Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 15)


hey guys now i am gonna continue this story.its very tough for me to manage so many ffs.i will write thsi ff and the other ff of nirali after exams.may eb i wont be able to write my new ff soon but i will try.coming to hate to love story its tough to go for a season 2.i will think abt it once i am done with these ffs.plz enjoy this ff….. get well soon nirali….

RECAP: sher saves shraddha from goons and gets injured.bhavri gets angry seeing sher’s state.shraddha befriends sher and past of sher and daksh starts.


sher and daksh enter college.they praise their mom and dad.
sher gets a call form dad
sher:hey dad.yes i am in college.i am fine.thnx.ok bye
daksh smiles at the act
sher and daksh study in same class and both are remarkable at studies.they compete each other well in competition and share a tight bond.
on the way back home sher is attacked by some goons when daksh makes an entry and both fight back and shoo the goons.
they shake hands and hug each other
daksh:we r frndz forever
sher smiles and both hug

they used to spend much time together but one day an incident took place….nd daksh reminisces sher’s scream ”NO”
daksh comes back to senses when he hears sher’s voice
daksh:thanks for saving shraddha
daksh:sher…can we be friends again?
sher:u think so?
daksh sighs
sher:u might have forgot evrything but me….i remember that day when because of my life changed…
daksh:it wasnt me…trust me
sher:trust?and u??not at all….it was my trust only that u broke….i got a chance to kill u two years ago but i couldnt.the reason is shraddha.i love her daksh…her love is overpowering my hate for u,…but if u try to come in between us then my hatred will be shown in the form of ur death.i promise
sher leaves form there
daksh sighs:that day it wasnt my fault,,,,but since that day u changed sher….u really changed….

next day sher comes with a bouquet and hands over to shraddha.
shraddha:its pretty
sher:not more than u
shraddha shys
doc comes:ur bro has not come yet
shraddha:he is busy…will come in an hour
doc:ur discharge papers are ready…we need to admit a patient urgently…plz hurry
shraddha:but bhaiyya…
sheR:its ok i will take her with me
doc:who r u to her?
sher stumbles:me…um…
shraddha:my best friend
sher casts a look of gratitude
he picks up shraddha in his arms

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg

shraddha keeps looking at him while he places her in his car and drives to her home.he brings her to her home
sher places shraddha on couch
sher:what kind of bro u r?u didnt even have time for ur injuired sis
daksh:its nothing like that
gajra:stop it…daksh bhaiyya was busy
sher smiles
shraddha:sher thank u
sher:anytime and anything for u
shraddha looks into his eyes.
sher gets a call
sher:yes amma…ji…oh for aisha?ok
he leaves hurriedly

shraddha looks on tensed
aisha calls daksh and daksh is shocked to know that bhavri has fixed her alliance
daksh goes to bhavri’s house at once and asks her to stop her marriage as she will destroy aisha’s life and happiness
sher and daksh have a fight
aisha comes in between
aisha:what kind of person u r bhai???
u just dnt care abt ur sister’s happiness.u claim to be in love with shraddha and ur heart aches when she is away from u and i love daksh and want me to stay away from hi…cant u understand my pain?
sher is silent
bahvri shoots gun in air
bhavri:get lost daksh i will never let me daughter marry you….go away….
aisha turns to him
daksh cups her face and kisses her forehead
aisha:i will die without you
daksh:me too,,,,
he leaves and aisha is distraught while bhavri orders munna to arrange marriage this week
sher keeps hand on aisha’s shoulder but she shoves it away
aisha:i hate u bhai i hate you….u have always misunderstood daksh…u misunderstood ur most trustworthy friend and becaue of that u r choking ur sister’s happiness…i hate you…
aisha runs to her room crying while sher clutches his fist tightly

daksh reaches home distraught and cries
family ties to aks what happened but he doenst reply
father:shraddha only u can handle him
shraddha cups his face and asks his bro what happened and he narrates whole story which makes shraddha furious

shraddha:he hit you?and aisha?
daksh holds his head in pain
shraddha:bhai…there is a way…
daksh:what way??
shraddha tells him sth hearing which all are shocked…….


Credit to: nirali

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