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Sher drops Shraddha to her parent’s home and asks her parents to keep their daughter home. Dad asks what did his daughter do. Sher says he is not divorcing her for her heinous act and will send her expenses every month. He says he does not want them to do any drama until his mom gets well. Shraddha holds his hand and asks to trust her. He says he trusted her, but she did not and mingled with his enemies. Mom asks what did Shraddha do. He says her daughter did not obey his amma and even tried to kill her. He is sparing her as he loved her once, but he will not spare Virat. He walks out while mom pleads to stop. Shraddha starts weeping.

Sher gets into his jeep and reminisces his romantic days with shraddha, she accepting to marry him and the rest of incident. He starts jeep and

leaves while shraddha helplessly watches road. Mom gives Shraddha tea and says she will feel good with it. She says papa is tensed and wants to know what happened. Shraddha goes down.

Bhavri sees bland hospital food and scolds nurse to bring delicacies. Maama serves her alcohol and they both cheers. Sher enters her room, but sees her on bed writhing in pain. Maama silently slips bottle and glasses under bed. Sher helps her lean on bed. Vikas comes happily and is about to speak, when maama asks him to stop. Vikas tells mama that he saw Sher coming and informed him on time, else their plan would have failed. Bhavri asks Vikas to bring home food and Sher to sit with her. She sees Sher’s guilt face and asks him to cheer up as she is still alive. He says he is feeling guilty and made a mistake by marrying Shraddha, so he corrected his mistake by dropping Shraddha to her parent’s home. Bhavri says Shraddha is innocent and Virat must have trapped her. He says she is not that innocent and tried to get rid of him with this drama. He says it is better if he would hav died. Bhavri asks him not to tell that in front of her as she is suffering for him and can sacrifice 1000s of shraddha’s for him. She says she agrees that Shraddha is at fault, but he should forgive her. Sher says this time he will do what he likes.

Shraddha’s mom tells dad that she does not know what is happening,
till now they could nt find Shaurya and now damadji/sher left

Shraddha home, god is angry on her. Shraddha gets up and tries to leave. Mom says her room is on the other side. Shraddha says she is going to a place where she should be/Sher’s house. Dad says her marriage happened forcefully and it should be broken. Sher’s world is different and her world is different. Shraddha says Sher’s anger is valid as she made a mistake by not listening to him. No husband would like his wife with another man. She knows Sher loves him, so she will correct herself and stop her relationship breaking.

Vikas gives beer bottle to Sher and Sher nods no. Vikas says he cannot reject it as it is celebration for them after Bharvi and Mama are back to life. Sher takes bottle. Vikas yells that he sent Sumer for snacks, but he did not return her. Sumer comes with snacks. Vikas asks him to be in limits, else he will send back to his home. Sumer asks Sher to rethink about Shraddha. Vikas asks him to stop taking Shraddha’s side and remember how he was humiliated last time. Sumer asks him to stop and tells Sher that Shraddha is innocent and Virat trapped her.

Vikas tries to provoke that Shraddha tried to kill Sher and took Virat’s help. Sumer says if she had to kill Sher, she would have done long back, why would she do such a drama. He says Sher not to doubt Shraddha. Sher reminisces Shraddha pleading to trust her and walks out breaking alcohol bottle.

Sher reaches home inebriated. Shraddha waits for him and gets up seeing him. Inebriated Sher thinks he is imagining Shraddha, his alcohol is really good and if he will give it to his amma, they will become billionaires. He slips, but Shraddha holds him. He realizes she is there for real.

Precap: Sher gets an infor that Virat is hiding in a hotel and laves home with gun. He says Shraddha that Virat tried to kill his amma and he will not spare him.

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