Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 22


acually i am busy withe tests thst why couldnt post and tellyupdates page was also hvaving problem.sorry i couldnt reply to comments.jazz i was kidding?…..no need to say sorry guys…be happy ??

RECAP: shraddha plays with akira’s son.sher’s family at party.enraged sher beats shraddha.shraddha’s father dies.


shraddha is sitting still.
sher wakes up after 3 hours of death of shraddha’s dad.he sees the worse situation of room and shraddha and remembers what he did.he feels guilty and goes to shraddha.not a single drop of tear escaped shraddha’s eyes.he sits near shraddha.

sher:ur dad saw us…actually i …. i was….i am…
shraddha:plz change ur clothes.we have to go to my dad’s funeral.i will tell everyone that i had met with an accident.
sher is super shocked and shraddha gets up to change.
sher is totally guilty and doesnt know what to do.
shraddha comes out wearing white saree and sher is speechless in front of her.

shraddha goes to meet her father for one last time and all are shocked to see her state but get convinced when she lies about accident.shraddha’s family moans over her father’s death.shraddha too breaks down into tears but neither speaks nor scremas.sher’s eyes skip tears too.sher’s family is also there but this time he controls.funerla is done too.

2 days pass

shraddha doesnt talk to sher but obeys him only.she has become a walking dead.sher is daily dying with guilt but doesnt have the strength to apologize to shraddha.he misses her voice.her love.her rights on him.her smile.
finally sher is not able to bear it anymore and at night talks to shraddha.shraddhs sits on bed and sher pretends to work on laptop beside her.

shraddha looks at him
sher:are u angry?
shraddha nods in no
sher:why dont u talk to me?
shraddha shruggs her shoulders
sher:for God sake speak sth.i m dying to hear ur voice
shraddha sighs
shraddha:do u want to listen my screams?

sher felt relieved to listen to her voice but his hearts ached with her words
sher puts laptop aside and holds her hands
sher:please…please forgive me…i went out of control…plz forgive me…
shraddha:i forgave u long back sher…i know u were inebriated and angry due to ur past…
sher is surprised
sher:u are making me feel guilty again
shraddha:love is not a crime sher

sher:i am empty shraddha…
shraddha:what is my fault?i wanna bring u back but u dnt want it
sher:what do u want?
shraddha lowers her eyes
sher:i have hurt u…i even married u forcefully…i am bad and i dnt deserve a good woman like u…if u want u can be free….i can…
sher:if u want divorce,..
shraddha is shocked

sher:but 2nd opt is to give me a chance….
shraddha smiles
sher:please forgive me
he joins hands
shraddha holds his hands
he sees wound on shraddha’s hands and kisses them
he then kisses her forehead wound.
he sees her swollwn cheeks and kisses on them.
he kisses her neck.

shraddha shuts her eyes and a tear escapes
sher reminisces shraddha’s lips bleeding due to his slap
he bends towards her
shraddha shuts her eyes
they kiss each other sofly and part.their heads are joined and both can feel each other’s breath on their faces.shraddha cups his face and kisses him again.their kiss is passionate this time.shraddha wraps her arms tightly around him and sher puts hand on her waist and the other one on the back of her head.
shraddha is weeping all the way through their kiss.they depart and breath heavily
shraddha:do u even know how scared i was when u beat me?i remembered our wedding night
sher:i am sorry…plz
shraddha:never do this again.i will die
sher:no…never…dnt say this
shraddha hugs him tightly and cries
sher:no shraddha plz dnt love me this much

shraddha tightens her grip even more….
sher makes her lie but she rests her head on his chest and both sleep in each other’s embrace,

Credit to: angel

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  1. Great epi….pls be regular in the updates

  2. Awesome episode angel love it sooo much.
    Update the next soon 🙂
    Once again best of luck Angel 🙂

  3. Good episode…..I m waiting for the next episode…….Hey Angel do u know that PR successfully completes 1 year? I m soooooooooo happy about it but also sad for Kirtida missing her a lot….

  4. I m really speechless.Epi is nyc…….Hey Angel I m Riya’s sister.

    1. hi shruti….thnk u

      1. Hey Angel when will u going to start ur another ff of Piya Rangrezz????I m very sad bcuz Piya Rangezz is going off air….Plz Angel tell me????????????

    2. Hi riya…once I finish this ff I will start the new one…i guess after my exams…my exams are on 26 may and will end on 8 June…after that I will write

      1. Then plz make Sher’s character negative in ur new ff…..I love to see Sher in negative character….Plz Angel it is a request.

  5. I m really speechless…..Nyc epi…….Hey Angel I m Riya’s sister.

  6. Aesome yr

  7. Guys there is a bad news…..Piya rangrezz is going off air on 26th may…… will miss the show a lot

    1. R u sure Nikita tht Piya Rangrezz is going off air on 26th May?

    2. R u sure Nikita?

  8. Masooma Mirza

    The episode was superb and yes guyz PR Is going off air due to replacements of characters??

  9. Very nice epiaode angle plz post frequently

  10. Wow nc epi

  11. the episode is very nice. please write another ff. i am very sad that my favourite serial is going to end.

  12. Yah Shruti I m sure…. Even I m also very much depressed on seeing this news on Internet

  13. Nice ff angel…. I also read that news,….I hope they show good things in show now.. & end this show with good note…. After sherdha I stop watching this show..

  14. Mehreen islam

    Awesome epi u r wonderful angel

  15. Spectacular episode ?
    I hope sher also gonna start loving shraddha.
    Awesome Angel
    Please try to update quickly
    Waiting for next episode ?

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