Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 25


recap:akira’s funeral…


sher thinks about akira and her words.he comes to his room and finds shraddha playing with ronny.
shraddha:sher….are u ok?
shraddha:i wann go out for shopping…
sher:take sunehri with u
sher thinks:how innocent she is….did i do right with her till now?forcefull marriage…the night….the beating….the restrictions…damn me….she is in love and….me…me too…but how do i tell her??
shraddha makes ronny sleep and goes to change.sher sees her dressed in pink salwar suit.she is brushing her hairs.sher goes to her and holds her from waist.shraddha smiles.
sher kisses her neck and keepd his head on her shoulder.shraddha keeps her palms on his hands around her waist,
shraddha:what is bothering u sher??
sher:nothing ….
shraddha:u ok
shraddha:om then let me go
shraddha:what do mean?
sher turns her towards himself
sher:i will never ever let u go shraddha…
shraddha is overwhelmed.
shraddha:will u fullfill my wish?
shraddha:leave ur pills and treat ur s*xual addiction
sher looks at her with blank face

sher:i wont be better
shraddha:till i am with u….everything will be fine
sher hugs her
sher:ok…i will do this for u
shraddha breaks the hug and looks at him
shraddha smiles broadly and jumps and expresses her joy.sher smiles to see her.
shraddha out of her happiness grabs sher’s collar and pulls him towards herself and gives a kiss on his lips.sher is stunned but responds.she hugs him tight while kissing.
she releases herself from his grip and both join their heads
sher:what was that?
shraddha smiles mischieviously
shraddha:a gift of ur decision
she grabs her bag and leaves for shopping

after 2 hours while sher retirns from his meeting a doc comes to meet him
doc:me sher
doc:i am the doc who treated miss akira…
sher:yes i remember you
doc:actually mr sher before akira madam died she gave me this letter and asked to give u after few days of her death….actually she knew that she will die…here is this letter
sher takes letter and doc goes

sher starts reading………

” hi sher…..i know u will be angry after reading this letter but forgive me if u can….u remember i said that u will realise the importance when someone will leave u…so i did it…i am killing myself intentionally to make u realise that think what if shraddha leaves u?what will u do?u know u love her but due to ur f**k past u r not wanting to accept this reality….i also had a bitter past but i moved on and got ronny in my life….u moved on and got shraddha in ur life….if i didnt want to overcome my past then i would have killed ronny and if u dnt wanna overcoe ur past then kill shraddha.but u cant do it cause she is already dead.as u dnt love her…this thought kills her daily….accept it.and dnt think that u r the cause of my death…u remember i rpomised u that i will pay u back for ur every help towards me?so this is the pay back.and this pat back will be successful when u and shraddha will start living ur REAL life…plz understand it….ur mother and uncle and also ur family….they have truly realised their mistakes…forgive them too……and yeah take care of my son…he is urs and shraddha’s now….forgive me and open ur eyes before its too late…i love you…’

sher is shocked numb and guilty after reading the letter.he sits and cries
sher:u were my best friend…dumbo…u left me to make me realise my mistake….u have truly paid me akira….i wont let ur sacrifice go waisted……
he stand up but recieves sunehri’s call
sher:yeah sunehri
but he hears a man’s call
man:sir….here is an accident plz come soon
sher is startled and bad thoughts start coming in his mind……..he rushes to the hospital and is shocked to see injured sunehri who is in semi conscious state
sher:how did this happen?where z shraddha?
sher is in a fit of fury….
sunehri:he did accident and…..bhabhi…..is….
she faints before completing her sentence
sher tightens his grip
she gets a call of virat who asks him to come to a place alone if he wants shraddha alive.sher agrees

sher comes to the place in his car
virat:welcome welcome….wanna see ur wife
virat steps aside and sher sees shraddha tied to a chair.
virat:actually u and ur wife have insulted me and my wife many times and ur business….God its extending so much….all i want is to take revenge of our insult and i want u to sign ur property papers and set everything in my name….
shraddha is shocked and signs a no to sher as her mouth is tied……
virat:why r u standing like a statue?
sher just keeps listening and his eyes are red due to anger
virat takes out a gun and points at shraddha’s head.
virat:do as i say or else shraddha is gone
sher doesnt move
virat moves shraddha’s cloth from mouth
virat:any last wish?
shraddha:sher….no…dnt obey him…its ur hardwork dnt give it to this devil….plz
virat slaps shraddha and sher shouts
sher:virat….dont u dare touch my wife….if anything happens to shraddha then….
virat:what then?r u warning me?

sher opens the door of her car and virat is shocked to see a girl whose hands are tied up at the back and whose face is shut with cloth
virat lowers his gun

Credit to: angel

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  1. Amazing & intertainment episode
    I really love it
    It’s really hurt taching & romantic episode
    Please Angel try to update next episode as soon as possible.
    I love your all ff
    No one else can write like you
    Fabulous writer ????

  2. Wow amazing episode angel. Great sher is much clever than virat

  3. I m speechless really I have no words to say……This episode is romantic,emotional nd horrible too…… This Virat is very very very very bad nd idiot…. He slaps Shraddha…..But whenever u get time then plz update the next episode bcuz how do I force u bcuz I know it very well that ur xams r coming soon.

    1. Thnk u…so sweet Riya…nd thnx for understanding the importance of my exas too

      1. Ur welcome Angel…..Hey Angel do u love this dialogue that “Sher Singh tumhare liye jaan de bhi sakta hai aur jaan le bhi sakta hai”……Plz say it in Hindi that u love this dialogue or not…

  4. Wow….wat a plann….u kidnap my wif….ill kidnap urs….sooperb…..n akira is a true frnd…lovd hr charactr…..love u angel…..tak care

    1. Hehe …. Thnk u

  5. First of all plz tell me tht how u ryt this typ of ep?? Awsm ep yr I m really speechless…. This ff is really better than d real track… I want to read this ep 1 more tym…N I’ll read…N really u r such a best ff ryter… Really no 1 can bit u my dear…. By d way all d best 4 ur xams….N whenever u get tym u can update nxt ep.

    1. Thnk u 4 such precious comments

      1. N 1 more thing Akira’s sacrifice n Sher’s cleverness was awsm…Lovd it soooooooo much…N I agree vth Mehak tht don’t compromise vth ur studies.

  6. I’m speechless angel u r an amazing writer awesommmmmm episode angel u r the the best ff writer of piya rangrezz ?????
    Just waiting for next update and best of luck for our exams?

    1. Thnk u very much

  7. ha ha ha soooo funny episode nd also sad …..
    sher has teach a good lesson ……poor virat now he has to leave sraddha czs if he will not leave sraddha sher will kill Rani…….

    nd how dare virat to slap sraddha without any reason ….he is sooo bad….

  8. Mehak Kharoud

    Yaar angel i fail to undrstand that how can anyone write that cool episode… u r the no. 1 and ur storyline is sooo nice
    And for sure best of luck for ur exams
    Give ur best in exams and mind that never compromise with ur studies !! ??

    1. thnx….u asked about masha Allah…when we find sth/sb beautiful and pretty and we fera that it may not get caught by bad eye then we say it………

      1. Mehak Kharoud

        Thanks for telling dear ! actually i read it a number of times but failed to understand itz meaning..

  9. Mehreen Islam

    funny interesting n amazing episode n if u gat a bit amount of time then do update txt episode but focus on ur studies n don’t pressurise urself. BEST OF LUCK 4 UR EXAMS

  10. r u angry with me angle apu?????!!!!!

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