill sadu
they reach clg by thn
sher has here fully planned hw to teach shardha another lesson
vikash u did wht i told u sher askd
vikash: ji bhaiyaji al done
sher: good ,nd btw hws sunheri nw she has frogiven u or nt
vikash: bhai kal hi kar diya itni mushkil se ,apki hi bhen hai
sunheri comes
sunheri to sher: hey bhai
sher: ohh u here come nd they hugs
vikash coughs sm1 is here also look here also
sunheri : who i can’t see sher nd sunheri laugh)
sher sees shardha coming

nd walks towards her put his leg between hers foot nd she falls down
he thn gives her hand nd make her stand.
sher : be careful madam,u can’t handle this small thing hw ll u handle big prblms in life
she thn looks at him innocently
shardha: anyway thank u sir nd whn prblms comes its upto tht tym hw ll i face ,the way m facing u
(this hppns thn gajra comes nd says u okay?? )
shardha: he actually helped me u knw its strange he made me stand
gajra: he only made u fall
( it was break nw shardha is alone as she gives tym to thm sumer nd gajra)
out of clg in a garden nearby clg

shardha nd sher both are there at different places
shardha sees children gathering around sm1,nd thn aftr struggle she sees it was sher who is talking to kidz making thm laugh at silly silly jokes a small girls saya him u are very cute ll u be my boyfriend he laughs nd says ofcourse princesses,itni beautiful ladki ka bf to mai jarur banuga nd thn tht small girl kisses him
(shardha sees this nd thinks who is this he has two faces a evil nd goodness one why he hide his this face thn )
he distribute chocolates sweets to kidz nd thn leaves frm there
(shardha runs behind him nd says
sher sir she calls him 3 to 4 tym 1stly he ignores nd thn says)
sher: wht??
shardha: so frm all this tym u were acting of being bad nd evil
sher: wht?? i nvr did acting

shardha: to irritate nd to take revenge, it was all jst acting na,actually u r very nice.
sher: r u dumb (angrily)?? i made u dance don’t froget, i made u fall, i insulted u nd plz don’t call me nice.
Shardha: u r actually not nice bt very good person,who loves kidz,love his rakhi sister more thn his own cousin, a guy who do all this cn only have very good heart nd he cn only be a very good person nd thts u sir
sher: And the things i did to u ?? u froget tht??
shardha: they are negligible sir, ur goodness suppressed wht u did to me.I only believe in seeing good things of ppl nd i guess nw whtever u do to mee, i ll nvr froget ur goodness
sher: u r made nd wht this goodness goodness,m nt a good person,u get tht??(angrily)
Shardha: u r afraid of being good u knw,u thing ppl ll nt respect u they ll nt get scare of u so u wear mask of evilness bt sher i see is totally different he is emotional,cares for everyone nd i ll nvr froget tht
sher: U r mad nd (goes frm there)

shardha smiles nd say ohh so this is real sher who cares for everyone
sher think she is only one after my family member’s who thinks i have a good heart,thn he try nt to think about her nd says she is such a dumb
shardha is nw sure sher is nice bt he pretends to be bad nw for sure i ll nt give up.
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Credit to: Ashlesha

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