Piya Rangrezz 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya brings unconscious near highway on a cart and pleads passing by vehicles for help. Nobody stops. She sees god’s in front of tree and pleads god to save Arjun. A car comes and she stops it and requests driver to help her. Gaurds come out followed by Tilakraj who asks if she is fine. She runs and hugs him and asks him to save Arjun. He reminisces Bhavri slapping him and says the snake die and orders his guards to kill Arjun. Aradhya snatches gun from his hand, points it on her head and asks if he will take Arjun to hospital or not.

Bhavri fumes tensly at home. Manohar asks if he should get her headache pills. Mama scolds him to run from here. Bhavri scolds mama to shut up and says he could not hold a girl. He says it was dark everywhere. Veer gets a call and

informs Bhavri that his men found holed boat in the middle of lake and blood in lake, he fears that crocodiles must have killed Aradhya and Arjun. Shamsher angrily holds his collar and warns to stop his inauspicious tongue. Bhavri asks him to leave Veer as he is just informed what he heard. She prays for Arjun’s safety.

Aradhya brings Arjun to hospital and after checking his reports as doc for retest as all tests are normal. Doc says why is she getting so emotional even after being a doc and leaves asking he to relax. Arjun wakes up and says doc is right. She hugs him and asks what if he would have died. He says her life is very important to him and he can die for her. She shuts his mouth and says now she will not leave him so easily. Their romantic chit chat starts. He removes his saline needle, holds her hand and takes her to his home. She asks how come he is ready to introduce her to his family and talk about their alliance. He stops and asks if she is ready to stay on half fed stomach. She says yes and laughs. He says let us elope and live away from our families. She says she knows he cannot stay away form aji amma and even she wants to stay with family. He says he will take her in and she should not get affected by Munna mama, aji amma, Shamsher or anyone else’s words. She says she wil not. He says let us go in. Shamsher comes clapping and says Arjun that he is very determined and brought his girlfriend here. Arjun says Aradhya she should forgive bhai as he is her jeth/brother-in-law now and takes her in.

Bhavri points gun on Panditji’s head and says his manhoos mouth told someone will die in her family and asks to check his book and tell when will Arjun come back. Arjun enters and says he is fine. She hugs him and says where did he go without informing her. Aradhya enters. Bhavri gets angry seeing her. Shamsher asks her to get out if she has dropped her patient. Arjun asks him to stay away and not interfere. Shamsher says he has to and says Aradhya will not stay in this house even for a second, else he will shoot her. Arjun raises his hand, but Aradhya stops. Aradya folds hands and tells Bhavri that she knows she considers her as enemy’s daughter, but she should forgive her. Shamsher asks her to shut up and not interfere between family. Arjun asks aji amma to stop Shamsher. Shamsher pulls out gun. Arjun holds his gun and says even he knows to hold gun and asks him to get it back in. He tells Bhavri that he came here thinking he has family here, but if his family is against him, he will leave this house and go far away. Bhavri gets concerned.

Precap: Chanda says Veer that Bhavri’s dynasty has 4 pillars, one Bhavri, two Shamsher, three Arjun, four mama. Veer says he will kill mama first and shoots him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi, What an episode!! Awesome… I hope cv will not get Arjun or Aradhya killed… This time they have to make it until the end … I Loved A-A’s moments!

  2. wow ….will kirti back?????

  3. Nice episode
    But I don’t know how is going to kill in piya rangrezz because I saw a video on Arjun instagram they all wore white clothes
    Someone is going to die in piya rangrezz

  4. I hope they will not kill the main characters and I also hope that Aradha and Arjun get married
    Not Aradhya and shamshar

  5. I don’t think so they are gonna bring kirtida
    But I admire that they bring kirtida for shamshare
    Because it really needs to bring new actors for shamshare in piya rangrezz

    1. Hi Assia, i completely agree with you, they also have to work more on Shamsher’s life, Gaurav is making à wonderful work and they have to show His side more …

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