Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 23

Hey guys so sorry….this tellyupdate page had some server maintenance problem…i wrote my ff but it got stuck so I m writing again…

Hey riya…yes I will make sher negative in my next ff…..i will try my best to post as much epis I can as I wont be able to post from 26 may-10 June due to my final exams….i will start my new ff after my exams…

RECAP: funeral.sher is guilty shraddha forgives him.sher asks shraddha not to love him but she is determined.


Sher wakes up and finds shraddha sleeping in his embrace.
Sher thinks:how do I tell u not to love me.
He sighs and gives a peck on her lips and leaves somewhere.
Sher stops his car in front of a graveyard.he steps in and sita by the grave of shraddha’s dad.
Sher:I am sorry….i have hurt ur daughter cause of my own problems…i shouldn’t have done that sin.ita because of me that u r not among us today.i promise I will always keep her happy no matter what.but plz forgive me.a tear escapes sher’s eyes.he feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to find akira

Sher:Akira…wt r u doing here?
Akira:I was going to meet shraddha with Ronny..thought to come and pray for uncle.
Sher:is ronnny in car
Akira:oh yes….with his care taker
Sher:its better if u let shraddha stay away from ronny
Akira is shocked
Sher:shraddha wants her family and I dnt want a child.
Akira:u camt let ur past ruin ur present and future.
Sher:Akira plz…
Akira:ok fine…at did shraddha say?

Last night fb shows shraddha in sher’s embrace
Shraddha:I want our family
Sher:I cant go back to my home shraddha
Shraddha:I am not talking about that family…OUR family sher.
Sher:what do u mean?
Shraddha:u me our kids….
Sher is numb
Shraddha:Akira told me that the right of being a mother is given only to me by u…not to any other woman…
Shraddha:then why dnt we start our family?
Sher:we will talk later
Shraddha:why not now?
Sher:shraddha stop
Shraddha:but sher…
Before shraddha could say anything further sher placed his rough lips on her soft lips to make her stop talking,

Shraddha shyd and buried her face in his chest.he smiled and both slept peacefully.

Fb ends…

Akira smiles
Akira:this girl is gonna change u
Sher:I heard that
Akira:good then
Sher:lets go home…
They go back to home
Shraddha sees Ronny and picks him in her arms
Akira is happy but sher is not
Shraddha:Ronny…my baby…u came after so many days to meet yr maasi…
Shraddha:yeah….afterall u r like my sister so I am maasi
Akira smiles and hugs her
Sher gets a call
Sher:yes sunehri…really?wow….hmm…ok…family too?but…good…ok…bye…
Shraddha:what happened?
Sher:vikas and sunehri are getting married
They get happy
Akira:wait…but sher ur family,,,will u go to that house?
Sher:I am not stupid.my sis knows me well so she had decided to organize all functions in the hotel
Shraddha smiles and thinks that soon he will unite with his family
Sher:both of u pack ur stuff.

Sherdha Akira and Ronny leave for hotel and reach there.sher is irked to see bhavri and munna.shraddha holds his hand and he smiles.they congratulate sunehri and vikas.all guests are present in hotel.

Shraddha goes to take blessings from munna and he blessed her happily.sher is shocked to see this,
Sher:when did he start liking my,choices?
Sunehri:he had changed after u went
Vikas:he used to remember yr birthdays.he used to remember how u cared for him,now he regrets that why he let u go away from them
Sher sighs.
Sunehri:u all go and rest for sometime.their is a dinner party for everyone tonight

They go their rooms and rest and start getting ready for dinner party.
Shraddha wears long pink frock with green embroidery.sher is mesmerized to see her.shraddha tries to tie the knot of her dori but ij vain.
Sher comes from behind and holds the dori.shraddha sees him through mirror and both have and intense deep eyelock.
Sher ties the dori and shraddha smiles.
Sher hugs her from back holding her waist and keeps his chin on his shoulder.

Sher:u look stunning as always..?my shiny princess
Shraddha smiles
Shraddha kisses him on cheek and both go down and all dine together

Shraddha plays with Ronny again irritating sher
Sher:shraddha plz stop playing with him
Akira:sher…let her play
Sher is getting angry
Shraddha:wt happened sher?I am his maasi
Sher:but not maa
Shraddha:maasi is like a mother.
Sher shouts:shut up…u will never become mom u get it”?I dnt want a child…sher breaks a glass,
All are shocked.
Shraddha is in tears and hands over Ronny to Akira and rushes to room.

Akira vikas and sunehri give him a deadly glare ans keeps silent but eye him continuously.dinner comes.sher starts eating while others are still staring him
Sher:what is the problem with all of u?
Sunehri:u didn’t do right.
Akira finally bursts out

Akira:enough sher….how many times will u hurt that poor soul,she loves u madly and can do anything for u.but u…u will never understand
Sher:I am an empty hollow person…cant give her happiness….
Akira:u can sher…but u dnt want to..i dnt know why r u so afraid?just because of ur blo*dy past
Sher:yes I hate my past and cant love anybody…
Akira:all are not alike…all people are different…u have to understand this…shraddha has a special place in ur life…all the people who love u deserve a place in ur heart
Sher: I have no place for anybody…vikas and sunehir are my bro sis.u r my friend who always helped me in my good and bad times,and shraddha is my wife…thats it…
Akira:she is not only ur wife,..she is ur soulmate damn it(Akira shouts).why don’t u understand her importance?u dnt value anybody at least value thatgirl who forgave u for all ur bad deeds and accepted ur animal shade and never complained….
Sher:stop it akira

Akira stands up from her place
Akira:u will get to know the importance of the people in ur life when they will go far away from u and will never come back…mind it sher
Akira leaves angrily while sher thinks abt her words that he will repent when he looses somebody…
Sher goes to his room and sees shraddha sleeping bit he knows she is hurt,he caresses her hair
Sher:I am sorry shraddha…how do I tell u that,..



I LOVE YOU shraddha….i really love you
And I cant imagine my life without u…but I am empty…hollow person who cant give anything to u…I did bad with u….u don’t deserve me…but still I LoVE u….

Sher kisses her forehead and sleeps by her side holding her hand and prays for her recovery.he sleeps by her side,

NEXT EPI : Another death….

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      1. I m 15 years old.Hey Angel from today I’ll write “Sruti” so u can easily identify me as Riya’s sister bcuz here is another Shruti.

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  2. Awesome episode angel love it so much πŸ™‚ update the next episode soon waiting for it. πŸ™‚

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  8. Awsm episode totally luv it

  9. Hey guys! if u all r missing sherdha or u r sad on piya rangrezz going off air than get happy b’coz piya rangrezz is going to start again on star utsav from 23rd may at 9:30pm. So guys get ready to enjoy sherdha chemistry once again

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  14. Hey Angel..!! Amazing episode , precap is quite shocking ..really anxious to know how would the story unfold…so Sher has finally confessed his love…hope he would be able to overcome his past..and the both could together live their life happily..!
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