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Bhavri orders Aradhya to lash traitor servant with hunter. Aradhya pleads not to force her. Bhavri says if she does not use hunter, she will use gun. Aradhya stops her and says she will beat. Shamsher gives her hunter. Aradhya closing her eyes lashes traitor with hunter and pleads she cannot further. Bhavri asks her to rethink many times before speaking loudly in front of her. Aradhya nods yes and runs from there.

Aradhya runs corridor and sees injection label which is given to lower BP, goes and checks her cupboard and realizes that someone changed injection bottle to prove her wrong, even her father was a victim and she will not keep quiet unti she catches culprit.

Veer punches walls angrily. He calls Mama and in Chanda’s voice says he ruined her plan and now she

will punish him. Munmun asks if it was her phone and what was she telling. Mama says she warned that she will punish them. Veer apologizes Chanda’s doll for not killing Bhavri. He then in Chanda’s voice says he will be punished and asks to bring knife. He asks to slit his hand and does so. Blood falls on floor.

Shamsher comes to his room yelling he did pheras with Laundiya and she is acting like real wife. Aradhya comes and sets bed on floor. Naani comes and asks Shamsher why is bahu sleeping on floor, if they fought so soon and suggests Aradhya to learn how to lure husband and orders Shamsher to give wife’s right to Aradhya. Once Naani leaves, Shamsher shouts why is she troubling her and came here to torture him. She asks why did he kill her dad. He says he was traitor and tried to kill Aji amma. She says her dad is innocent. He says Arjun caught Talakraj’s goon who accepted his crime. She says he is lying. He says if she wants him to get certificate and leaves shouting she will not get wife’s right. She thinks she will prove her dad’s innocency and get her right in this house.

In the morning, Aradhya comes to kitchen and sees Arjun there. Arjun says he wants to talk to her. She says she does not want to talk to him. Munmun enters to provoke them, but seeing Shamsher passing by changes tone and asks Aradhya to feed something to her devar as he is hungry. Nani loudly asks servant to bring water. Arjun walks angrily. Naani asks where is he going and what happened to him. Aradhya gives her water and touches her feet. Naani blesses her and says she should get Arjun married now. Bhavri sends Arjun to go to godown and check items. Naani asks Aradhya if she has sister, she will get her married to Arjun. Bhavri sees Aradhya ready and asks where is she going. Aradhya says to hospital. Bhavri yells to be at home and follow her bahu’s duty here. Naani asks not to stop bahu from doing good deeds and asks Aradhya to go to her hospital. Bhavri says she does not know Azamgarh, without guns nothing happens here. Naani cries not to teach her and asks Aradhya to go. Shamsher clashes with Aradhya while moving and scolds her. Naani thinks still they are fighting and she has to reunite them.

Aradhya goes to hospital, treats triator servant and apologizes for lashing him. He says because of her, his life is saved. She asks if he knows who attacked Bhavri. He says he does not know. She asks to take care of himself, then asks if he knows who informed Shamsher that her dad tried to attack Bhavri. He says he does not know but will find out for her.

Naani with Munmun comes to hospital with lunch box and asks Aradhya to go and feed Shamsher and lure him with food. She says route of husband’s heart is via his stomach. Aradhya goes to Shamsher’s godown with food. Shamsher thinks she came even here and asks why did she come here. She says naani sent him food. He calls servants and asks them to bring their plates. Aradhya says she brought food for him. He says they are his extended family and she should serve food even to them. She serves them food. Shamsher asks her to serve them water first and orders servants to have food now. He sees her nervous and says everday they will get food. Servant brings liquor sample and asks him to okay it. He saes bhabhiji will okay it and fills glass.

Precap: Aradhya finds goon who lied that Tilakraj sent him to kill Bhavri and asks if really her dad sent him. He shouts to go, else he will kill her. She asks if he needs money. He asks how much she will give.

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  2. The story began like the first piya rangrezz What ever cruel B.D & sher did with shraddha the same things happening with Aradhya
    This Aradhya look nice and cute & now piya rangrezz become a littel bit interesting
    I hope the director make piya rangrezz more interesting

  3. the main theme of the story is forceful marrige

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