Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 24

RECAP: sher goes at grave.sunehri and vikas decide to marry.sher doesnt want a child.akira gets angry on him.sher confesses his love to sleeping shraddha.


sher lays beside shraddha with her hand in his and sleeps.shraddha wakes up and is surprised to find sher.shraddha caresses his hair and plants a kiss on his forehead.she stands to go but sher holds her hand and pulls her.she is on top of him.
sher:good morning
shraddha looks at him

sher:really sorry for last night
shradda:its ok
sher:plz understand me
shraddha:sher plz…u know well that i understand u…u r not able to overcome ur past thats it….u cant let ur past haunt u…it will destroy ur present and future…
sher looks at her and remembers his last night confession
shraddha puts her head on his chest and he hugs her and she is now in his tight embrace.they remain in that position for a while when sher’s phone rings
sher shocked:what??
shraddha:what happened?
both stand up and change and leave with sunehri and vikas
vikas:at least tell where r we going?
they look at shraddha who signs them an ”i dnt know” expression
sher stops car in front of a hospital.tehy step out and move to room 3
all are shocked to see akira bandaged from top to bottom and doc checking her

doc turns
shraddha runs to akira
akira stealthily opens her eyes
doc:last night she had a sever accidnet and she was brought here.she refused to tell her family and she went under operation.and now her condition is really critical.there are many less chances for her to survive
sher holds doc’s collar
sher:r u out of ur mind?just treat her….dnt think abt money just make her fine….
akira calls him
he goes to her and holds her hand

sher:nothing will happen to u…promise plz…
sunehri cries and vikas consoles her
akira:shraddha….ronny is all urs
shraddha:no…u will have to be fine..he is ur son..come back plz…wake up
she cries
akira:sher…i have always loved u….
shraddha is shocked
sher:i know
she smiles
akira:u will realise the importance of a person when they will go away from u…
sher feels as if someone has stabbed him.he remembers akira’s words and tears flow from his eyes.
sher:akira…plz get up
akira:dont leave ur family….be with shradda before its too late….
she breathes her last and dies

sunehri falls on floor and vikas too cries
shraddha shouts:akiraaaaaa
she hugs sher who sits lifeless
sher reminisces all his moments with akira and tears flow from his eyes
they bring akira’s deadbody home and all are shocked.shraddha takes ronny in her embrace and cries miserably

her funeral is done and sher is all lost and feels guilt about his last fight with akira.he sees shraddha and akira’s words reminisce in her mind
sher thins:akira was right i cant let anybody go away from me…i have to admit that i love shraddha
he goes near her and takes ronny and kisses him.shraddha looks at him and hugs him tight.
shraddha:plz sher…let him be with me from now
sher:yes shradha he is all ours now
she hugs him more tightly

2 days pass akira’s death.all are trying to become normal.at night shraddha makes ronny sleep in cot placed by her side of bed and turns to sher who is in thoughts
shraddha:what r u thinking?
sher turns to her and stretches his arm and holds shraddha from shoulder who rests her head on his chest
sher:akira….i am missing her

sher:she was always with me in my time…she was a best friend….she loved me
shraddha:i know she confessed it
sher:i knew it before but she realised it late and asked me to marry u
shraddha:i am thankful to her for bringing u to my life….i miss her….she was like my sis
sher kisses her forehead
sher:i dnt want to lose anybody else
shraddha looks at him and cups his face
shraddha:i am always with u….i will never leave u promise….and as for akira her big memory is with us now….
she points towards ronny and sher smiles
shraddha:i love you sher
sher wants to tell her how much he loves her but doesnt say anything…
he just gives a peck on her lips and both hug and sleep unaware of the upcoming danger

next epi: KIDNAP

Credit to: angel


  1. shit…akira died……n wot abt this kidnap thing who will kidnap whom eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi plz update soon whenever u r free.
    Amazing epi loved it

  2. Dev

    U left me hanging my dear angel…..n akira dead it was a real shock……bt happy dat sherda coming close……
    Tc buddy…..love n hugs

  3. shruti

    tht means i was right….akira died….!!! well pls no more sad moments now………..start romantic track again !!

  4. Sruti

    Amazing ep…. Loved it..N as 4 Riya’s info Angel n all PR fans don’t angry vth me…… If u all angry vth me then I feel vry bad….N Angel plz allow me to read ur ff’s of PR.

    • angel

      Oh no sweety….why will I be angry?doesn’t matter u watch real track or not…its fine…u r fukky allowed to read ffs sweety…ur choice…m glad?

  5. Jazz

    What I think is that there’s a lot more to come from Akira’s side…maybe she is murdered and it wasn’t an accident,not sure about this,just an assumption..! Let’s see..eagerly waiting to know how will the story unfold in upcoming episodes..!
    Well,a very beautifully written episode and a quite interesting one..! Love you…x

  6. I m very sad about Akira’s death?….Nyc episode nd keep writing all the best for ur xams?…..Hey Angel do u watch savdhaan india??????

  7. Amazing episode
    Very sad………about Akira death
    Now who will kidnap?
    Maybe rani will kidnap shraddha.
    Anyway Awesome episode
    Please update next episode soon
    Waiting for next episode ?

  8. nanhi

    Soo sad 4 akira’s death.
    But really love the episode ur just amazing writer angel love ur ff’s soooo much.???✌?

  9. Masooma Mirza

    Hello angel the episode was superb dear my birthday is today as i was busy in my bithday party ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.