Piya Rangrezz, Love Destiny Continues…..part 2

Hey guys, sorry to meet u late but I have fever……thank u sooo much for ur comments… I’ll surely continue with this ff frequently…..u all must be waiting for the girl who is shraddhas look alike….we will catch up with her as soon as we get rid of this aradhya in next 2 parts…and also i have to set her character sketch so will take time…till then enjoy this part…here we go…..

Scene 1:
Its Veers house. He is furious as bhavri is saved and throwing things here and there. Chanda tries to calm her son down( guys in this ff I’ve decided to keep chanda alive….dont worry, she will have a tragic end too…)

Chanda: Its enough veer,dont blame and hurt yourself like this…i cant see u in pain..
Veer: I cant bear that woman(bhavri) setting free from ourvdeath trap..
Chanda: Who said she is free from our clutches?? She was saved because she has yet to bear….and this time we wont spare her so easily lalla…
Veer: For that I have to plan something big…I have to leave maa, u handle everything and keep an eye on their family
Saying so he packs his bag and leaves….
Chanda thinks: ( I dont have to do anything for now as arjun will not spare his brother for his deeds…Bhavri devi, I will not spare u and ur grandsons….)

Scene 2:
Arjun has come to know aradhyas forceful marriage with shamsher as veer had sent him the videos before leaving. He is eyes r red with anger and he thunders in bhavris room where the shamsher and other members r dere…

Arjun: Shamsher!! How can u ever even think of doing this to a innocent girl?? U didnt remembered my face,my happiness….u snatched away my love from me.
Shamsher: U dont understand arjun,that laundiya is planning to break us apart…and dat was a good lesson for her…her father tried to kill our aaji amma…
Arjun punches shamsher on his face. Bhavri is shocked. Munna and munmun smirk to see this…
Arjun: I killed tilakraj and dat was the end…u shouldn’t have dared that…
Shamsher was about to tear arjun apart….bhavri intervened
Bhavri: Stop it u both!! Two brothers r fighting because of dat stupid….
Arjun: Enough aaji amma!! U love shamsher bhai more than me,just because he helps u in ur black business and i dont…i dont have my parents so i always considered shamsher as my father and u as my amma(mother) but now u both betrayed me….if my parents would hav been they would have never done this to me……
Bhavri and shamsher r shocked and speechless to hear this….Bhavri gets emotional….a layer of guilt passes through shamsher but he ignores it…..there r tears in arjuns eyes…he fumes out of the house to meet aradhya…..munna and munmun are super happy to see this tamasha…

Scene 3:
Arjun arrives at aradhyas house,both sad and guilty……her bua openes the door and is shocked and angry upon seeing him….

Precap: Aradhya storms at arjun……Bhavri and shamsher want to make situations correct and confront arjun….

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  1. Super amazing episode purple.
    Love it??
    Keep writing and updating?
    Best of luck for next episode.?

  2. Thank u soo much nanhi and others…..i will surely make this ff intetesting once aradhya goes away..and will stat shamshers love story…..

  3. Amazing epi purple. Keep writing. Waiting for d next

  4. Nyc ep..Update soon..

  5. sooo sweet please get lost araddhaya…

  6. I have no words to say…..Just keep writing nd I have a request that plz make Shamsher negative as he was in the real track I mean very egoistic, very bad, very spoilt, etc. Plz don’t change his character…. It’s a humble request….

  7. Mehreen Islam

    quickly get us rid from this stupid aradhya
    Waiting 4 next epi

  8. Yes riya…I will try my best…..guys i hope u all undestood the concept of d ff…..

  9. Amazing episode

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