Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) last epi


So guys today is the last epi.enjoyed this ff a lot.i will continue my new ff after my exams on the 3rd of Ramadan….
Till then wish you all a very Happy Ramadan in advance…

Sorry couldn’t reply to comments…
Thnk u for ur concern Riya.Actually got some time as still there are 10 days to go in exams and I wanted to end it before exams or u guys would have remained in suspense.

Yes riha…riya reads and comments on every episode sweety…i saw tanu’s pics.she is so pretty and innocent.i read the news,I hope she gets justice soon(Ameen)

And mehak so sorry but I dnt know abt qandeel baloch.

MASHA ALLAH is uses to say when we find sth really beautiful and admiring and when we dnt want it to get caught by bad eye then we say it….


Sher turns to see MAMA JI who has just shot VIRAT and saved shraddha’s virginity.sher guffaws and shouts:u lost rani u lost.
Rani is numb to see virat dead.
Rani shouts his name.
Mama ji and vikas fight with goons and save sher.shraddha gets up.sher is injured.vikas snatches gun and goes to shraddha.he covers shraddha with his coat.
Mama ji helps sher in standing.rani shouts at sher and takes a rod to hit him but shraddha snatches gun from vikas and shoots rani.
Sher is shocked
Sher:this is the punishment of ur deeds rani.
sher and shraddha see each other.


shraddha and sher walk slowly towards each other.sher cups her face and wipes her tears.shraddha sees his wounds and caresses them.they join their foreheads.sher kisses her forehead and says I LOVE YOU.
Shraddha:I love you too.
They hug tightly.

Mama ji comes to sher and apologizes.sher looks at shraddha who gives a positive response,sher too apologizes and hugs hin.vikas us damn happy and hugs shraddha and thanks her for setting everything to normal.

Munna tells sher that how on engagement party shraddha made him realise the importance of relationship between parents and children.he apologizes for not understanding his feelings.sher hugs him and family goes back to hospital where sher unites with bhavri followed by all emotions.sher is bandaged.doc takes shraddha to bandage her wounds.
Doc comes out
Doc:u should have taken care of her.how could u let so much happen to her in such delicate situation?
Bhavri:what do u mean?
Doc:means pregnancy can be risky.
Doc:yes mrs.sher is pregnant
All become super happy.sher is unable to believe and insists to meet shraddha.
Sher hugs her
Sher:I hope everything gets fine now.I dnt want my past to haunt us.
Shraddha:nothing will happen.trust me.
They hug for long…
Sher picks her up in his amrs and they go home.

They enter their home.bhavri insists them to come back to old home but sherdha insist to stay at the place where their destiny joined them forever.family complies happily.sher places shraddha on bed.he leans in her lap and she caresses his hair.

Sher:so what do u want??girl or boy?
Shraddha:cause we have Ronny with us
Sher smiles
Sher kisses her hands
Sher:thank u for coming into my life
Disha brings Ronny and blesses them.
Sher plays with Ronny and shraddha feels akira’s presence.Ronny sleeps in sher’s arms and shraddha places him in cot,sher kisses shraddha’s belly wishing her daughter good night and takes shraddha in his embrace and sleeps.

Till 9 months sher keeps adoring shraddha and takes a well care of her and had to face shraddha’s mood swings and pregnancy tortures.
Sher:God this girl is making me pay back for what I did to her.
Sher also gets treated from his s*x addition.his only addiction is now SHRADDHA.

After 2 years
Ronny is seen playing in the house and shraddha is running behind him for drinking milk.
Sher comes and holds him
Ronny:papa see Na mama wants me to drink milk
Sher:then drink it if u want to become like ur papa.
Ronny drinks at once and shraddha smiles
Ronny:mama i promise i will do,whatever you say but u have to promise me sth too
Shraddha:what is it?
Ronny:u have to give me brother now
Shraddha wides open her mouth while sher is amused.
Sher:promise beta
Ronny kisses his cheek

Ronny:ok now i am going to play with akira(sherdha’s daughter is named after Akira) and then we will go to meet sheena(vikas and sunehri’s daughter)
Shraddha shys and cites to go for work but sher pulls her and picks her in his arms.
Shraddha:what r u doing?
Sher:going to fulfill my son’s wish
Shraddha smiles and gives a peck on his lips.
Shraddha:thank u for being in my life
Sher:credit to our love story
Shraddha:no…credit to our HATE TO LOVE STORY….

Both join their foreheads and laugh.

Screen freezes on their happy faces….

Thnk u 4 ur love and support

Credit to: angel

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  1. aww..so sweet ! gr8 ff 🙂

    1. thnx a lot

  2. Gr8 n apt ending……..lovd u n ur ff……tc buddy

    1. thnx dev…tc

  3. guys read intenseful lovestory toooooooo

  4. It’s Ok Angel…..Now I understand that’s why u update it quickly…..Anyways awsm episode….Nice ending but I miss this ff a lot bcuz it’s one of my favr8 ff…Nd yeah I definitely read intenseful love story it’s story is really interesting

  5. Its too gud…But I’ll miss this ff of PR…..Hey Angel u start writing intenseful love story?plz tell me.

    1. its not mine….its my frnd’s who is in coma…her sis requested me to continue it on her behalf so i will write it from chap 14

      1. I know Angel tht it’s not urs….But do u know what happens vth Ashlesha who writes “Piya Rangrezz Love Happens Eventually”????

      2. Hey Angel what is Ramadan???? I don’t know about it…..

    2. No sruti I dnt know abt her

    3. Hey Riya its known as month of fast in Islam.Till one month Muslims keep fast.They don’t eat or drink anything for almost 17-20 hours in a day till one month…..

      1. Hey Angel u also keep fast?????

      2. I mean u also do this fast????

      3. obviously……..i keep all fasts

      4. Will u going to write Nirali’s another ff also????Plz tell me nd yeah that ff’s name is “Piya Rangrezz Miserable Life”

    4. Yes I will try riya

  6. Amazing. . . Fantastic and intertainment ff
    We really loved it.
    Waiting for your new ff
    Best of luck for your exams Angel ?
    Happy Ramadan to all of you in advance from me.
    Good luck.

    1. thnk u so much

  7. Great ff…. N superb ending ???
    But i’ll miss this ff
    N all the best for ur exams di

  8. Great ff…. N superb ending ??
    But i’ll miss this ff
    N all the best for ur exams di

    1. thnx sweety

  9. Really awesome.
    Gr8 ending angel love it so much.
    I will really miss this ff? and I will read intensful love story.

    1. thnk u nanhi

  10. Mehak Kharoud

    Hey Angel i will really miss this ff !! It was really nice ?It was the best love story i hav ever read !!! I liked it a lot and all the very best to the most renowned author for her exams !!
    And one more thing, is there another mehak also who asked about qandeel baloch cause i didnt asked about that..

    1. Masooma Mirza

      No mehek she had wrote wrong name its me who asked abt her

    2. thnk u….oh sorry….i had to write masooma’s name

      1. Mehak Kharoud

        Itz okk dear ?

  11. Hi angel I am a silent reader. I loved all ur ff’s. Hope your exams go well and u keep writing those nice fictions.☺

    1. thnx a lot

  12. Masooma Mirza

    The epi was fab angel i am really very sad this is the awsome story dear . I am tge biggest fan of this ff really ?? I will surely miss this ff and in advance RAMZAN MUBARAK

  13. Mehreen Islam

    Loved it really awesome☺? n I just hope ur exams goes well n ends quickly eagerly waiting for ur new episode?. N u too wish me luck as my exams r going to start on 25th may and will end on 4th June. ?

    1. Mehreen Islam

      Wish u a very Happy Ramadan may all ur wishes gets fulfilled n brings u lots of happiness

  14. June 6 is the 1st ramjan ….I keep all fast previous year …..also this year I keep all fast …..my exam is near …please guys pray 4 me …..my exam will finish at 1st Ramadan …….

    I m feeling like crying …hate to love story is finished …..this is the best ff I ever seen……but the ending was awesome …..

    1. Best of luck for ur xams Aysha?….I’ll pray for u….

    2. Mehak Kharoud

      All the very best dear
      May god bless u with good grades….

    3. Masooma Mirza

      All the best aysha for ur xams ?

    4. all the best

    5. All d best Aysha 4 ur xams.

    6. All the best Aysha for ur exams??

  15. Its awsome plz write season2 plz

  16. Masooma mirza

    Yeah Meena is right u can also write season 2 please write please angel ☺

  17. Great epi angel. Amazing ending. Hey angel! I have a req. After ur exams can u plz come with d 2nd season of a hate to luv story. Actually we all viewers loved it nd miss it a lot. Plz plz plzzzz a 2nd season

    1. Hi vansh…i have to write nirali’s ff now…bope she recovers soon…I will try but cant promise

  18. ok dear. Bt i m saying it from heart that u r a great ff writer. Wish u will be on top in ur exams.

  19. Nooooooooooo why this happen to me anyways loved the ff awesome no words to describe it

    1. thnx riha

  20. Masooma Mirza

    Yaar angel i miss ur ff soo much cause i am so addictive if ur ff . In one day i open ur this page 1000 times that u have updated the ff or not

    1. Masooma Mirza

      Luv ur writing skills…

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