Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 3)


That girl turns out to be AISHA (sher’s sis n daksh’s girlfriend)
AISHA Bhai what in the world were u doing.. U know I love DAKSH then why??
DAKSH Aisha move out of the way..I don’t trust this person he can kill u in his ego…
SHER Aisha plz move out of the way!
AISHA Bhai if u want to kill DAKSH u have to kill me before…
SHER fine and drops his gun n says I guess it’s not this dogs day to die!!
DAKSH leaves n whispers in Aisha’s ear see u later!!

SHRADDA is shown telling her parents
everything n says that I want to forget
DAD I can’t believe how strong our
daughter is…
SHRADDA hugs her dad n then shradda’s
mom joins in. DAKSH comes in n collapsed on the floor! Everyone runs and see DAKSH crying!
DAKSH I can’t do anything for my sister!!
SHRADDA u know Bhai since I was 3 I wanted to be like u… I always respected u n u were always my role model n will always be!! I LOVE U SO MUCH N WHATEVER U DO FOR ME N I’LL ALWAYS APPERCIATE EVEYTHING!!
A tear rolls down of daksh’s eyes!!!
SHRADDA hugs DAKSH!! Bhai I decided to forget everything u to forget k!!!


BHAVRI SHER what is all this??
SHER don’t worry amma I’ll sort this all!!
SHER screams Aisha ki bachi n runs around the whole house chasing after Aisha and then they hug!!
Just then Sumer comes and takes blessings from BHAVRI.
SUMER bua plz bless me so that I can study better!!
VIKAS hey look who’s here the most studious person!!
SHER laughs n says they started again
SUMER wow Bhai u still have your habit of teasing..
BHAVRI now sleep everyone tommorow u all have to go to college k..

Next morning
SHRADDA is awake n is wearing a high low t-shirt n black jeans!!
SHRADDA takes blessings from her parents!! GAJRA comes n also takes blessings n says u guys have tacked care of this orphan so I just want to say thanx!!
DAKSH comes n says not again u girls r really emotional.
SHARDDA what to do Bhai it runs in the blood of all girls!!
SHER is shown sleeping n Sumer on the other side is awake n is studying n VIKAS is also sleeping!!
Sumer goes to vikas’s room and sees him sleeping he tries to wake him up but he doesn’t then he throws a big bucket of
water!!?? Sumer says it’s what u get Bhai so now go freshen up by!!
Sumer reaches sher’s room n sees him sleeping n talking nonsense while sleeping!! Sumer is bout to wake SHER up but then hears SHER saying I LOVE U

SHRADDA!! Sumer wakes SHER up n teased him bout SHRADDA!!❤️❤️
All of them got ready n were bout to leave when a messenger of SHER comes n
says that that girl goes to the same college as u n is a junior! SHER is really happy n thinks now I’m going to impress her just wait n watch madam SHRADDA
u’ll be mines very soon!!
Screen stops on sher’s determine face!!?


Credit to: Nirali

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  1. aww….so cute proposing shraddha in sleep
    awesome epi keep updating

  2. Amazing episode
    I think shraddha dance partner will be sher singh ??
    Anyway Awesome episode
    Please update next episode soon ? ? ?
    Keep writing Best of luck Nirali ?
    Hope you will update next episode soon ?

  3. sooookk cute nd sweet….

  4. ‘really amazing’ 🙂 :-* 😉
    It was just fantastic love it so much.
    Keep writing and update the next soon 🙂 😉 🙂

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