Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 2

hey guys…..thnk u for ur comments…and yeah dnt wry these are the phase tests ….the horrible board exams will be after 2 or 3 mnths….
dear aysha i too have given board exams twice….u too all the best…and eagerly waiting to wish u on 12….


shraddha cries….
shraddha:my bros marriage was such a lovely day bu u…u entered my life….it was the worst day of my life then….


its sumer’s marriage.
sumer gets dressed
shraddha:wow….someone is looking handsome
sumer:and someone is looking pretty
shraddha:i always look pretty
sumer smiles:just keep smiling like this

shraddha:bhai plz dnt change after marriage…
shraddha:let me go to see bhabhi
shraddha enters room
shraddha:u look goreouus bhabhi
gajra:thnk u
shraddha:where is ur bindi?let me search
gajra:shraddha….why so much expenses…let it be
shraddha:why r u talking like this…u r our family
gajra:thnk u so much….i m ur moms friends daughter…sfter they passes in an accidnet aunti took care of me,…i am so grateful to u all
mother:gajra…why r u talking like this.,..u r my daughter…nd i will slpa u if u call me aunti next time…..i am ur mom…
all smile

shraddha is dressed in pink lehna…she had made a puff and left her curly hair open….
sher arrives with sunheri…
shraddha’s family greets them
sunehri:aunti he is my bro….sher singh
father:oh…the business tycoon….welcome beta
sher:thnk u
sunehri:wher is shraddha?
mother:she is with gajra,,,,she must be coming

just the shraddha comes running and shouting:ma…ma,,..ma,,,
sher is mesmerized to see her
shraddha:ma…bhbai is calling u…
mother leaves
shraddha hugs sunehri
shraddha:thnk u for coming
sunehri:shraddha…he is my bro…sher
sher eyes her from bottom to top lustily as if he wants shraddha for tonight with him in bed…

sher extends his hand:hello beautiful
shraddha looks at his hand smiles and folds her hands:namastey…
sher is surprised and greets with namastey
shraddha leaves with sunehri
sher:hmm….acting to be sanskari…but i know all girls wear mask on their face…they are double faced…

he reminisces the voice of a girl: every person is double faced sher…especially girls…dnt trust me too….
he comes back to senses and says:pain…only pain is given by them

sumer and gajra descend down and sumer praises gajra’s beauty.
sher’s eyes are searching for shraddha

shraddha enters and starts dancing on


sher is lost in her…shraddha feels sher’s gaze and feels uncomfortable
sumer and gajra take pheras
sher comes to shraddha:u dance well
shraddha ignores him:i didnt ask
sher is shocked by her answer and sighs to ward off his anger
sher to himself:by doing this u are increasing my interest in u

marriage is over…they perform rituals.
mother asks shraddha to check the room of sumer and gajra
shraddha goes,sher silently follows her escaping everyone’s eyes
shraddha spread flowers on bed and gets shocked when sher twirls her hand and pulls her closer
shraddha:what the hell…
sher puts his finger on her lips

sher:though u r looking cute in anger but i like silent girls…
shraddha:let me go or else…
shraddha:i will scream and gather everybody here…and u r sunheri’s bro …how dare u do this to ur sister’s friends…stop misbehaving…
sher:ssshhh…..u talk so much…
shraddha:let me go u dog faced person

sher gets angry and holds her face tight that shraddha feels pain
sher:dont ever insult me….i hate it…i love my respect and u cant hurt it…so shut up…and wts the problem in getting close to me…all girls love me…so what r u??
sher giives devilish smile and shraddha pushes him.she heads to go but sher holds her hand and pulls her again and KISSES her on lips.
shraddha is shocked.she pushes him and gives him a tight SLAP.

sher is shocked as nobody dared to do this before.shraddha cries but gets faraid seeing the rage in sher’s eyes.
sher comes closer and whispers: u will have to pay for this miss shraddha…..

he leaves while shraddha is still in shock


shraddha touches her lips….
shraddha:that touch of urs on my lips and my touch on ur face changed my life….

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  1. Wow.. great yaar.. i lov it.. angle i ve got a question.. r u a muslim?

    1. yes eyn

      1. Even i am 🙂

  2. awesome !!!!! it amazed me a lot…… what a anger of sher Singh ….. and the lip kiss …. love that
    what is ur board exam name ????? I mean in my country also have a board exam named HSC …..so r u giving HSC – Higher School Certificate ….exam???????
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. no its SSC….in which class r u??nd which country??

      1. actually I m in class 9 ……and the name if my country is BANGLADESH…….. after 3-4 month there is aexam also named HSC …..so…

  3. loved it soooo much angel n specially when sher kissed shardha forcefully n in reture she SLAPS him hard

    1. thnk u so much

  4. Oh my god slap to shar singh
    Amazing and amusing episode ?
    Thank you dear for updating this episode
    I hope you will update next episode soon

    1. thnk u……..i will try

  5. Hi Angel, amazing episode, continue like this and take your time to build such stories that you make like in others ff … They are all superb and amazing !! All the best dear, looking forward the next episode 😉

  6. Awesome episode…..slap was really super……..?☺☺☺

  7. Mehak Kharoud

    Angel ! Angel ! Angel ! yaar u r just just just a hotshot !!!!! Good job …..

  8. Hey angel episode was awesome by the way are you giving SSC then you are older to me because I am in class 5 which country you are in

    1. oh u r very younger than me….i m in class 11 and from pakistan

  9. Awesome angel.
    Keep it up 🙂

  10. u r INCREDIBLE ANGEL!!!!!!
    u r one year senior than me i am in class 10 in MASTERMIND SCHOOL and i am from BANGLADESH
    the episode was marvellous n please update soon 😀

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