Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 12


RECAP: shraddha lets her heart out and gets slapped by sher

TODAY: all enter sharaddah’s room and are shocked
shraddha had lit fire on her dupatta and tres to burn herself.sher tries to extinguish the fire and shraddha pushes him away.viaks holds shraddha by shoulders and she screams.sher extinguishes the fire.
sher shouts: r u crazy?what were u going to do
shraddha:why the hell would u care?go with ur beloved one(akira)
sher is about to slap her again but akira holds his hand
akira:everybody go out…now

akira:i said now…i have to tell her

all go out leaving them alone
akira makes her sit on bed and gives her water
akira:i know u dnt like me…let me tell u a story
shraddha:i m not interested
akira:but u have to listen….there was a girl named chanda
akira smiles
akira:yes its my story

akira:i belonged to a middle class family and had a sister.we lived at our chachas house cuz our parents had passed away.we wnated to be rich and get spared from the tortures of our chacha ji.
i studied hard and was very bright student.i knew sher.
akira:its his story…
shraddha:tell me
akira:i cant…
akira:u will know it later
akira:plz shraddha…not now…

akira continues
akira:people say that teachers are like our parents…parenst dont do anything what my teacher did…
shraddha:what happened?
akira:i wanted to be a doc…my bio teacher was very nice at teaching….he even gave me home tuition at my house…and one day

shraddha:u r scaring me…tell fast
akira:my sister got married…she was living her own life…and i had to go to my sir’s house that night for completing my final topic…he called me taht night at his house…i was unsure to go but he was like my father…as soon as i entered i saw a party was going on…some boys of my college were there whon i hated as they tries to tease me in college…they did again and i asked help from my sir…but he…

shraddha:he what
akira:sir plz help me…they are teasing me
sir:its ok akira…enjoy
i was shocked
sir:daily i teach u biology…..today my students will teach u first
he signalled the boys to come to me
and there in front of everyone i was raped by a boy
tehn came the second then third and fourth and fifth
i screamed…i shouted nobody listened to me
i was like dead now who left myslef on their mercy
it was a gang rape.after the students….he came
shraddha was shocked to hell.

shraddha:ur,…ur ss…sssir?
akira had tears in her eyes
akira nodded in yes
shraddha was stunned badly and felt guilt for misbehaving with her
akira:he was worst of alll…he did this to me and threw me in front of hospital i was in hospital for a month … all bleeding…screaming…i beacame a walking dead…my chacha announced that i have become impure so he threw me out of the house…i was in worst condition…i wanted to commit suicide and i tried…
i ran from hospital and came near a river and was about to jump when he held me by arm

akira sighed
akira:yes … sher….
akira:he was shocked to see him and i was shocked to know about his turns in life which i cant tell u..
akira:he consoled me and made me normal within a week.we bacame close friends and one night when i cried again he caressed my face and we….
akira stops

shraddha sighs
shraddha:made love?
akira:yes…but believe me he never had feelings for me…
shraddha:what happened next?
akira:sher said that i have only one way to live peacefully
shraddha:and what was that?

akira:i took sher’s help and with my own hands…i…
shraddha:u what??
akira:i killed those bastartds
shraddha gets shocked
shraddha hugs akira
akira is surprised
shraddha:plz forgive me

akira:its ok…u r his wife…u have a right to be jealous…
akira winks at her
akira:but remember now he is all urs…nd he is honest person…he will keep u happy always
shraddha smiles

akira leaves the room smiling
sher:what happened?
akira:problem solved
sher:did u tell her about my…
akira:chill…just told about me
sher is relieaved and goes to room
sunehri:i love my bhai…i dnt know why he did this but he promised that he will keep bhabhi happy
akira thinks:thnak God sunehri took promise cause i knoiw sher hates to brea promise and now will surely keep her happy

shraddha changes and wears her night gown.sher is taking his night dress from cupboard

shraddha:i…i m sorry
sher looks at her
shraddha:i did nt know about akira…she had to bear so much…
sher comes to her and makes her stand and hugs her
sh is surprised but wraps her shoulders around his waist
sher can feel her breath on his neck and controls himslef cause he doesnt want to hurt her

sher cups her face and kisses on the cheek where he slapped her
sher:i slapped u so thsi is the penalty
she smiles
akira:plz forgive me too…i was really rude but i couldnt bear u ignoring me and getting close to akira
he smiles at this

sher:shraddha remember i am only urs…we are married…and no one has right on my body except u…
before she could say any further sher places his lips on her lips startling her
but this time his touch is soft
she doesnt know when her hand started caressing his hair at the back and when she shut her eyes and held his coat tightly to share a hard kiss

sher was stunned at her respond and forgot everything and wanted to make love
they broke the kiss to breathe
they joined their heads and could feel each other’s breath
sher looks at her lovingly and she feels his gentle gaze
sher lifts her and takes to bed
he leans over her and she shuts her eyes
sher isses her forehead

sher:i dnt wanna hurt u shraddha
shradha opens her eyes and smiles
he lies down and shraddha puts her head on his chest again

this time he takes his pills and wraps his arms around her waist hugging her and both sleep in the same manner…

night is smiling at them…

NEXT EPI: sunehri vikas sher shraddha to kolkata

Credit to: angel

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  1. Masooma Mirza

    Aww so cute romance??
    Ur awsome angel ?? Sher has changed so much wow hats off to u yaar incredible … Plz update next part as soon as possible i cant wait anymore ?

  2. superb, mind-blowing, awesome, marvellous etc….wot should i say???just speechless!!!!!!
    ANGEL U ARE AWESOME seriously
    trust me no one can beat u…..
    ur stories r better than the real track
    …………..by the way r u still watching the real track of PR?????

    1. Nopes just read updates

  3. Thank u angel ๐Ÿ™‚ that u update both episodes on the same day thank u so much “I know u were too much busy in ur czn’s birthday party”so thank u. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    The episode was super amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  4. loved d episode very much. sherdha cute romance lovely n shocked about akira’s past

  5. Thank you so much dear sweet Angel for updating episode
    Awesome episode & romantic ????
    Very nice episode
    Sher changed it mean after that he will be good boy
    I am so excited to know about sher past.
    What happened in his past?

  6. Oh my god they are going to kolkata
    To much exited for next episode and twists
    Hope you will update next episode soon ?
    Waiting for next episode ?

  7. The episode is awesome. Sherdha’s cute romance n I m shocked about Akira’s past. By the way Angel do you watch the current PR?

    1. Hi dear one.thnk u.nopes I dnt watch it just read updates since kirtida left I dnt like watching it anymore

  8. oh wow it’s.just awesome ….I m also shocked know about knowing akira’s past ….. soooooo sad……. but when will u tell us sher’s past??????

  9. Fantastic! Superb episode love itttt….

  10. wow………..just wow !!!!!

  11. I also miss Kirtida a lot bcuz I love sherdha. But I watch it only for Gaurav S Bajaj. He is a very good actor. Hey Angel your real name is Aila right?

    1. Yeah how u know?

      1. I read the previous comments of love journey. That’s why I know ur real name. Hey Angel my real name is Riya n my sister’s name is Shruti. She also reads your ff. We are twins. And Dola is my mother’s name.

      2. Aww how cute…thnx..,?

  12. but u told the previous episode someone is going to MUMBAI …..now KOLKATA …. doesn’t understood that!!!!!! เฆฌเงเฆเฆฟเฆจเฆฟ

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