Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 4)



Shradda n gajra reached college… On there way the seen way too much ragging!! GAJRA is scared n says to SHRADDA u know that we can’t escape like this they will get us… SHRADDA I know…but I guess people here don’t get the language of love…now it’s time for me to do tit for tat!!

At sher’s house
SHER is shown looking at the mirror n is struggling to get his hair in a stylish way!!
Aisha comes n teases SHER by saying wow love has made my bro such a professional!! SHER stop it Aisha while he is blushing?? SUMER Bhai while u
Sleeping u were proposing a girl name SHRADDA… What’s all this?
AISHA Sumer guess what our bullet raja as fallen in love.. But even before starting their love story there is lots of barriers!!
Whatever now can we leave Bhai said VIKAS!! All three of them leave while VIKAS is dreaming of flirting with all the new girls!!

While SHRADDA n GAJRA were going in a group of boys n one girl surrounded both of them!! ONE OF THE BOY THE LEADER said u guys look new… So as for the rule u have to be ragged!!
SHRADDA is really angry!! Do u even know what the heck r u doing..people come here to learn but because of u people people r scared to even come here.. N because of that our country is considered an unsafe country!!
GIRL plz spare the lecture n quick u guys tell them something to do!
LEADER if u guys didn’t give us the boring lecture u would have something easier.. However now u will be sorry… Raj u know what to do!
RAJ he holds shradda’s hand n drags her to an empty grave yard!
He comes closer to SHRADDA while she goes back!
SHRADDA stop it or u’ll regret!!
RAJ really!! Show me come on show!!
SHRADDA holds his hand n kicks him really hard.. She then punches him on his face!! He falls down n is bleeding really badly!!
RAJ plz spare me!!
SHRADDA I told u not to mess with me but u… Anyways remember my name it is shradda mathur k.
RAJ u r…
SHRADDA I know my dad is the famous business man!!!
RAJ I’m sorry wanna be friends…
SHRADDA sorry I don’t be friends with flirts!

Inside college

TEACHER listen everyone today I’m giving u an assignment… Which is a dance project.. The partners r SHRADDA n SHER,VIKAS n GAJRA, Sumer n teena!!

Credit to: Nirali

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  1. Guys Teena is a girl who is really greedy n pretends to love sumer but secretly loves sher!!! There while be lots of twists regarding Teena!!

  2. wow…how hard was the punch which shraddha gave 😉
    awesome episode
    keep updating but next time it should be long
    BEST OF LICK!!!!!!

  3. Awesome episode love it so much.
    Can’t wait 4 next episode update it soon 🙂

  4. Awesome ???

  5. Awesome episode
    Fantastic Nirali ??

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