Piya Rangrezz 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri agrees that she planned everything to get rid of her enemies and Shraddha. She starts smiling. Sumer breaks door and shoos away goons with mama’s help. Bhavri runs and tries to hold Sher, but he pushes her. Shradha then runs and hugs him and he allows her. Bhavri fumes seeing this.

Sher then cleans himself, washes his face, and then sits on cot. Shraddha applies ointment on his wound and he allows. Bhavri tries, but he avoids her and says after giving her so much pain, why don’t she free him. She says she did it for his goodness. He says she has tought him a doll with which she can play whole life and make him dance on her tunes. She calls beta. He asks her to stop calling him beta as it looks like a derogatory word for him. Mama asks him to behave with his amma.

Bhavri says let him spill the poison Shraddha has inflicted in him. Sher says he is telling truth and calls inspector. He says it is time to teach everyone a lesson and orders him to arrest Bhavri devi. Bhavri asks if he has gone mad. Sher orders inspector again. Maama asks what is he doing. Sher says she with her enemies, she killed many people. Inspector says Rani kill people. He shows video in which Rani tells Bhavri that she tricked her own son for her benefit and says his respected Amma masterminded all this plan. He himself hand cuffs her. Maama asks to not do such a big sin. Sher says he is doing right and asks inspector to take her from here. Bhavri is shocked and just cannot believe what is happening. She stares at Sher and then leaves.

Bhavri reaches police station hand cuffed and sees policemen playing cards and enjoying tea. Inspector scolds them and requests Bhavri to let him free her hands and asks lady constable to give her hand massage. Bhavri angrily walks into lockup.

Maama scolds Sher that he did wrong by getting jiji/Bhavri arrested as she is very generous and helps many people. She bought him up so well and he forgot it. He says one reaps what he/she sows and says amma did wrong and should be punished. Maama tries to speak. Sher says he knows he is hands in gloves with amma and if he blurts again, he will get him also arrested. Maama silently slips from there.

Inspector serves snacks to Bhavri and asks what he should do now. She says she will stay here tonight and let them opportunity to serve her. Constable comes with FIR book and says he has to register it. Inspector scolds him and asks if he is mad to confine thakurayan. Sher enters and says he should register FIR, else he will get him transferred from here.

Sunehri sees Shraddha sad and says though Rani killed people, thakurayan is the mastermind, so Sher is doing right by getting her punished. Shraddha says even then ammaji is sherji’s mother and cannot be punished. Sunehri says now Sher is listening to her and she should let Sher closer to her and not let Bhavri break their bond as Bhavri is habituated to trick.

Sher himself writes FIR and asks Bhavri if she should write her sin as killing spree. Bhavri says her dad died long ago and she bought her up with great love and got him everything he desired, but he made her a sinner just for a few days’ love. She she protected him always and even from Rani, else she would have shot him. He says Rani was her puppet. She says she was not until 2 days ago when she trapped her and killed all her rest of enemies.

Precap: Sher asks Shraddha to pack her bag as he will drop her to her parent’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I don’t like the precap. Kuchh to achha ho yar.

    1. I agree with you. But it might be something good. You never know. I think Sher tells Shradda that because maybe he is feeling guilty about Rani. Also, they might be shwoing the precap like that for TRPs. Let’s find out!

  2. Sher or shradha ka romance dikhao

    1. Totalllyyy!!!

  3. Uggghhh pagal sher!! Dont let her go.
    U only know u love her when u let her go ??

  4. Omg y updates so late.does none watches this serial

  5. Updates plssss

  6. If anyone is here….plss tell me wat happened today..i missed d epi

  7. Its coming now watch it dr

  8. Sher angry on mom dr and piya song too gud i think he will confess!

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