Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 16


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Recap:shraddha meets rani….sher’s first wife…

Shraddha tightens her fist nd goes to sher
Shraddha keeps hand on his shoulder
Sher:plz leave me alone
Shraddha sits besides him
Shraddha:I have taken 7 vows…u think I will leave u??
Sher looks at he
Shraddha wipes her tears
Shraddha:I have never seen tears in ur eyes
Sher:its another side of me
Sher:plz leave me alone
She sighs and cups his face
Sher looks at her
She kisses his forehead
Sher shuts his eyes and she makes him lie on bed
Sher sleeps

Shraddha feels pain for sher and she decides to confront akira
She goes to akira’s room
Shraddha:tell me
Shraddha:sher’s past
Akira:I cant
Shraddha:plz Akira…i m his wife…its my right…i need to know…he is in pain…i can’t see him like this
Akira:he is a devil…he misbehaves with u…why e u caring so much??
Shraddha:shut up Akira…dnt say like this?
Akira:why not?
Shraddha:because I love him ….
Shraddha then gets startled by her words
Akira smiles victoriously
Akira:now I will tell u abt his past.

Shraddha:what do u mean?
Akira:u will know what I mean.
Shraddha :I beg u tell me whts the truth
Akira:sher … He belonged to a rich family…bhavri devi is her mom…the most richest family…he lived with his mother,sunehri,his mama ji,a man of principles and his mama’s friend’s son vikas.
Sher was topper of college.the stud.all girls were dead on him but he was mesmerized by only one girl’s beauty.and that was rani.rani belonged to a poor family.she and her sister wanted to be rich.theyr were orphans.rani wanted to be rich for her own uses,she wanted to be famous.she loved nothing but money.

Her sister wanted to improve her family lifestyle.they lived with their uncle and aunt.

Shraddha:who was rani’s sister?
Shraddha is shocked.
Akira:rani didn’t want to be rani by name only.she wanted to be sher’s rani
Shraddha:did she love him?
Akira:no…just money…sher proposed her.she accepted to be his girl.I felt sad for sher as he used to borrow money from,his friends along with his pocket money to buy gifts for her.she wanted expensive gifts from him and he used to bring it as he was mad after her.but she would only pay attention to gifts not him and sher could never understand her.

Shraddha:sher’s family?
Akira:sher had borrowed lacs from his friends for her only.one day she asked him for a romantic date and he did so.on the date she forced him for a kiss.sher was shocked.he didn’t want to do this,he was a good boy but rani spoiled him,he was all swetting.rani wanted to kiss at any cost so she moved towards him and they shared a light lip kiss without touching each other.
As they were about to get more close sher felt a hand on his shoulder.it was his mama ji,sher was shocked to see him.

He drageed sher to home and told family what he was doing
Bhavri:sher what is he saying?
Sher:I m sorry ma.
Mama ji:its fine
Mama ji:I knew abt his girl from the beginning
Sher is shocked
Mama ji:it was ur age.now forget everything and forget that cheap girl.u used ger for fun its good now think abt ur study and I will make u marry a rich pretty girl
Sher was hell shocked as he thought munna his ideal who always taught him to respect girls and he is unable to believe that he was saying this.how could he think that I can play with a girls respect?how can I leave rani?no I wnt…
Sher decided to marry rani secretly that too on rani’s insistence
She filled his ears against his family and told him to marry her.she thought his family would accept them but when they went home after marriage munna mama was furious.he ordered sher to leave her but he refused.
Bhavri scolded him as society would now disrespect them and he for the first time answered back his mom calling her selfish for thinking about family’s respect rather than son’s happiness.
All were shocked nd cursed rani for the change in sher and he couldn’t take her insult.
He scolded his family and promised to become rich than them and take a stand for himself.
Mama ji warned him that he will repent. But he left
I didn’t meet them,much as I had my studies to do.

Sher had little money and he stayed in a little cottage.he searched for jobs and got a job as waiter.he was badly scolded daily and was hit many times by his boss but he bore everything.
He used to get scared sometimes at night and used to cry hugging rani but she was always complaining and never tried to help him.he was devastated by this behaviour of hers.he didn’t know what to do.he worked hard as a mechanic later.he noticed rani’s changed behaviour and was confused.
Rani for pregnant but she aborted her child without informing sher and he was broken.she thought the child as a burden.
Sher saw her having expensive jewellery and he questioned her.she told him about her job,and said that her boss gave this

Sher:what’s the need to take it from boss?
Rani:when husband cant fulfill the needs then outsiders should help
Sher was shocked.
He was scattered by her change in behaviour.

One day when,sher got salary he thought to surprise sunehri by bringing her fav cake to her.he didn’t see anybody and wondered where did she go,
He got a call and he was shocked
He reached a hotel and was shocked to see rani wedded to her boss “virat verma”

Sher was scattered and held her tightly by arms and questioned about her betrayal.she refused to recognize him and asked for marriage proof and virat supported her.sher slapped her and virat called police.

Before police could take him rani whispered in his ears:I m sorry baby but money is everything and I cant afford to be poor like u….bye…
Sher was aghast
Police took him in lock up and beat him ruthlessly.they used to abuse him.beat him time to time and gave him electric shocks.he was in a worst situation u could ever imagine.

After 5 days of continuous torture the police frred him.he had no way to go,hr cried badly at night sitting on a footpath.he was hungry.he was broken.he saw some food in dustbin and ate it.he was damn teary.he shouted and screamed to free his pain

He went back to his home where some guests were present.he thought that his family would accoet him but rather bhavri grabbed his hand and took him to a corner.he wanted to hug her mom and cry but bhavri said:what r u doing here?society people are present if they see u like this
He was shocked.he thought his family would have missed them but…

He pushed hai mom expressing his anger and broke all ties with them.
He decided sth….

Next epi:continuation of past

Credit to: angel

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