Piya Rangrezz ff 1


Hi guys my name is aliya and i am going to write ff of “PIYA RANGREZZ” from today. It is based on real track Please read my ff & comment

Shraddha is in hospital Sher is sitting outside the room with bhavri gajra, sunheri & chanda Chanda consols sher and says dont worry sherji everything will fine & smiles. Gajra sees chanda smilling & doubts on her
Doc comes Sher asks is everything fine Doc:shraddha is fine but
Sher:what but what
Doc: i m sry i cant save your child
Sher(in anger): say this is lie say u r lying say Doc: i m sorry & leaves Sher cries badly & sits on floor Shraddha hears this & cries holding her stomach Bhavri consols sher while Gajra & snheri consols shraddha
Sher goes to doc & aska what happened with shraddha ji
Doc : someone pinched shraddha nerve delibratly to kill her child
Sher: what someone killed my child i will no leave him/her
Doc: if anyone masaage her leg
Doc: its clear who massage her leg pinched the nerve anyways tc of shraddha she must have shattered tc
Sher thinks amma was massaging shraddha jis leg but why would she kill her grandchild? if after massaging amna told to clean shradddhas leg to some one ?
Sher comes to shraddha who was crying badly he consols her she says i didnt kill your child trust me sher says i know a mother like u can never kill her own child ( for consoling her)
They both cry & hug each other
Chand saw them & gets panic attack she goes home in anger to take pills

PRECAP:- shraddha & sher come home. Shraddha tries to sucide.

Sry for mistakes

Credit to: Aliya

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  1. Hii aliya…..

  2. hey its nice carry on girl

  3. hi aliya it was a grt ep
    waiting for next ep shraddha tries to kill herself will be exciting to see wat sher will do

  4. Hey aliya…nice epi dear…plz continue

  5. OK, I’m so confused that shardda plan on leaving with her baby and lie to everyone that she fell of stair, so how come the pinch nerve making her have a miss carriage…. which is the up coming track.

  6. Hey Lilly.shraddha plan on leaving and falling from stairs is another ff story.its sth different.and yes its true that if leg nerve of pregnant woman is pinched baby dies.the nerve is sciatic nerve which if normally gets irritated can cause a severe pain called sciatica and in pregnancy its very sensitive situation…

  7. Thank u guys thank u so much

  8. Well…now I read three stories about the same characters…really confusing…but ya..tgis fan fiction has impressed me…good work Aliya..keep on going…

    1. Thanks jazz

  9. Nice story….:)

    1. Thanks hari

  10. Nice from where did u get the story pls tell me

    1. It is my fan fiction i wrote it

  11. Can write more stories of this

  12. shraddha’s baby is still alive

  13. Good!!!!

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