Piya Rangrezz 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri agrees that she masterminded all the drama to get rid of her enemies from her life and Shraddha from Sher’s life. She says since he met Shraddha, he has become incompetent. He says she considered him always as her commodity instead of son and played with him like a toy and says she should have understood his feeling and let Shraddha go. Bhavri says she will not spare that cheap woman Shraddha. He says she is not cheap woman, she is Shraddha Sher Singh, her bahu, and says Shraddha is even ready to sacrifice and her relationship for Bhavri, but she is trying to harm it. He did right this time, signs FIR and says she is better behind bar. Bhavri says she has to see this day because of her son. He says she would have killed him in womb, at least mother’s name would not have been

spoilt because of her. Bhavri feels devastated hearing that and enters her thumb impression on FIR.

Vikas hugs maama and says their age-old dream is coming true. Maama asks what dream? Vikas says Bhavri went to jail and Sher is busy in his emotional drama, so if they kill him, they can rule over whole liquor empire. Maama says he is Sher and will easily shoot him if he will know about their plan. He says they should prove that disloyal nephew is better than loyal son and never let Bhavri and Sher unite.

Sher comes back home and calls Shraddha. She is in kitchen and runs to his room. He asks her to pack her bags as they are going out. She happily runs to her room and packs her bag. She then looks into mirror and walks out of room with bag. Sher picks her bag and she gets shy. He says he has to accept her true words and says these words are he cannot even apologize her as he acted deaf to her pleas and is not even competent to her as she is from a well-educated family and he is from a mafia family. He wanted to give her happiness of whole life, but could. He thought he would become a hero of her life, but become zero. He continues his speech and says he will drop her to her parent’s house and leaves down with her bags, while Shraddha sadly watches him going.

Sher goes down and sees Maama enjoying apple. He holds his neck and asks why did not he stop his sister from doing sins. Vikas asks him to leave bapu as he is suffocating. Sher slaps him and says he is not keeping his eyes closed and if he wants, he can get them arrested. He will watch their move closely and says he is shutting down liquor business and asks him to throw all boxes in drainage and if he sees anyone doing business, he will shoot them. He says he is going out to repent his sins and calls Shraddha.

Precap: Sher takes Shradha to a temple where panditji insists them to remarry for their auspicious life. Sher says Shraddha he is unfit for him and is going to drop her to her parent’s house.

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