Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (episode 10)

hey guys i was really busy…. i had to go to my cousins marrige, and i also was busy practising my dance for a holi programme……. anyways here is the epoisode
after 2 years…….

shradda is shown wearing a black lawyer suit and has files in her hand…..shradda is really nervous as its her first case that she is fighting n it is against a really well-known lawyer who never lost a single case! shradda is damn nervous but is brave enough to fight the case with her made up mind she heads down where her whole family is waiting for her! everyone notices shradda’s nervousness…
dad: i feel so sorry the lawyer who is fighting against our shradda…. shradda is going to make forget law!!
daksh: of course dad i just know shradda is going to win this case after all who’s sis is she!
somu: di best of luck everyone is really excited for u to win n remember truth always wins against lies….. n di why r u nervous its not u who’s supposed to be nervous it’s that lawyer yuvraj khanna whos supposed to be scared!!!

mom: shradda u should have faith on yourself you r going to go to win n i’m sure u’ll win with ease!!
shradda: really bravely yes now after all your encouragement i’m really sure that mr. yuvraj khanna will be sorry tofight a case against me!!
shradda really bravely leaves n shows her passionate n determine face…..
scene 2
vikas is shown repeatedly calling someone later it’s shown that the person is shreya aka sunheri….
vikas: what’s with somu why is she not answering my phone? is she angry at me? what is what is it women?

just then sunheri notices all the missed calls n calls vikas back!
vikas: somu whats this all why aren’t u answering my phone calls i’m like an idiot who’s keep on calling u and u on the other side…. just leave it… wait r u like feeling fine did something happen to u r u ill…… why aren’t u answering!!
somu: calm down vikas u r so hyper nothing happened to me i was with di today… today it’s di’s first case so excited!!!
vikas: wow that’s it u don’t even care about me….
somu: ok mr. vikas what should i do to make u feel better?
vikas: so u want to make me feel better…. for that u should come meet me after all it’s been 5 days till u met me!!

somu: well u mean it’s been 5 days 3 hrs n 18 seconds since we last met anyways bye!!!
vikas: wow r u like a calender n a calculater anyways bye see u!!!
scene 3
shradda reached the court n enters the court where sher is also shown after sher sees shradda he goes up to her n wishes her best of luck!
shradda: u again!!
sher: i guess now u should know until u accept my friendship or love i would be like a tail of urs!!
shradda: well good luck on being my tail!
just then the judge comes and everyone stands…
j= judge y= yuvraj s= shradda

j: so lets get started on this case….
y: as u know this case is about dowry well by her point of view it is about dowry but by mines it is a trap against by client n i can prove it!!! mr. bhose my client will come up n give evidensce that he loves his wife n always used to give respect n was against dowry afterall he was an officer….
s: i object my lord as per my client told me she said that her husband loves he a lot but in state of… well my lord he is one of those people who takes drugs n here r the drug packets i found from mr. bhose’s house n also here is the bill for these illegal drugs taking activity…..
y: i am sure my lord that a police officer knows all those laws n wouldn’t take a risk on doing that n after all i think this whole case is about their personal fights n ms. s mathur is taking it in a different way….
j: ms. s mathur i will adjurn this case till the next hearing n till then ur client won’t live with mr. bhose….. til then u both can find proper evidence!! the next hearing is on 3rd july after 5 days!!
scene 4
shradda is shown sitting n thinking in an library when sher comes n sits beide her…
shradda: plz sher leave me alone not in the mood i need to think about my case!!
sher: btw nice arguments n how did u find out that he takes drugs?
shradda: it was a really nice person who helped me…. (shradda is lost in thoughts) he came like an angel!!!
sher: come back to earth n btw who was that person a boy???
shradda none of ur business… saying that she leaves with her files n collides into a boy who is in his early 30s

shradda says sorry n picks up his files n gives his files n finally sees his face n says u…..shradda goes back in flash…….
shradda remembers going to then government office n asking help but the clerk is demanding for 18 coroe rupees just then then the same person makes a heroc entry n helps shradda….
shradda comes back to realty n says mr. virat singh na….( he is the same person who had a crush on shradda in the actual serial)
virat: oh… yes ms. shradda u…. did u win ur case?
shradda: not actualy but i want to say thanx u helped me a lot…..
virat: don’t mention it i just helped u because u were helping someone get justice….
shradda: oh…. that’s just really nice of u anyways friends….
virat: ya sure “ friend” hahha ( both laugh) virat leaves….
sher comes to shradda n asks who is that person…..
shradda no need to insecure he is the person who helped me…..
sher wow u…. u’r so unfair i know u since 2 years n u aren’t stiil my friend n u’r a persons friend who u met like 2 days ago……

shradda doesn’t answer and just leaves…

sher still didn’t see the guy who helped shradda virat is sher’s cousin n they don’t like each other just like in the actal serial…..
recap: shradda wins the case n sher gets to know virat is the one who helped shradda vikas n sunheris’s romance

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