Piya Rangrezz 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri takes Sher home, calls doc and asks him to check Sher soon and get him ready. He says Sher is having low BP due to heavy blood loss. She shouts at him and orders to get Sher ready by 2 days, else she will not spare him. Doc gets afraid.

Shraddha prays god that her husband’s life is at risk because of her and if anything happens to him, she will not forgive herself, prays to protect her husband. She says she shot her husband from her hands, so she should be punished. She burns camphor on her palms and performs aarti. Gajra sees that and asks why is she punishing herself for the mistake done unknowingly. Shraddha says she shot her husband. Gajra says thakur saheb needs her most at this time and she should go and be with him. Shraddha tries to enter Sher’s room, but

guard stops her and says Bhavri ordered not to let her in. Shraddha says she wants to meet her husband. Guard says he is helpless and has to follow Bhavri’s order. Aditya passes by, opens door and lets Shraddha in. Guard says he did not do right. Aditya says he knows what he did.

Doc tells Bhavri that whoever treated Sher in jungle did right by removing his bullet, else he would have got infected. He has given Sher medicine and will leave now. Bhavri warns him dare not to go, else she will kill him. Guard comes running and informs her that Shraddha went into Sher’s room forcefully. She shouts why did not he stop her. Aditya enters and says he let Shraddha in. Bhavri fumes. Aditya says he has lodged complaint against her and if she tries to kill him, she will be behind bars. He knows how it is to lose one’s love, so he let Shraddha in. He warns her not to interfere between Shraddha and Sher, else she will repent.

Shraddha holds Sher’s hand and cries reminiscing shooting him. Bhavri enters and shouts that Sher’s life is at risk because of her. She is a big panauti/inauspicious for Sher and he will not live peacefully until she is with him. She she coouts her pooja drama will not work and says she is Sher’s shoe dust, but is sitting on head as Sher loves him. She continues that her lalla was born with silver spoon but had to wand er like poor because of her. She gives her divorce papers and asks to sign them. Shraddha cries vigorously looking at divorce papers. She reminisces Sher getting hit repeatedly because of her and then she shooting him.

Shraddha then goes to Sher’s room and looks at divorce papers again. Bhavri tells maama that she wants to get rid of Aditya, but Sher was shot. Mama says Sher is a tiger and nothing will happen to him. He sees Shraddha coming and signals Bhavri. Bhavri says let her come. Shraddha comes with divorce papers.

Precap: Bhavri says Shraddha she will shoot Sher first and then shoot herself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What’s wrong with bhavri Devi? It’s like she is jealous of seeing her son sher happy with his wife. She’s doing all the bad things and blaming shardda for it?

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