Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 9


RECAP: shraddha is ill.doc asks sher to stay away from shraddha for a week at least.bhavri comes to know about sher’s behaviour towards shraddha.bahvri pleads shraddha to change sher.sher is surprised at shraddha’s good behavriour and discusses with chanda.sher sleeps and doesnt disturb shradha.shraddha sleeps on his chest


sher wakes up and is surprised to see shraddha sleeping on his chest.he caresses her hair and without distrbing her get up and leaves for office
chanda comes there
chanda:hey sher
sher:come chanda
chnda eyes him angrily
sher:i m so sorry….akira….come akira
akira sits
sher;all ready for party.
akira:i have sent invitations.
akira:what about ur married life….how is she
sher:doc asked to stay away for a week
akira:unbelievable waht the hell did u do?
sher:i was out of control…i thought she will leave me but as i told u she is not ready to hear a word against me
akira:yeah she is nice….i came to know when i first met her
sher:its all drama….i cant trust women
akira:all are not same
sher:yes they are
akira:u will come to know

akira:i dnt know
sher:i know

sher:i tortured her for two nights and do u think that she can bear it tonight too?
akira:r u mad?dnt even think about it….she will die
sher:so u will come with me tonight
sher:as far as i have known women they are selfish and try to be mahan.tonight i will tell her that i will spend night with u….need to see her reaction
akira smiles:i bet u she wont allow me or u
sher:i said na women are selfish….she will allow as she wants herself to be fine…u remember her?
akira:why talk about past when u have present?
sher:fine….go do rest of arrangements i will finish meeting.

shraddha tries to make food
disha:stop beta….no need take rest
shraddha:i never felt this much weak
disha:dnt worry medicines will cure u
shraddha:i m talking about spiritual weakness….
disha is silent

bhavri:u will have to change him.get over his bitter past
shraddha:what past?
bhavri sighs:we r bound to tell you
disha:u will know soon now go and rest
shraddha is pampered by disha and bhavri and she feels much relaxed

sher comes at night.bhavri had already slept.disha was awake for shraddha.sher brings chanda(akira) with her and shraddha is shocked to see her
sher:she is akira…my friend
shraddha:i remember u….u were the one who helped me that night but u said ur name is chanda
sher looks at akira
sher puts a hand on akira’s waist
sher:whatever it is.come lets go to room
shraddha is not able to beliee what she is seeing
sher:what???u r ill and cant bear anything and i cant spend night alone so akira is here for me….

he takes akira to room and shuts it
shraddha is shocked
she remebers bhavri’s pleading and looks at disha who folds her hands and signs her to go
sher:i told u na all women are same
akira:huh….so what now wanna spend the night?
sher:shut up akira…u know how sacred marriage is.shraddha has this right on me and i wnt betray her.
skira:and by bringing me here she is thinking that u betrayed her
sher:she could have stopped us
akira:u said she is like other women too
sher:yeah…she is
just then they hear the knock at the door
akira opens it and smiles victoriously to see shraddha

sher:what do u want
shradda:this is my room
sher:but akira
shraddha:miss akira…get out of our room plz
sher is shocked
akira/:i dnt mind
akira winks at sher and shows her thumbs up to him and leaves
shraddha shuts the door
sher~:what did u do?i mean why did u do this?
shraddha:i m ur wife….no other girl has right over u,…..
sher:when one partner can not fulfill the other’s need then outsiders have to help….

shraddha is shocked……..

Credit to: angel

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