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Shamsher sees a card on floor and picks it. He sees Arjun’s sorry note in it and reminisces Bhavri’s words that Arjun is Aradya’s first love and she will not forget him. He goes to washroom throwing card on bed. Aradhya enters and gets out his clothes from cupboard. She sees Arjun’s sorry card, tears it into pieces and throws it away. Shamsher comes out of washroom, throws Aradhya’s selected clothes and picks another from cupboard.

Bhavri files MLA nomination form at party office. Party members clap and praise her. She gives speech and leaves. Munmun fumes and tells Munna that she does not want Bhavri to win. He says she sells alcohol, what is people die with water. Munmun says he is very intelligent.

Arjun tells Bhavri that Aradhya is still

angry on her. She asks him to be patient. They both get into car. Samsher comes and tells Bhavri that he is going to godown to check new stock. She says okay.

Aradhya comes to Shamsher’s godown with food and does not find him. Shamsher comes and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to talk to him. She asks to speak. She says he is addressing her calmly, means he has changed. He yells at her and leaves. She smiles and thinks of sending him a voice message. Shamsher gets into his car and gets Aradhya’s message. She says she accepted him as her friend and he should forget his past and move ahead in life.

Aradhya waits for Shamsher at home. She hears car horn and thinks Shamsher must have cme. Bhavri enters with Arjun and asks him to stay at home as he is feeling dizzy. He says he is fine, but looks at Aradya and starts acting. She takes him to room and asks Anjali to call Aradhya as she is doc. Anjali comes to Aradhya’s room and asks her to check Arjun as he is having high fever. Aradhya stops. Bhavri comes and shouts being a doc, how can she still stand here. Aradhya walks with her. Bhavri sends Anjali out. Aradhya checks Arjun and gives him medicine. Bhavri’s aide captures that on mobile.

A man comes to Shamsher’s godown and order 40 liquor bottle for marriage. Munna enters and asks servant about Shamsher. Servant says his phone was not receiving signal, so he went out to speak. Munna sends both servants out and mixes poison in alcohol and thinks people will spit on Bhavri now instead of giving her votes.

Bhavri’s aide sends her Aradhya and Arjun’s video. She reaches godown and shows it to Shamsher and says she better dies than seeing all this. Shamsher angrily fumes and rushes towards home picking bottle. Bhavri smirks. Munna thinks what did she show him that he went fuming. Munmun calls him and asks if he did his work. He says yes, but Shamsher also picked one bottle. Munmun says let him drink and die, they will act as mourning.

Bhavri watches news about people falling ill after drinking her godown’s alcohol. She calls Munna and asks where is Shamsher. Munna says he last saw him walking out of godown. She asks him to call him. Munna calls godown and says he is not there. She shouts to call his friends. Munna calls. Munmun asks him to act as calling Shamsher and let him die. Bhavri orders Aradhya to call Shamsher. Anjali says she is worried now. Bhavri says he may be in hospital and rushes out. Aradhya reminisces Bhavri’s words and says Munmun she is worried Shamsher may be alone. Munmun says yes, but smirks thinking Shamsher must be breathing his last and will die in some drainage.

Bhavri reaches hopsital. An old lady says her grandson died drinking her alcohol, her grandson will also die.

Aradhya goes to client’s home and asks if Shamsher came here as he told he is meting client. Lady says he did not come. Aradhya thinks where is he.

Precap: Shamsher adds alcohol in bottle. Aradhya runs to stop him but falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I understood simmi is a non existence character …..is it??????????????

    1. Simmi is shamsher’s ex-girl friend

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