Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 26


recap: u all know wht happened…. but dnt know wt u guyd found funny in last epi….anyways lets enjoy today’s epi….


virat is shocked to see rani.
sher takes off rani’s cloth from her face.
rani shouts:virat save me…
virat shouts:how dare u sher?i will kill this shraddha….
sher:u shoot and then i will shoot
rani:no sher…how can u do this to me?u loved me
sher:it was my biggest mistake of life….u r nothing in front of shraddha….the girl is pure,sincere,trustworthy and she truly loves me and i will spend my whole life with her no matter what because…..
sher shouts:I LOVE HER…..I LOVE SHRADDHA…..
shraddha is emotionally overwhelmed surprised and teary eyed to hear this….all she wants to do is hug and kiss him.
rani:how dare u
sher slaps rani
sher:this is for loving u
he slaps her again
sher:this is for distracting me
again a slap
sher:this is for marrying u
again a slap
for destroying my life
agin a slap for killing my child
again a slap for re entering my life
again a slap for hurting my shraddha….
final slap for ur cheap character…..

rani’s cheeks become swollen and her lips bleed badly and virat is just shouting….
virat:stop stop….take ur shraddha and give me rani…thats it…
sher shoots at virat’s hand and his gun drops…
sher laughs:i knew before that u dnt have the guts to shoot anyone….now release shraddha now
virat does so and shraddha comes running to sher.he hugs her tight.
sher:i love u…
shraddha:i love u too….
he kisses her forehead

virat:rani come…
rani heads to go but sher grabs her hand
sher:whats the hurry
rani:what the hell do u want now…
sher:u might forget but i remeber my sister lying in hospital,,,,
shraddha:is sunehri ok?
sher nods
sher:and what were u saying i should sign the property pprz??ha…now u do it…..
virat:what do u mean?
sher takes out a file from his car
sher:dont u know who i am?i am sher singh…always forward than u losers….
he throws file on rani’s face and keeps gun on her forehead and asks her to sign and name everything in his name…
rani is shocked and so is virat….
sher:sign or i will shoot…
rani signs and virat cleverly texts someone….sher throws file towards virat and asks him to sign….
virat signs and throws file towards him….virat signalls rani and she tries to waste time and pleads sher for forgiveness and reminds him of their love and kid…
sher holds shraddha’s hand and shuts up rani
sher:shraddha is my present and she is my future only with ronny and our own children….u stay away
shraddha is overjoyed but happiness didnt last long as two jeeps loaded with goon and weapons entered the area and surrounded them leaving a smirk on virat and rani’s face.

sher stands in front of shraddha and holds her hand to keep her protected…rani goes to virat and hugs him
goons attacj sher one by one and he fights back but they overpower him leaving shraddha shocked and a goon takes shraddha to virat.rani gives an assurance to virat who wholds shraddha and lies her down and comes over him
sher shouts:no…
rani:revenge is waht matters x husband….
shraddha shouts for help
sher:how the hell can u be so shameless u f**k…. leave her
virat takes off shraddha’s dupatta and tears her sleeves
shraddha shouts dev’s name who is struggling with goons.

a bullet is fired by someone who has made an entry and the person is _________ who has killed ________ (FILL IN THE BLANKS GUYS??????)

Credit to: angel

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  1. I think sher killed virat for misbehaving with sraddha …..nd.. who is dev?????

  2. I think sher killed virat for misbehaving with sraddha …..nd.. who is dev?????u mean bhagwan

  3. ‘A bullet is fired by someone who has made an entry and the person is Aditya who has killed Virat’….Anyways d ep was awsm….I can’t understand yr how u ryt such a n ep?????I know tht its all ur imagination….. Plz don’t take it seriously….. I m just joking yr.??

  4. Omg what an episode. Its amazing loved it.

  5. I think the person is Aditya who has killed Virat…… Nice episode nd why u update it so frequently????…. Now plz concentrate in ur studies bcuz u r in 11th standard…..Now just leave it nd forget about it only concentrate in ur studies….. Sorry if I hurt u.

  6. Mehreen Islam

    speechless the epic was outstanding n wonderful 8 slaps to Rani n maybe the guy is Aditya btw who is dev

  7. i think its vikas (maybe he killed virat for hurting sunheri !)….the funniest part 8 SLAPS back to back xD

  8. listen Riya she likes writing and i dont think that you read her ff everyday because i think you should see the gap of episodes anyways it its her education it is her wish sorry if i hurt you anyways nice episode angel di.di you know yesterday i saw in internet that tanu s parents claimed that she was killed by 2 army people {you know people are so consertive imean there were ashamed to say that their daughter was raped i know its hurtful but b p insult them by saying your daughter was raped you should be thrown out of society i think thatis disgusting } anyways they sai the reasn was tanu dindnt attend their army function whils she went to sylhet with her friends . i was like what this so invalid reason . parents should not do like this

    1. Wait Wait…tanu’s parents said that she was raped as she didn’t attend army function???was this the stupid reason???

    2. Hey Riha she’s in 11th standard nd this standard is not sooo easy…..I know she likes writing but but this is her final xams that’s why I m telling this for her good result….OK if she likes to update it quickly then I have no problem

    3. One more thing I read her ff regularly u can see my comments in every episode of a hate to love story

    4. r u Bangladeshi ???? I m also interest about tanu ….do u have seen her photo.?????? it’s sooo innocent na!!!!!! 🙁

      1. this is for riha ……..

  9. Masooma Mirza

    Hello angel the episode was fab Asusual !! Angel i wanna ask one question that who is this Qandeel Bloach i mean she is a girl but she is so shameless yaar ?? why pakitanis are not pushing her out of the state ?? i dont wanna search it on google but i wnt to ask u abt her can u tell me plzz hope u will ans … SRY IF I HURT U ??

  10. Amazing episode angel just love it.???
    I think so that person is aditya.

  11. Mindblowing episode
    Fabulous angle
    Best of luck ?
    Hope you will update next episode soon ?
    Waiting for next episode

  12. Nice can’t wait for nezt ep

  13. Mehak Kharoud

    Itz really really ravishing episode…

  14. Masooma Mirza

    Plz update the next one plzzz

  15. Yep aysha do i am Muslim and bangladeshi I am in 5 th grade hate it

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