Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 21


hey guys…sorry i couldnt reply to ur comments…

SHANAYA : hey friend…thnk u for telling about saba’s page.i had spent my whole day reading it and yes its the same.as u might have read saba’s comments when all bashed her at sanky’s death.she stated that the story had been taken from a novel and it has the same end with death.i have also read the novel and its the same.difference is that saba writed on swasan and i m writing on sherdha.so plz dnt think its copied.the character of sanky/sher resemble to the actor in fifty shades of grey….

SAM: hi yes the story resembkes to swasan becaus eit had been taken from a novel and saba had also stated it.we both had read the novel and its just that she wrote on swasan and i m writing on sherdha but i am making changes.

RUMI and ADITI: sher’s caharacter is taken from the movie fifty shades of grey but my story is kinda different

JAZZ: I would have kicked u if u were in front of me.u idiot.wgere were u for so long??i was sad to core thinking that u had left and that too without telling me.i had to go back to epis of twisty for finding ur fb id name.how mean of u….now jaldi se tell me ur fb name so taht i can add u.my name on fb is swara ragini maheshwaris….yes i watch man mayal…

thnx to all others esp to riya…for supporting me….

RECAP: shraddha panics as sher comes to know taht she knows his past but he behaves calmly.they talk and make love again.few days pass and akira meets shraddha.


shraddha is shocked
akira:yes…i have called him
just then they hear a sound coming

mada ur child….

a child of 1.5 years comes with a maid and akira hugs him

akira:shraddha …this is my baby
shraddha is numb
akira laughs
akira:hey do u think its sher’s son?
shraddha gives a confusing look.
akira:he is only my son…
shraddha:what do u mean?
akira:he is one of those rapists’s son
shraddha is relieved

shraddha takes baby in her arms
akira:sher has never given a right of becoming mom to anybody….he had never made love with anybody to that extent
shraddha smiles
akira:did sher …. i mean…
shraddha smiles
shraddha:he had given me the right akira…

akira smiles
akira:i was distraught when i came to know about my pregnancy.how could i let him live a life of disgrace.then sher gave him his name.
shraddha smiles and plays with the baby.
shraddha:i love babies
akira:really?well i dnt kno how to handle them so maid stays with him.
shraddha:can u let him stay here for sometimes with me?
akira smiles:sure why not
akira leave and shraddha plays with him

shraddha:ronny…look here my baby…i am ur masi…my baccha…sweetu…
shraddha lies on bed and makes him sit on her feet and starts giving him up down rides
baby laughs.
sher comes after sometimes and shraddha is not seen anywhere.he panics and asks vikas and sunehri but they dont know.
akira:ask receptionist
receptionist:she is in garden

all go there and see shraddha teaching ronny how to walk
shraddah sings him song as its night now and its time for gusts to come


ronny sleeps in shraddha’s embrace and all smile
akira:i am sorry sher
sher smiles
sher:its ok
sunehri:bahbhi is playing with someone else’s chils like this…
vikas:what will happen when u will have ur won child?
all laugh while sher is thinking sth
akira:what r u thinkg?
shraddha sees sher and tells him taht she will just get ready as guests are about to come

all come in party
after sometime rani and virat also come
sher:what r they doing here?
akira:they were not called
sher then sees his family and fumes
sher:and what r they doing here
shraddha is also shocked

sher looks at shraddha and leaves
akira:shraddha did u call them?
shraddha:i dont know…i asked sher to call them and he accpeted but i know he said unwillingly so i didnt call them….
akira:go and handle sher but plz….careful and bear what he does…dont go near him…
shraddha is confused….
she leaves and akira plays a loud music and all come to floor.a huge nuisance is being created.

shraddha’s family tries to inquire about where are sherdha but akira handles situation.

shraddha goes to sher
shraddha:u drank again?
shraddha sees 2 bottloes of alcohol already over and panics
she takes the third bottle from his hand
sher:what is ur problem?why do u keep interfering in my matters?i told u not to call my family….why why did u call my mom and mama ji??
shraddha:i didnt
sher:oh really…now u will lie to me?
shraddha:i swear i didnt call them

shraddha:u r not in a state of being left alone and i m not going anywhere
sher sits on bed with lowered head
sher:why??why u care for me?
shraddha sits in front of him and cups his face
shraddha:sher i…i lo….i love you
sher is stunned
shraddha:i really do…
sher pushes her
sher:no no….
he takes a vase and throws it scaring shraddha
sher:no love exists in this world
shraddha:sher but

sher:shraddha leave…
he scatters the bedsheet and throws pillows.he breaks alcohol bottle
sher:leave i said leave
shraddha:no i wont…i wanna see ur extents
sher fumes and his eyes are red now
sher:u wanna see my extents???i will show u my extents
he pulls her towards himself and throws her on bed
(the door is open but no one is there as all are in party)

he forces himself on her and kisses her on lips.shraddha feels pain as he bits her lips and she winces badly.her lips start bleeding and she pushes him
shraddha:u r hurting me
sher:u wanna see the extent.
he takes out his belt shocking shraddha and beats her badly
shraddha shouts but he doesnt stop

shraddha:sher plz its paining
sher continuously beats her mercilessly
sher holds her by hair
sher:no love exists in this world….i can never love anyone…
he throws shraddha towards mirror and she collides with it resulting in breaking of mirror and bleeding from shraddha’s head

sher:sasur ji u…
he falls on bed and faints
shraddha winces in pain and turns around to find her father standing on door who had witnessed everything and shraddha is shocked to see him….
he extends his hand towards shraddha
shraddha folds her hands and cries pleading him not to tell anything to anybody

his father keeps hand on his chest and falls unconscious.shraddha is shocked and shouts ”papa”

shraddha tries to walk but falls as she had been beaten badly
shraddha manages to pick phone and calls akira who rushes to room and is shocked to see shraddha
shraddha:shut the door and call someone to take papa to hospital.no one should know about me and sher.give me all the details regarding papa
shraddha:do what i say

akira:u need doc
shraddha shouts:go…
akira shuts door and calls vikas.all go to hospital.
shraddha keeps looking at him

AGAR TUM SATH HO plays in bg….

shraddha is sitting on floor only not able to move


shraddha gets akira’s call
shraddha:akira…how z papa?
shraddha:tell me
akira:he murmured ur name…
akira cries
shraddha:speak up damn it
akira:those were his last words shraddha…he is no more…he is dead,..

shraddha is shocked and cuts call…
she looks at sher and rests her head on her knees………..

Credit to: angel

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  1. Soo bad I feel like beating him……ufffff

  2. Ohh..!!I really am sorry,Angel..!! Now for sure I’ll be commenting regular..actually I had gone for a vacation,so when I returned my school started and I had to go for basketball training, a very terrible schedule so couldn’t make up to your fan fiction..but now I have catched up with all the episodes of both ‘Love Journey’ and this one..!you have done a commendable job..really interesting episodes..i found this ff somewhat vulgar but ya the character of Sher is shown like this only…i really feel hooked up to your ff..and even I missed you a lot..Love you…x

  3. Wow you writing is amazing
    Please have longer posts

  4. OMG . . . .
    Really hurt me this episode .
    I doesnt look good this character with sher!
    Shraddha father died. ?
    Anyway nice episode ? ?
    Can’t wait for next episode
    Very excited about next episode
    I hope Angel you can update next episode very soon.

  5. Mehak Kharoud

    U write absolutely nyc and its bit emotional too…
    Hey i want to give u a good news ! I hav been selected as the HEAD GIRL of our school … I m so happy …

    1. Me too..!! Actually our school was selecting heads from 10th standard too..and I got selected as head girl…and congratulations for your achievement..!

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      5. Riya..I am in 10th…
        Actually in our school head boy and head girl are chosen from 12th standard… this time they chose from 10th class too..!!

      6. Mehak Kharoud

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    4. Congrats my dear friends.. 😀 so happy for you guys

  6. Poor shraddha…. She should not forgive sher for this… This sher is totally different frm the actual sher
    Anyways angel di the episode was fab… U r jst amazing…
    Eager to know what shraddha will do now? Plz update the next episode as soon as possible… Plz plz plz… If possible update tomorrow as its difficult to wait till 2-3days

  7. Mehak Kharoud

    Oh thank u soo much jazz and prerana !! ? And congrats Jazzz …

      1. Mehak Kharoud

        Thanku riya

    1. Hey Mehak u r in 10th standard…. Me too…

      1. Mehak Kharoud

        Wow thats great

  8. Ur welcome Angel….Poor Shraddha she is innocent but Sher is very rude towards her….Plz Angel update the next episode soon if u can’t then it’s OK bcuz u have xams also…..nd Sam u r not right Angel make differences in this ff.

  9. The episode is amazing try to update next episode soon. 🙂
    And also make sher falling for shardha.
    Shardha is innocent and he is torturing her too much can’t see them like this plz do something to change sher I hope u understand me.
    Plz don’t mind it and don’t think that I’m not liking ur ff, u write just amazing ff that I have no words to say.
    Keep writing like this and always smile 🙂
    😉 🙂

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG……. This is amazing yaar…plz plz plz update soon I can’t wait…. I don’t have words to express my feelings…. I really very love ❤ you….. Please update yaar…. Love ❤ you and stay happy ? and blessed…?

  11. Amazing angel.eagerly waiting to know that how will sher react to this that shraddha’s father died b’coz of him

  12. How painful? however the episode was awesome I really loved it ???

  13. You are an amazing writer
    Please have longer posts

  14. Riya baby why are you behind me I know she is making difference that is the reason I love this ff… I never say that she is copying. I just say that I see similarities between these two ffs not exactly same… I am sorry ? for hurting your feelings… Sorry sorry sorry ?… And lots of love ❤ and best wishes for Angel ?…… Plz update soon baby….

  15. Sam I m not behind u….Nd don’t call me baby.

  16. Ok ?… Riya I won’t call u baby… But I must say you are very cute… And I would love to have sister like you cause I don’t have any sister who will be this much cute…. So will call u Cutie pie…..I also got that you are not behind me….and I don’t have any problem with your comment… I am happy ? with your comment cause of this I got to know that you are this much cute…. God bless you my dear….

    1. It’s OK Sam…. Nd may god bless u also nd yeah I also have no brother. Hey Sam u bengali???????

  17. thank you very much angel didi for telling the name of the movie. the episode is very very very nice .plz plz plz plz plz plz update the next episode as soon as you possible.

  18. Masooma Mirza

    Hey angel asusual tye epi was fab !! Hey riya mee too studying in 10 Standard ??

    1. U also…..gr8…. That means u,Mehak, Jazz nd I we four r in the same standard??

      1. Masooma Mirza

        Yeah ??

      2. Mehak Kharoud


  19. Hey cutie pie…. I am Samiksha…. And I am girl …cutie pie ? … My name becomes difficult to pronouncing for some of my friends so they call me Sam it’s simple and short.. So I use this name to introduce myself…. And I am happy that you accept to be my sister…. Love ❤ you dear and May God bless you with lots of happiness… And one more thing I am Marathi but would learn Bengali for you…

    1. Ur name is very cute nd uncommon… nd sorry I thought that u r a boy… Nd it is not important to learn bengali for me

  20. We have many readers studying in 10th..same pinch..!! :-*

  21. Masooma Mirza

    Haha yeah jazz ryt

  22. Masooma Mirza

    Plz update the episode yaar plzzz

  23. Hey diiiii plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update plzzzooplzooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???????????

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