Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 10


hello mehek…thnk u so much…ok listen to me…if u r a muslim then yes in our country just to protect ourselves we cover our heads or take veil over face when we go out or in front of elders.but as now world is growing modern so in families we might not cover our heads but take dupatta of crse.but its not compulsory in other countries like india etc bcz they have a culture of wearing moder clothes but pakistan doesnt allow.according to rules of islam , a girl’s head should always be covered whether she is alone or gathering.even its ordered to cover head in front of ur father.christians dont follow islam so properly.but if ur father is a christian and if he wants u to cover ur head obey him and if he has no problem then let it be….hope u r clear still if any query u are free to ask my friend…

Get ready for long epi and yeah plz give comments….let me know how many people read it…silent readers plz break ur silence….lets begin with recap:


sher talks to akira and talks against shraddha while she takes shraddha’s side.sher vows to prove it and to his surprise akira wins.


sher:when your own can not fulfill ur need then outsiders have to help
shraddha is shocked
sher:why r u looking at me like this?isnt this true?
sher is surprised
sher:what do u mean??
shraddha:dosent matter what is the situation ur own have a right on u and u have to cope up with them in every situation no matter what…outsiders should stay out…
sher is hell shocked and reminisces the girl’s voice saying that outsiders can fulfill the need

shraddha says hesitantly
shraddha:if u…if u need me for tonight then….
sher:then what?
shraddha:i am all yours…
sher comes close to her
sher:yes u are all mine shraddha
he holds her arms and she shuts her eyes.he leans to kiss her but remembers doctor’s words.he smiles to see her face with closed eyes and kisses her forehead.shraddha feels strange and tightly holds his shirt.

wind blows and her hair flutter.sher is mesmerized and wants to quench his thirst but he has a control over him.he asks shraddha to sleep who is surprised that he left me.he takes his pills and leans
shraddha leans by his side
sher:what r u thinking?
sher:say it shraddha
shraddha:can u spread ur arm plz
sher gives a confusing look and spreads his arms.

shraddha leans on his chest and makes him cover her with his arm leaving sher shocked by this act.he smiles then and hugs her.she feels secure for once.sher doses off due to pills and she thinks that how many shades does sher have???

next day shraddha gets up and goes down.she feels angry when she sees akira and then akira orders disha what to make for breakfast.
shraddha:what r u doing here?
akira:good morning
akira:i asked what r u doing here?
akira can sense shraddha’s anger
akira:actually i was asking them to prepare breakfast
shraddha:i can see that but who r u?chanda or akira?
akira smiles and says:i dnt know myself
akira:sorry,,,i m akira
shraddha:who r u to sher

akira:actually … we…
sher comes from behind
shraddha turns
sher holds her by waist.he doesnt care who is around.he knows she is his and he has right on her
sher:what r u doing here?i told u to be with me when i m in house
shraddha stammers:u … u were sleeping so…
sher:hmm…morning akira
akira:hey …

sher:so what were u talking?
akira coughs and smiles
akira:she asked about our relation
sher looks at shraddha who gets a little afraid
sher then looks at akira and gives sign from his eyes to tell her
akira:shraddha…before ur marriage many times me and ur husband shared sth…
shraddha is confused
shraddha:shared…what did u share?

shraddha is shocked…
sher coughs and says that he has to change
shraddha is numb
akira:listen to me.
she keeps hand on her shoulder
akira:shraddha…before ur marriage he had many girls in his life but just for once except me….we share a special bond…i cant give u detail but just know that now he is urs and only u have right on him….so…
shraddha jerks her hand and wipes her tears

she walks like a dead and moves into kitchen and silently helps disha in preparing breakfast.akira sighs
sher comes down and so does bhavri
akira greets her and she blesses her
shraddha brings breakfast and sits
sher is talking to akira
sher doesnt want to talk but forcefully he has to
bhavri:ur wife is sitting…
sher:i can see that
bhavri:give her some attention too
sher looks at shraddha who is silently just playing with plate and her food is untouched
bhavri:beta what happened?
shraddha sighs
shraddha:ma…i am better now i will be fine within some days….plz go back to ur home

all are surprised
shraddha:plz dnt mind mom…try to understand
shraddha stands up
shraddha:disha kaki…i am not hungry…
sher:shraddha….where r u going?
shraddha:ur file is in room
akira and sher look at each other and understand how shraddha felt

shraddha goes to room and cries
shraddha:what is happening with me…
bhavri comes
shraddha turns and hugs her
shraddha:i am sorry ma…plz forgive me
bhavri:no beta…its ok
shraddha:ma trust me whatever i m doing is for us…if u wnat sher back then give him time…
bhavri:its been 2 years
shraddha:plz ma…let me handle him now
bhavri blesses her and goes to pack her bag

they go down
shraddha:plz drop ma too
sher:i will send driver
shraddha:if u r going then plz drop her
bhavri is surprised as he never did it before
sher:come now
bhavri hugs shraddha and whispers that be strong and be his wife
shraddha smiles and sees off her……

few days pass and sher just comes late at night and shraddha does his work but he doesnt quench his thirst and even she didnt see akira with him.she lays in the same position on his chest at night
one day he goes to office and shraddha decides to prepare food for him.he has grown a bit lenient in two days as she is ill.

she prepares his favourite food by working hard.and disha tries to stop but she is stern
shraddha:i wanna do sth for my husband
disha smiles
she gets dressed up beautifull in red salwar qameez and wears bangles.she also wears her anklet.she looks amazing.she hears the sound of horn and hurriedly decsends the stairs

she stands still and her hearbeat is growing fast.she doesnt know why is she behaving like this but she wants sher to come soon and see her.she wants him to praise her hand made food and give her importance.but her smile vanishes as she sees akira coming with him and both are laughing….

sher doesnt notice her.he and akira are carrying some bags with them and they give it to disha
akira:hi again shraddha
shraddha gives a rough look
akira:u look stunning
sher looks at shraddha and is spell bound to see her
sher:did u go somewhere?
sher:why r u dressed up like this?
shraddha wanted to tell him that she did this for him
shraddha:i just wanted to…
disha comes:sir those bags have food

sher:disha … we brought it so we know it has food….akira wanted to eat food from restuarant so we bought it and came home.
akira:i thpught we will enjoy together
disha looks at shraddha
shraddha signs her no…
shraddha:i will come with u kaki
she takes disha with her
akira:lets sit and wait for yummy food
sher:yes i m hungry too

they sit.
shraddha angrily goes to kitchen with tears in her eyes as all her food surprise got spoiled bcz of akira
shraddah takes out food from bags and prepares it in dishes
she is keeping things here and there angrily hitting them on shelves with tears in her eyes as she sees her husband laughing and enjoying and caring about his ex bed sharer

disha feels pain to see her like this
shraddha and disha take food out and are surprised to see sunehri and vikas too
sunehri hugs shraddha
sunehri:bhabhi…how r u?
shraddha:i m good
vikas:hi bhabhi
shraddha:hi…u here
akira:i called them
now shraddha fumes more…she wanst to kill akira but controls herself and sighs.
she places food
sunehri:u look beautiful bhabhi

vikas:so u ordered food from outside
sunehri:but i wanted to eat bhabhi’s hand made food
disha tries to speak but shraddha stops her
sher:what happened
shraddha:nothing…plz eat
all start eating while shraddha takes very small bites
vikas sunehri sher and akira chat among themselves and talk about happy moments etc as if shraddha is not present there

disha is standing in kitchen and watching everything and thinks how bad is happening with shraddha.
shraddha is silently watching and hearing them.
shraddha thinks:so he knows how to laugh but only with others.hw shows his devil in front of me only….great
her heart is piercing and she wants to shout and cry but she cant.half hour has passed but it seems she is not present among them

she eats a little food and then stands up.all are eating and chatting.no body notices her.she looks at disha.disha gives her a sad look.
shraddha then gies towards stairs when vikas called out
vikas:bhabhi where r u going?
sunehri:yes plz come and sit with us
shraddha turns
shraddha:i was sitting for last half an hour and have eaten my food.u eat and continue ur chat as i m not needed here

all are taken aback and realise their mistake.
shraddha climbs a few steps when disha who is not able to take any longer comes
disha:shraddha beta
shraddha turns:yes kaki
disha:what about all the food that u had been preparing since afternoon??

all are shocked at this
shraddha says calmly
shraddha:kaki…plz store whole food…we will give it to poor tomorrow…it shouldnt be wasted….its too much in quantity
saying so she leaves to her room

sher:disha,…why didnt u tell that she had prepared food.?
akira:yeah…u should have told us…we wouldnt have brought food then
disha:will u all shut up
all are again shocked that disha spoke
disha:i m ur disha kaki…not disha…u got it?
sher remembers calling disha kaki 2 years ago and enjoying with her in his childhood

sher:what has happened to u?
disha:ur marriage took place 2 weeks ago.u scared that girl sill she is with u.u did so bad with her but now she wants to give u a chance so she did so much for u.she bore the fact that akira is ur ex…and u shared…huh…today she woke up early and as soon as u ent to office she clesned the house…washed clothes…she then prepared the food….all ur favourite food just for u…she dressed up herself just for u…she didnt let me do any work….all she knew was that she wanted to surprise u…and what u did?u again brought the girl due to which she cried and even after that u were all busy in ur own talks as if she doesnt exist….what do u want from her??

shraddha hears disha shouting and comes down
sher shouts:enough disha…
disha:why should i stop?
sher:its enough…its my house…get out….
disha:no i wont…
sher gets furious….all try to calm him but in vain
sher holds disha by arm and pushes her.disha lands in shraddha’s arms
shraddha is shocked and shouts
shraddha:sher…r u mad?
sher:aks her to leave

shraddha:she wont go anywhere
sher:shraddha…she misbehaved with me
shraddha:she is elder and had been like ur mom…its her right
sher:no…no one has right on me….no one talks to me like this….
sher again tries to push disha but gets pushed by shraddha

shraddha:stop it….each and every word of hers is correct….

all are shocked…..

NEXT EPI: shraddha lets her heart out. shraddha gets slapped.

Credit to: angel

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  1. I loved this well done
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    1. rosid muslims are not good or bad they are human just like everyone else, yes it is true the are very strict about theyre rules towards girls but they do it for the girls protection…. and to be honest me myself being a kiwi respect the muslim culture a lot which people think is a lie since im from a modern country. so plese dont be racisit and ask such type of questions which might break someones heart.

    SHRADDHA gets SLAPPED but who slaped her????????
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    And rosid muslims are not good or bad they are human just like everyone else, yes it is true the are very strict about theyre rules towards girls but they do it for the girls protection…. and to be honest me myself being a kiwi respect the muslim culture a lot which people think is a lie since im from a modern country. so plese dont be racisit and ask such type of questions which might break someones heart.

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