Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 18


Recap: Sher’s past revealed…rani is slapped by shraddha…sher wonders if shraddha knows his past


Shraddha goes to her room and sees sher working on laptop
Shraddha:u woke up
Sher:I had to send an email
Shraddha:r u ok?
Shraddha:I wonder how u keep working on laptop…don’t ur eyes pain?
Shraddha:ur eyesight will weaken
Sher:I had already gone through,laser treatment
Shraddha is surprised
Sher:what happened
Shraddha:I wonder what more thing I still dnt know about u?
Sher smirks
Sher:u will know everything by time

Sher finshes his work and outs the laptop aside and extends his hand to shraddha
Shraddha holds it and he makes her sit on his lap and caresses her hair
She rests her head on his shoulder and he can feel ger breath on his neck which is making him crazy

Sher:did Akira tell u anything?
Shraddha panics
Sher:look into my eyes
Shraddha:what’s wrong with u
Sher:I just want u to tell me the truth…did Akira tell u anything about my past?
Sher holds her shoulders

Sher:don’t lie…if ur lie is caught then I can be very rude and u know it well…
Shraddha nods and smiles leaving sher totally surprised and she again rests her head on his shoulder
Sher is damn confused but hugs her back and shuts his eyes giving a sigh
Sher thinks:plz shraddha…dnt be so close to me…i dnt want u to love me as I m empty guy and cant give u anything except pain
Shraddha thinks:I m sorry sher I cant tell u truth till u come to know that I truly love u…
Fb shows Akira requesting shraddha not to tell sher that u k,ow about his past till he comes to know that u truly love him or else he will think u r being sympathetic towards him and he hates sympathy…
Shraddha promises…
Fb ends

Sher makes shraddha lie on bed and kisses her forehead and drinks cigarette in balcony…he goes to take his pills but sees that these are finished…
He gets tensed…he cant wake whole night without s*x and he cant sleep without pills…he doesn’t wanna hurt shraddha…
He is panicking…he is getting restless…he agian drinks cigarette and it is also finished as he had already drank 5 cigarettes…he is breathing heavily and breaks a glass.
Shraddha wakes up suddenly

Sher runs to him and holds his face
Sher:go out
Shraddha:no I cant leave u like this…
Sher:plz I cant hurt u
Shraddha gets tensed and calls Akira but her phone is off…she calls vikas and he doesn’t pick up…she calls sunehri but its busy…ahe calls doc and asks him to come fast
Sher holds shraddha hand and throws her out of the room shocking shraddha
She shouts at him to open the door but he doesn’t
He starts breaking things in the room and shradha shouts for help
She searches for Akira viaks and sunehri and is told by manager that they went for a drive which makes her furious

She goes back and keeps pleading to open the door
Vikas Akira sunehri come back and find dc coming and ask him who tells that sher is not fine and they rush towards room and find shraddha’s hand blooded as she had been continuously banging the door and tried to break the lock…

Vikas breaks door and all are shocked to see all things scattered here and there broken and sher gasping for breath
Vikas:bhabhi..,give me pump
Vikas:asthma pump
Shraddha is shocked

Shraddha:does sher have asthma?
All look at her in disbelief and doc tries to calm down sher
Akira gives the pump as she keeps it for his back up and sher calms down as he gets his pills from doc and vikas takes him to another room while his room is being cleaned up

Shraddha sits by his side
Vikas:here is his pump..i am shocked that being his wife u dnt know that he has asthma
Shraddha:he never told me..
Vikas shouts
U should have known…u r not a kid
Sunehri tries to calm down him and he hugs her and both burst out crying…even Akira who had been controlling her tears for so long brekas down and the trio hug and shraddha realises how much sher is dear to them…

She kisses sher’s hand…

Next epi:song of love by shraddha makes heer uncomfortable as he doesn’t want her to love him…sher makes shraddha blurt out that she knows about his past

Credit to: angel

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