Piya Rangrezz 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya gets into bathroom and cries vigorously reminiscing Shamsher touching her sensuously. She she runs her body repeatedly where Shamsher touched and pours water on herself. She comes out after a change. Shamsher comes and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to use bathroom and says he should have knocked and come in. He says why she is bathing many times in a day. She says she had to as he touched her. He holds her tightly. Munmun enters and asks them to lock door from inside. He takes Munmun out and asks not t comment weirdly.

Bhavri’s condition deteriorates. Nurse comes running and asks Shamsher to call doc. Aradhya enters room and Shamsher shouts not to touch aji amma. Aradhya says let her do her duty. Naani comes and orders Shamsher to get Bhavri well

soon. Aradhya writes prescription and asks him to bring it. Shamsher brings injection. She gives it and says aji amma is fine. Shamsher strangulates her neck again and asks what injection she gave last time, if she was trying to kill aji amma, he will kill her. Nurse tells Shamsher aji amma woke up. Naani and mama praise Aradhya for her saving Bhavri. Bhavri says it is time for celebrations and new bahu will prepare food. Aradhya is surprised. Bhavri thinks Laundiya came here to save her dignity, but will lose even remaining dignity.

At night, Aradhya reads receipe loudly over mobile. Shamsher scolds her to shut her mouth. In the morning, Bhavri sends Munna mama out. Bhavri and her friends gather on dining table. Naani asks where is Arjun. Munmun says he has gone out, but Shamsher bhaiya is here. Aradhya serves food and asks ladies to forgive her if food is not good. They all taste food and says it is very tasty and blesses her. Shamsher thinks she became expert in 1 day. Bhavri fumes in anger hearing this, tastes food, makes weird faces, throws plate, and shouts food is very bad and shouts at friends if they have gone mad. Aradhya says Bhavri she added less salt in her food as she has high BP. Shamsher yells at her that nothing will happen if aji amma eats salted food. Aradhya says if with one tablet patient gets well, with one plate full of salted food, patient will get high BP and asks nurse if she is right. Nurse says Dr. Aradhya is right.

Guard comes running and says when Tilakraj’s men attacked, guard who was there ran and they caught him now. Shamsher orders to brign him in. They bring him in and Shamsher beats him ruthlessly. Aradhya shouts in fear seeing his ruthlessness. Bhavri orders Aradhya to beat man with hunter.

Precap: Bhavri tells Aradhya if she does not beat man with hunter, she will shoot him. Aradhya agrees.

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  1. Um, where is Arjun? This show is getting disturbing again. What was the point of destroying the plate and hollering like she had lost her mind? I’ll watch the next episode, but I’m going to start ignoring the show again if they insist on glorifying abuse towards young women.

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