Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 5)


SHRADDA is shocked n scared!sher is really happy n looking forward to this project n thinking wow college is not that bad as I thought!!!
VIKAS is really mad n wants to scream but then SHER holds his hand!! VIKAS says wow this is so not fair u get an angel as ur dance partner n I get a lizard!! Sumer hears this n says VIKAS bro when will u stop passing rude!!
TEACHER now u guys have 3 days to practise so all the best everyone!!!

It is now dismissal time
SHER runs to SHRADDA n blocks her!!
SHRADDA what in the world why r u blocking my way?
SHER um….
SHRADDA first decide what to say then come here to me k…now bye!!!
SHER I just wanted to say can u come to my house today!!!
SHRADDA why?what for?
SHER um…to practise for the dance… I won’t get time tommorow!!
SHRADDA I have to ask my Bhai!!
SHER whispers wow her Bhai is such…
SHRADDA did u say anything?
SHER no… Plz come I’ll be waiting!!

Shradda’s house
SHARADA Bhai can u come with me..
DAKSH where?
SHRADDA to sher’s house
DAKSH why?what for?just why?
SHRADDA he is my partner for dance
DAKSH k let’s go.. But R u sure
SHRADDA yes Bhai come on!

Sher’s house
SHRADDA n DAKSH reached sher’s house!!

PRECAP SHERDDA’s romance n dasha’s romance (dasha is DAKSH n Aisha)SHRADDA slaps SHER!

Credit to: Nirali

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  1. Awesome episode keep writing. 🙂

  2. really really nice …waiting for next episode … 😛

  3. amazing…..please update soon

  4. Nice ep bt next tym update a long one

  5. Update little long.bt nice one

  6. Oh my god shraddha slap sher ??
    By the way fantastic episode but too short
    Keep writing & update next episode soon ?

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