Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 3


Nw this is third episode
after raging scene, shardha in clg crying nd asking god wht i did wrong, why only mee i only wanted to help a guy,
its nt raging , its humiliation
bt i ll do everything to satisfy tht men’s ego i promise to myself,i ll nt give up gajra comes nd saya oye u okay
shardha: yea m fyn u knw nthng cn break me nd my courage
gajra :thts the spirit meri jaan
nd m sry
shardha: nt okay its was really hard u knw (they both look at each other nd laughs)
shardha: nw lets go for class
they goes

sunheri goes behind sher
sunheri: can’t u frogive her
she was sry, she don’t knw u ,bhai
why so much of anger nd humiliation
vikash: sunheri u don’t have to interfere in this
don’t u dare to talk to bhaiya ji lyk tht (in louder voice)
sher: vikash (sher shouts at him)

don’t talk to sunheri lyk this ,u knw she is my sister before ur finance
(sunheri puts her head down )
and says bhai m sry bt plz forgive her na, she is nice, very calm nd good girl ,no evilness is there, even after u all did so much she didn’t say anything about u to anyone.
sher: sunheri i ll think, i try, bt u knw me
i can’t bear anyone talking to me lyk tht for tht she ll have to pay its thakur sher singh
nd thn they leaves sunheri sees shardha
hey shardha she shouts
shardha: hye sunheri u here
(gajra is angry at her bt shardha say don’t yell at her its nt her fault)
sunheri: m sry for bhai yaar
he is very nice guy bt i don’t knw wht makes him do this
i tried to make him understand bt he isn’t listening
shardha : ohh thts fyn yaar

i m okay vth it,it Usually hppn in new place bt sher sir misunderstood me i wasn’t
disrespecting him bt jst helping tht guy ( smbody was listening this) i don’t knw him so hw can’t dis – respect him bt wht he did vth me,he made me dance lyk a bar dancer( tears rolls down frm her eyes )sunheri consoles i hope bhai understand u ,i cn only pray she says
In clg sher was called sir or bhaiyaji by everyone
sumer walks in where sher was sitting
sumer: bhaiyaji sharadha is very nice even after we did all tht to her she doesn’t say a word against u
she didn’t knw the whole scene na
we shuld nt punishment her nw
i heard her talking she only wanted to help
sher: u r my brother or his personal assistant tell me uski tarafdari karne aaye ho,tumko aur uss sunheri ko sb ache hi lagte hai
sumer keep quitez nd silently sits
gajra going home

she thinks smbody is following her
gajra shouts come our who are you nd why u r following me
sumer comes out
gajra: u??? wht u doing nd nw wht?? wht u want me to do to entertain u (in angry tone)
sumer : u r getting me wrong i m here to harm u bt to apologise to u.
gajra: u ppl apologies,thts strange,i thought ur ego are bigger thn ppl’s emotions
sumer: seriously m sry, bt for me nthng is more important thn bhaiyaji ,he is very nice ,i takes time to understand him
gajra: i don’t wanna hear anything go away nw
sumer : give me once chance nd i ll prove it tht m actually sorry
gajra: why u want to prove me all this .
sumer: becuz i want to be ur friend
gajra : friend u ppl knw the meaning of friend??, its all about Trust nd i don’t trust u
sumer: i knw so give me atleast one chance to prove me, everyone shuld get a chance
gajra: exactly bt u ppl did’nt give a single chance bt m nt lyk u all i ll give u chance, we cn hangout nd can knw eachother thn i ll think abut frndshp

sumer:: ohh thank u thank u
so i ll walk vth u till we reach ur home they walks nd start talking
sunheri is upset sitting near river bank on bench complaining to herself tht vikash never understands her nd only scold her nd shout at her, i knw he loves bhai Even i do, i was nt interfering bt bus trying to make bhai understand tht she is nice bt he nvr liestens nd only scolds me
thn vikash comes frm behind sits besides her bd start talking to her
vikash: sunheri sunheri(three to four tyms she calls her)
sunheri : kya hai ?? wht nw
vikash: m sry na u na u knw me na whn i comes to bhaiyaji i can’t control my self i lose my temper
sunheri : ohh u realised ur mistake

u alwys shout at me vthout understand me nw no need to be sry leave me alone
vikash : i love na ,hw cn i leave u alone u r my life
sunheri: don’t do buttering i knw u u r nt sry at all nd by saying love u, u r making me weak so tht i cn frogive u, bt this tym nt gonna frogive u.
vikash: acha tell me i shuld i do to make u believe tht i love u nd m sry
sunheri : c’mon dance nd i ll agree

vikash start dancing
sunheri laughs nd says okay stop
i agreed bt only this tym i m frogiving nxt tym i m nt gonna even look at u
vikash: acha baba, nxt time ll nt come, shall we eat smthng i m hungry,nd says bhai asked me i hurt my sister, u can’t eat till u make her happy again nd say sorry to her if she forgive thn only eat nd laughs
sunheri: haww so this was drama so tht u can eat., u?? nd beats him nd they laugh
sher sees this frm behind nd goes frm there smilingly
sunheri nd vikash share ice-cream together nd eat together nd lastly vikash drop at her place
sumer nd gajra shares number

nw ll sher nd shardha ll become frndz nd lover

stay tuned for more updates
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thank u✌✌

Credit to: Ashlesha

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  1. wow…..awesome ……wonderful ……

  2. He is villuan

  3. it’ll be good to see sherdha as lover nd friends ….

  4. Ur story is getting interesting love it so so so so so so much keep writing!
    Just waiting for next update 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Best of luck 4 ur next episode:-) 😉

  5. Thank u
    nd its really nice tht u all lykd it
    m grateful to u all

  6. Amazing ff…….

  7. Awesome episode
    Thank you for updating long episode
    Nice story ?
    Sher singh is villon ????
    Although I love his character!
    Incredible Ashlesha ??

  8. Please update next episode soon
    Agreely waiting for the next episode

  9. what does uski tarafdari karne aaye ho, tumko aur uss sunheri ko sb ache hi lagte hai

  10. sorry i asked in the upper comment what does ⬆︎mean

  11. tht sher says to sumer ,so u also came here to take her side??
    u(sumer) nd sunheri ,u both alwys lyk everyone
    tht sher say to sumer as he saya shardha is nice

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