Piya Rangrezz, Love Destiny Continues…..part 23


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Sooooo veeerrrryyy soorrryyy to appear late as I was seriously very busy in academics…..
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So here we go with our ff…

Recap: Shamsher confronts Shanaya’s nani about their friendship and wins her approval. Shernaya spend the day in the orphanage.

And so thereafter, Shernaya started spending their time together.
Shamsher would complete aaji amma’s work and then come to meet Shanaya, who used to wait for him.

Sometimes in Ruthamgarh college with Varun and Shanaya’s friends, or at Shanaya’s home and the orphanage;
Shanaya’s family and also Dharasingh, were growing fond of Shamsher….. and treated him as their son.
Shanaya introduced Shamsher to Sakshi, Varun’s girlfriend.
She would also take him to different places in her village and he too showed her places around the outskirts of Azamgarh.
They would also fight together with goons and help each other whenever needed.

During this phase, Shamsher had grown more mature, understanding and calm-natured, always trying to help the people of his village, but was still fierce, good with the good and bad with the bad.
Shernaya were just best friends, and Arjun was happy to see his brother slowly changing.
On the other hand Munna and Munmun were too angry to see the happiness in Bhavri’s eyes as she experienced happiness and peace upon seeing her grandsons happy.

It was then, when Dheerchand called Munna…..
Dheerchand: So why Munna? U were gonna take revenge huh?
Munna: I will prove my hatered towards jijji to u, but then u will have to shake hands with me…..
Dheerchand (eagerly): I will, but first u will have to prove urself munna….coz now my enemy ( Shanaya ) has shaken hands with urs…
And he furiously cuts the phone call. Munna on the other hand, wonders as to who is this new enemy of his…..
He turns to Munmun…..
Munmun: Kya kaha Dheerchand ne??
Munna: Jo karna hai, jald karna hai….

Scene 2:
Bhavri and munna are talking while having lunch….
Bhavri: So munna, I hope u will manage the house while I will be in d factory……
Munna smirks : Yes jijji, trust me…
Bhavri: I may come late….as the new stock has arrived…
Munna: No problem. And what about Shamsher and Arjun?
Bhavri: No I don’t need them….but I may call Shamsher in case if I need help.
Munna: Hmm…..

Scene 3:
Dharasingh calls Shanaya…..
Shanaya: Yes dadda….
Dharasingh: Did u reach?
Shanaya: Yes. And I’ll get back soon….
Dharasingh: Do u need my men for any help?
Shanaya smiles: Nope….do THEY need any help?
Dharasingh laughs: Yes of course! Just cum back safely….
Shanaya: On it…..bye….

Shanaya calls Shamsher…..
Shamsher: Hey! How r u?
Shanaya: Fine….
Shamsher: And say…where r u?
Shanaya: Have u bought those wine samples which Dadda had wanted?…I am just near the outskirts of Azamgarh and can collect them from here….
Shamsher: I don’t have them right now…..
Shanaya: Ooo….
Shamsher: Umm…..I’ll get those tomorrow for u….
Shanaya: Thanks Shamsher….
Shamsher smiles: Anytime….

Scene 4:
It was dusk and Bhavri was with her men in the factory. Munna appears with a cloth wrapped around his face, enters from the backside of the store room.
He spreads oil and lights fire on the wine stock and sets the room ablaze…..Bhavri and others are unaware of this while Munna quietly closes all entrances and slips away home…..
Munna smirks : This day I will avenge my Manohar’s death jijji……

Bhavri was alone in the factory and sees the fire, she tries to escape….but all in vain, it was too late as d doors were blocked…..
She shouts for help but her men run to save their lives….
Smoke gets in thicker…..Bhavri is feeling suffocated and panicked….
She calls Shamsher from her phone….
Shamsher: Yes aaji
Bhavri: Shamsher!! Help me….
She coughs…..
Shamsher is worried: Aaji amma!! R u ok??
Bhavri: Lalla….
And something falls on her and the call is disconnected…..
Shamsher shouts: Aaji amma!! …..aaji amma!!??……

Shamsher is damn worried…..he remembers Shanaya….
He calls her….
Shanaya: Hello?
Shamsher: Shanaya….there is something wrong going on in my factory and my aaji amma is in danger……u pls reach there and help her please!!
Shanaya too is tensed: Yes Shamsher , don’t worry…..I’ll be there…..
She loads her car and off!!……

Scene 5:
Shanaya rides to the factory and shows an expression of worry as she sees the entire factory ablaze. Huge flames and thick smoke were seen.
She quickly approaches the door, opens it by giving a sharp leg kick and slowly, cautiously makes her way through the factory…..
She shouts: Aajii amma!! Aaji amma!!…..
But there was no response….
Still without giving any hope…..she goes deeper and deeper inside…..

Bhavri was by that time half unconscious and was lying on the floor in the blazing store room….
Vivid scenes of her past fire incident ( in which Sherdha were killed…) appeared before her….

Bhavri thinks: This may be the end of me too….just like my Sher and Shraddha…..my time has now come to meet them in heaven….
And as she waited for her last breath….
Shanaya gives an entry!…
Bhavri’s blurred vision and the thick smoke made it difficult for her to see Shanaya clearly though…..
Bhavri uttered faint words: Shraddha!…..u r back….

Shanaya approaches her, lifts the wooden plank on her….and makes her lie on her lap….
Shanaya: Aaji amma! R u ok?
Bhavri was mad with wonder to hear the voice similar to her shraddha. Moreover, she couldn’t believe the Shraddha’s look alike before her, saving her…..
Bhavri then finally faints in Shanaya’s lap…..

Shanaya: Don’t worry aaji amma…..I won’t let anything happen to u….
She lifts Bhavri by her feet and somehow manages to take her to her car…..
She splashes water on her face which makes Bhavri half conscious again…..
And off Shanaya drives….
Shanaya calls Shamsher…..
Shamsher: Yes Shanaya!! What did…
Shanaya: Everything is ok….I’m talking ur aaji amma to the hospital….u meet me dere….
Shamsher: Thank u soo much Shanaya!! Yes I’ll cum dere….

Shamsher meanwhile informs Arjun too….

Scene 6:
Shanaya is shown running with bhavri on the stretching trolley along with the doctor….
Bhavri was faintly holding Shanaya’s hand and looking earnestly at her…..
The docs take her in an Bhavri parts her hand with Shanaya….

Shanaya sits by the bench….
Shanaya: She looked as if she knew me since years…..

Shamsher and Arjun enter…..
Arjun, who had seen her for the very first time in her goon avatar….was heel shocked…..
Shamsher: Shamsher…..how’s aaji amma.?
Shanaya: Docs have taken her inside….she had endured a lot in the store room until I came….she will be fine….
Arjun: Thank u…..thank u soo much Shanaya….
He gets teary eyed….
Shamsher: Yes Shanaya…..how do I say thanks….
Shanaya: It’s ok shamsher…..pls don’t say that….
Shamsher notices wounds on her….
Shamsher: Cum….let’s dress ur wounds also….
Shanaya: No , I gotta go home fast….or else…
Shamsher: Nani maa?
Everyone laughs….
Arjun: I’ll drop u home….
Shanaya: Thanks….
And they both leave…..

Shamsher sits by the bench still worrying when munna and Munmun comes….
Munna had told Munmun everything and they both had cum dere to fake their emotions…

Munna: Kaa hua lalla?
Shamsher: Wo aaji amma jalte factory me fas gayi….
Munmun: Aapko kaise pata chala ?
Shamsher looks at her: She had called me….
Munna: Fikr mat karo, wo theek ho jaegi….
Shamsher nods….

Precap: Bhavri and Shanaya, face to face!!

Again veery soorrryyy guys to put this ff late as I’m really very busy nowadays….
I will put the next part on 22 November….
Pls again forgive me for keeping u waiting….

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  2. Purple

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  5. it has been1and half month you did not post this part.i thought you had stopped this ff.but after reading your last ff i have a faith that you would continue thay.so i everyday checked if you had given but you did not.however it was a nice part.post the next part asap.

  6. thank you for your ff after such a long time.but post the next part asap.

  7. Purple I agree with Mehreen…If you will not post the next part todat then I will also kill you..Episode is outstanding lovely…No words to describe…Hats off to you…And I am sorry for late comment…Actually I am also busy with my exams…And I think you will understand my situation… Stay blessed…

  8. First of all sorry Purple 4 late commenting..I m also bzy vth my xms..Ep was awsm..No words to describe..I m totally spellbound..N I can understand ur problems..Stay happy..

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