Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 11


Recap: Shraddha is irked with Akira.shraddha tries to impress sher.she gets angry as her plan spoils due to Akira.all ignore her and disha speaks up as she cant see shraddha in this state.sher misbehaves with disha and shraddha confronts him.


Shraddha:yes sher she is right
Sher:shraddha what the hell
Shraddha:no sher…today I will speak…not u…its enough now
Sher:what the hell u want to speak…u wanna complain against me…just do…we r not interested…
Sher:shut up
Akira keeps hand on his shoulder and asks him to calm down
Sher:fine…speak up

Shraddha laughs and claps
Shraddha:from where do I start??ok…listen…first time u saw me and thought that I am available…u tried to kiss me…i slapped u for ur misbehaviour…just to take revenge u snatched my dads business…u did the accident of my bhabhi….u blackmailed me to marry u…i did for the sake of my family and my respect as u had made my mms…u raped me at the first night of our marriage.,,I was screaming…begging…crying…but u were like an animal who didn’t have pity on me…
U were all into,me whom night…i was in pain…u called doc….thnk u…he asked u stay away from me but u didn’t resist…ok fine,..ur problem as u r s*x addict…right???that’s why u had relations with girls before marriage….
Sher shouts shraddha…

Shraddha:no mr sher …i m not over yet…i dnt care what was ur life before marriage,,,but now u r married…i have a right on u…u have a wife…akira is past…but u dnt care,,,within these days u didn’t disturb me in the nights and cared for me…i was happy to see this shade of urs…i was glad that Akira is not with u….i was falling for u…i did so much for u today but this plan was again spoiled…why???due to Akira…ur life revolves around her…if u live her so much then why did u marry me???tell me…

Today u ignored me…fine…but u misbaheved with the person who treated u like a mom in ur childhood…who fed u with her own hands…u insulted her…its unbearable…and now when I asked u to listen to me u didn’t but u were ready to listen to me when Akira aksed u…she is so special…

Then why did u marry me??why u left her???

Akira:I m not special for her…plz try to understand…
Shraddha:yes u r…he spent nights with many girls and threw them…u also spent night with him…others spent one night but u had spent more nights…he threw others and didn’t look at them again but u r still with him….even after his marriage…,why???

All are shocked and speechless.shraddha cries and sunehri also has tears in her eyes as she didn’t know all this.

Shraddha(crying):the truth is that I m a trash for u…u use me…i m left nothing but a toy that u play with when u r in mood or else throw away….u dnt listen to me but Akira…
So miss Akira…
Shraddha folds hands in front of her
Shraddha:why dnt u request him to stop torturing his wife…my screams and tears wont have an effect on him but he will listen to u…

Shraddha goes to Akira and continues: If u loved sher why didn’t u marry him??did u ask him to marry me??tell me…ir u also wanted him for money so spent a night…
Akira is shocked
Shraddha:guess u work as pr*stitute of my husband…

Just then sher shouts her name…turns her around and gives a tight slap across her face….

All are shocked while shraddha is stern

Shraddha smiles
Shraddha:nothing new…I had faced yr slaps before too…i must be habitual…and I m not surprised that u slapped ur wife for a girl…cz that girl is AKIIIIIIRA….keep her with u…

She weeps and runs to her room.disha follows her but she locks the room

Sher is left with guilt and nothing else…
Akira too is crying…
Sunehri stands in shock….
Vikas:sunehri lets go home
Disha comes running

Disha:shraddha has locked her self in room.she is not opening door….come plz
All run towards her room
Sher bangs at the door
Sher:open the door shraddha….
She doesn’t respond…
vikas:bhaiyya…break the door
Sher breaks the door and barges in and all are shocked….

NEXT EPI: Akira’s story…..Mumbai visit….

Credit to: angel

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