Piya Rangrezz ff 2


Sher & shraddha reaches home
Chanda tonts shraddha that she cant tc of her own baby then how can she tc of sherji Sher gets angry & shouts on chanda “Shut up” Shraddha cryingly runs to her room
Chanda goes from there angrily
Sher goes behind shraddha but Bhavri stops him & says go to Chanda & apologize her for shouting on her
sher says but
Bhavri: no but go Sher goes to chanda Chanda is sitting on bed in anger Sher comes & says sorry i hurt you pls forgive me Chanda says ok fine. She smiles seeing sher & goes to kitchen In shraddhas room Shradddha cries badly then opens cupbord & writes a letter for sher. She leaves that letter on table & goes Shraddha is on hill
Sher comes to shraddhas room & finds Shraddha is not there he asks for shraddha everyone says i didint saw he
Sher again goes to room & finds the letter He reads letter & shout shraddhaji. He goes out to find shraddha He then sees shraddha on clif When shraddha was about to jump Sher holds her & takes her aside He says r u mad
She says i lost my baby, i lost my husband, i lost my family so tell me for which reason i exists Sher is taken aback He was about to say for me… but stops & says lets go home
She says i will not come if i will u & bhavri devi will insult me & will throw me out Sher says no 1 will throw u out I promise

Precap: bhavri orders shraddha to leave the house sher hear & gives(shoking) reply to bhavri devi

Credit to: aliya

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  1. Nice episode….:-)

    1. Thanks nanhi

  2. Nyc episode. Make it a bigger one next time. Its too short.

    1. Thanks sri . Srry but i am busy today. Next epi will be big

  3. i guess shraddha is staying back to expose chanda

  4. Hi aliya,,..nice episode ,.i hope sher & shradha jaldi ek honge chanda ki story ko close hoga ….

  5. OK why would shardda want to stay in that house when there is nothing to keep her there she lost everything, her husband is marry to a psycho , and she lost her baby. ?????

  6. Not so good…..

  7. Um….it’s good vut if some improvements are done it would be better..!!! Hope you don’t mind!! Nice effort!!

  8. Nice one..good going ..pls reunite sher shraddha…

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