Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 14)


hey guys i am angel…actually nirali was caught in a fire incident and now she is in coma….her sis requested me to write on her behalf so i am doing it for my darling sister like frnd nirali…plzzzzzzzzz pray for her….i dnt know what twists and turns she wanted to add in the story but i will write what i am told and will try to add fun in it on nirali’s behalf….i will give u a brief of previous epis so that the story refreshens in ur mind………


sher is a spolit brat of bhavri.sumer is a nice guy while vikas is a flirt and both r sons of munna.shraddha is a rich girl from usa and sister of daksh and sunehri(shreya) nicknamed as somu.
daksh is police officer and sher’s enemy and in love with sher’s sis aisha.sher falls for shraddha at first sight.but shraddha rejects him.sher romances with her which enrages shraddha and she slaps him.sher is guilty.2 years pass and shraddha is a successful lawyer and wins her first case with a little help of virat who is sher’s cousin but they hate each other.now vikas and sunehri are in love.sumer and gajra have still not seen each other.sher still tries to befriend shraddha.on the ay back home some goons attack shraddha but sher saves her and gets inured due to which bhavri is enraged at shraddha but shraddha develops a sot corner for sher and befriends him seeing whoch daksh remembers the past where in college sher and daksh used to be friends.sher told daksh that he loves his dad a lot and daksh told he prefers his mom.sher was a nice guy but sth led him to be bad.what is it will be revealed soon….

i dont know what twists and turns nirali wanted to add but i will try my best to add fun and romance.and yes guys as i am writing on nirali’s behalf so all messages and commenst will be for nirali so that when she wakes up she must be happy at your response.use nirali’s name in ur comments.consider me nirali rather than angel.i hope u understand as the credit for such cute story goes to my darling sister like frnd NIRALI…..may she get well soon(AMEEN)……

plzzzzzzzzzzz pray for her…….

i will write further story tomorrow……….

Credit to: nirali

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  1. Oh my god!What r u saying I can’t believe this….. Nirali was caught in a fire accident nd now she is in coma….I m very sad after hearing this?????…Nd sure I’ll pray for her….

  2. Oh god can’t believe this what happened with Nirali . . . . very sad & bad news .
    I wish her get well soon
    May god give Nirali well health and happiness . God bless her.
    Off course We will pray for her

  3. Masooma Mirza

    Omg nirali caught in fire ?? i cant believe ohh nirali !!! U are such an amazing writer dear ?? Get well soon my friend …. My prayers are with u

  4. May she get well soon…

  5. Mehreen Islam

    Oh no may nirali gets well soon?we r really missing u nirali
    Nirali I am eagerly waiting for ur next episode N want to know what r the new twist n turns so plz update soon
    May Allah bless u n u recover soon(AMEEN)?

  6. Dear Nirali get well soon may Allah bless you and recover you soon(Ameen).
    Our prayers r with u.

  7. Oh god Nirali caught in fire unbelievable……Nirali I m surely read ur ff…..May u get well soon…. My prayers r always vth u.

  8. really a sad incident… too hard to believe

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