Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 7

RECAP: horrible night.shraddha falls unconscious from stairs


disha shouts:shraddha mam.
she tries to wake her up
sher comes and is shocked to see shraddha unconscious.he picks her up and asks disha to call doc.he lies her on bed and remembers what he did last night.a layer of guilt comes in his heart but he ignores it.
doc comes and checks shraddha
shraddha gets conscious
doc:r sher.r u mad??what kind of person u r?i think u r an animal to treat ur wife like this
sher is getting angry as doc is hurting his ego
shraddha speaks in a heavy voice:doc plz behave u r talking to my husband
sher is surprised and a tear escapes from disha’s eye.
doc:mam i am sorry but what he did is unbearable for a woman.u r sensitive and very weak.havent u eaten anything for days?
doc:hoow many days??
shraddha:2 days
sher is taken aback
disha:plz tell me the things she should eat i will make it right now
doc prescribes food and medicine and asks her to take care
doc:and mr sher try to maintain distance
sher doesnt concentrate and doc leaves
sher:blo*dy doc

disha makes food
sher:u keep food here and leave
sher bring tray to shraddha and asks her to eat
shraddha eats silently
sher:good.obey me only and i will remain happy and think to keep u happy….
sanskar goes out and she stops after taking two bites and tears escape her eyes.disha goes in and caresses her head.she cries hugging disha.

disha:its a jail my child.u r unlike other girls.u r sweet and so is sher
shraddha;he is a devil kaki
disha:no mam.he is a nice person.this shade has covered his good shade.u will know by the passage of time mam
shraddha wipes her tears:plz call me shraddha.u r like my mom.
disha:then plz eat sth
shraddha:no…i am not hungry
sher is standing outside and thinks she will have o be at peace right now.what do i do?
he calls her family and they come after sometime.
sumer:where is she??
sher:in her room.she is not feeling well and doesnt ant to eat plz ask her to eat food,.
gajra/:i will feed her
they go to her room and she hugs them
gajra:how r u
shraddha:when did u both come
sumer:mom dad are also here and sher’s family is coming too as its ur mun dikhai and yeah we also want ur first rasoi dish
gajra sees teeth mark on shraddha’s neck.

gara coughs
gajra:so love mark is still there
shraddha forcefully shys so that they dont doubt her but she knows that its a hate mark.
sumer:make her eat sth
gajra feeds her food.sumer kisses her on forehead and leaves
gajra:ok now get ready
she opens her cupboard and finds beautiful dresses.lehnga salwar suit but no sarees
gajra:no sarees??

shraddha:sher arranged it.take out anything
gajra selects a beautiful pink lehnga for her
shraddha has pain in her body but she needs to go.she jardly stands and changes.
gajra:why r u limping?
shraddha:i m not well
gajra:should i call doc or give u medicines???
shraddha:no i am ok
they hear horn sound
gajra:i think sher’s family has come
shraddha thinks:except sunheri no one came in marriage.he told that he and his family have clashes with each other then how can he call them now??
sher sees bahvri and gets angry but sunheri husg him and asks him to calm down.sher sees vikas and hugs him

sher:mom dad vikas is my …. brother….
sunehri:actually he is son my mama’s friend.my mama has adopted him
sher is angry to listen mama’s name.
vikas diverts the topic
vikas:where is bhabhi??
all see shraddha descending down with gajra dressed beautifully and wearing heavy jewellery

sher inroduces her to his family
bhavri hugs her
bhavri:better than her….
sunehri shouts:mom
all dont understand what happened?
sher:lets eat lunch
all go

bhavri to sher:does she know that….
sher shows her finger:u saty out of it miss bhavri…
bhavri is hurt but she knows she has to bear it as she is bearing for 2 years.
mother:shraddha make sth sweet
she tries to walk toards kitchen but limps and sher holds her
the look at each other


family smiles
sher:no need,she is unwell and needs rest.i will take her to room.
father:always take care of her like this
after somtimes the family left
bhavri:let me stay here as shraddha is not fine
shraddha:mom sher…
sher:fine but dnt sho me ur face again and again…;
shraddha is shocked

sher:its night bhavri ji…go and sleep
she leaves with tears in her eyes
sher:shraddha i want u in front of my eyes when u r with me and obey me first then somebody else.is that clear?
shraddha being afrais:yes….
she stands up to go and change
her anklets soound make him crazy and he again comes close to her forgetting her condition
he touches and caresses her hair and face and again makes love with her
shraddha leaves herself on him as she knows that he wont stop whatever she does.she neither screams nor pushes him as its useless.

only tears flow down her eyes continuously……..

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  1. Incredible Angel ?
    Oh my god from now he starts careing for shraddha
    Surely shar will change very soon.
    But the episode was fantastic ?

  2. Please Angel update next episodes of both ff of piya rangrezz ?
    We can’t wait for such a great and intertainment stories so please update next episode soon ?

  3. Really really exited for next episode
    Its amazing that sher start caring sherdha.;-)

  4. No precap..!? Well, there was a slight change in Sher’s personality., it will take time, love and care to completely change him..!

  5. yep. . . sher will become a gΓΆod boy soon . . . .he has a past . . . .what is that???? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Plzzz update next episode soon ….. This episode was superb…. Hatts off you angel

  7. Angel can u plz ipdate it tomorrow.

  8. awesome epi πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  9. Loved it please update soon

  10. why he became crazy by listening anklets sound?????? is it connected with his past?????

    please update soon…… excited for reading the next episode …… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    1. the anklet sound drives him crazy as it creates a sweet music which attracts hi towards shraddha

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