Piya Rangrezz 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mama asks Sher to accept Chanda’s conditions. Sher says he does not like to see her face, then why will he accept her demands. Vikas says bua and bhauji are in Chanda’s clutch and he has no other way. Sher says last time he acted as dead, but Chanda knew his plan and kidnapped even Shraddha. Sumer also tries to convince him. Sher asks them to let him alone for some and ask his men if they found any clue.

Sher looks at his and Shraddha’s marriage pic in his wallet reminisces the romantic moments spent with her. He also reminisces alleging Shraddha that she is taking sleeping pills and harming child and even alleging Chanda that she is mentally ill. He feels guilty for misunderstanding Shraddha.

Bhavri pampers Shraddha and tries to remove her steel chains


Chanda enjoys food and asks Sunehri to clean plate and says 5 hours finished and 6th started.

Sher gets his aide’s phone who says he could not find Bhavri and Shraddha. He scolds him and asks to find out soon. He hears plate beating sound and peeps out to see Chanda telling she is reminding him that he has only 1 hour. Sher comes down. Chanda says she did not want to trouble him, but she has to save her marriage. If he will accept her as wife or let Shraddha and her child die. Sher accepts her condition. She says she will not let him feel absence of ammaji and Shraddha. He asks where is amma. She says if she tells, he will kill her. He says she promised to tell amma’s location. She says she will go and extend bomb time 6 hours more and asks him not to follow her, else he knows consequence. He says he will not. She leaves smirking. He says mama that he will go alone and find out place.

Chanda travels in car and sees Sher following her. She gets out of car and asks driver to return back. Sher follows her silently and sees her walking towards a secluded hut in jungle. He calls Vikas, says he found out the place and asks to reach there with his men.

Vikas with mama, sumer and other men reaches near car. Sher enters hut and sees bed decorated with flowers instead of Shraddha and Bhavri. Chanda says he caught her so soon before she could get ready, he is too eager. She wanted to get ready and make each moment memorable. He asks where are amma and Shraddha. She says what will they do here and says he is very eager. He tries to lure her and gets her inebriated fully and asks where has she kept amma and Bhavri. She says nobody can reach there except her. He asks where is it. She says water, fort…falls unconscious.

Precap: Bhavri breaks chain and tries to free Shraddha. Shraddha says she should go and bring help before Chanda comes. Bhavri runs into jungle and sees Sher’s car and Sher talking over phone. She then gets tensed seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sabche interesting cij hai shraddha ki acting….

  2. Hey guys r u all knowing that Kirtida aka shraddha is quitting this show ??
    It is truth i m not joking ……
    She dont want to be on screen mother of a 25 yrs old son . So she decided to quit.
    Isn’t it a bad news .

  3. 25 years old son of sher and shraddha??
    shraddha wat r u doing ?? this isn’t done .
    u can’t quit

  4. nd ya sher and shraddha make d best couple on life OK..
    so shraddha u shouldn’t quit yr

  5. Bnao or bakvas sradha kya sher ko bhi nikal do or writter ko dance krao show me super hit hoga or jis ka bhi idea h 25 year leap ka vo bhi aa kar mujra kre mjaa aa jayega ????

    1. Aww tumne kea sahi baat likhi hai
      En writters ko samajh ea dekhai nahi deta ki dresm girl ki laxmi samar ko marwa ke unlogo ne lowest or crapest show bana diya

  6. I am going to leave watching piya rangrezz. without sher and shradha the show will be a big zero .
    and more thing the writers of all the Indian serials are big losers
    because they have no idea about the feeling and emotions

    1. Same here if sharadhdha dies i will definetly lev dis show

  7. Yaa i saw latest spoiler that shadhhda iz going to quite d show!!
    But whyyyy this show will down without shardhdha n also sher!!!
    They can change the scene by doing something different?
    N btw y 25 year leap!!
    Shardhdha n shers childs childhood also can be shown na!!

  8. Same here guys, this show is nothing without sher and shraddha’s jodi.
    It is the best couple.
    I dont know why r they bringing 25 yrs old son in the show.
    Plz yaar koi kirtida ki samjao. This show will be flop without her.
    Plz dont quit Kirtida.

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